Cheating in ABF is getting out of hand

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been fighting for years to counter cheaters by providing screenshots and data to the support of ROVIO.
    Last year I sent 13 mails and this year already 2.
    however, this seems to have no effect anymore, 30% of my reports remained unanswered.
    My reports that received a reply were all answered with the same text:

    Thank you for the potential cheater report. We will check the players if they are playing legitimately. We are working hard to block the cheaters and hackers and we take each individual case seriously. We understand that the cheaters take the fun out of the game and are unfair to the honest players who have spent time and maybe even money in advance, wherever we are, we always pay attention to those. Rest assured that we will investigate the user and further action if necessary. Thank you for the report!

    However, I notice that cheating in ABF is increasing, and I wonder if my reports still have any sense …
    Collecting the data takes time, but i do it anyway because I want this to stop!
    So we can also have a fair leader board to watch and collect our star points to level up in the league.

    This week was the worst ever, with 8 cheaters in my league.
    How on earth do you want to level up like this ?? (see screenshot)

    That is why I want to make use of this forum for a change.
    To see if this has any effect.
    So we can play fair with each other and continue the fight for cheating in Angry Birds Friends!


    League list with cheaters
    Fair Friendslist

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  • Heavyrail

    What makes you so sure they’re all cheating? Have you considered the possibility that some of them are just better players than you?


    deleted by me


    Maybe they are just better than you…

    Try to improve the score,i am trying every level at least two or three times. ;)


    @heavyrail @miodrag-2003 @grammyk

    Guys, come on…
    I’m a pro player, i play on PC and Android
    Playing Angry birds friends from day 1 (2012)
    It is easy to see when you got cheaters in your league

    I show you how they work.

    First they look for any level where they can use their program
    (probably Cheat engine) and put down some impossible scores, like here
    Last week lvl 5 20-7-2019


    They pick 2 levels out of 6 where they can do that
    for one or other reason the system won’t notice the cheat, so not get banned to a cheaters-league where all the cheaters are dropped by ROVIO’s score system.
    On the other 4 levels they simply put down a low score so they can use these to calculate their final score.

    At the end, the final scoreboard looks like this…


    We never can win a league anymore!
    Once you have passed star level 100 like me, you will find out!
    Below that you don’t see allot cheaters.

    The problem is ROVIO’s Score-system because it reacts on final scores.
    They should change that in to level scores so that each lvl has his maximum score
    Then this problem would be solved for all pro players.


    What do you mean when you say you are a pro player? I play for fun, I’m in Diamond League 5 and although I find that too tough I was winning tournaments in Diamond League 4 no problem. I rely on that to get coins as I don’t connect to anyone else and I never use real money to buy any. You have thousands of coins and birds so maybe they are just better than you.


    I do have good experiences lately by creating a support ticket:

    All cheaters that I reported were moved.


    I know I can’t stand when you’re doing a challenge and your opponents score reads one score then you hit the quit button and they’re another score higher than yours!!! 😡😭



    First of all, to collect coins you need friends, lots of friends who are all active ABF players, if you wanna play free for fun, don’t know what a Pro player is and not playing connected to any page with a leader board…
    You just don’t understand!



    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    But reporting cheaters with sending a ticket to ROVIO takes to much time because they are so busy with answering all mails.
    There is a shorter way to report
    Admins of Pro Strategy advised us to send reports to:


    I don’t think this is about Angry birds friends right?


    Yes, this is about ABF. I am a member of the Pro Group as well.

    About what address to use: both are working, although I do have better results with the address I mentioned.


    @casperspook l think I understand what you mean by “pro” now. In my world it means the opposite of amateur or hobbyist, I.e. someone who gets paid to play . Thus I      thought that was how you got all the coins (or by other methods). I have heard of those groups. In my world you try your best to three star, then when you get that score again you use all the power-ups to do your best. This is a cost issue, one set of power ups per level per tourney.

    Anyways, now I have much more sympathy for you all, but I doubt posting here will get Rovio to care more as there isn’t a lot of activity nowadays.



    @grammyk Respect!

    I wish we got paid by playing the game ;-)
    But in fact, anyone who love the the game can be a pro player
    The only thing you need to do is:

    • Invite at least 900-1000 abf players to your fb account
    • Send daily gifts
    • Get a member of any fb group with leader board (IOS/PC/Android)

    After a few years playing you could have the same amount of PU’s & coins
    100% legal

    P.S.  you wrote:
    I doubt posting here will get Rovio to care more as there isn’t a lot of activity nowadays.

    I know my friend, sadly enough that is the truth.
    But i just keep posting and reporting everywhere with some hope that someday anyone of that ROVIO group wakes up and change their Score-system
    That these lowlife cheaters are history!


    @casperspook Good luck on the quest. I am definitely not motivated enough to try many times to win in Friends so a group is not for me (I (happily) don’t really use Facebook and have less than 5 “friends”).

    I truly detest all forms of cheating/hacking as well and cannot fathom how programmers cannot find ways to prevent this.


    Hey guys, I’ve been playing about a month & I loved it to start with, I’ve played AB since 2011, so it was fairly easy to get through the leagues & soon I was in Diamond, but by the time I got to Diamond 2 or 3, the top scores were getting crazy. Like the PU walkthrough, they required not just busting every tiny item, but also starting with PU/s so the 10K from unused birds is added to the score. I try to only use the PUs I can get from the game, but I have no friends so I don’t get many. 😞 I’m currently Diamond 7, but there’s no winning here without lots of PUs. I can get to about 8-15th Place now, depending how many PUs I get & who is playing.

    I’m not sure what ‘cheating’ is. From the walkthroughs by Rayitos & Cheesy I assume having thousands of coins & PUs is OK? I guess people are getting impossible scores? There’s an obvious limit to scoring, when every item is gone, & you get an extra 20-40k from unused birds that’s it, isn’t it? Any score above that IS cheating. Is that right?

    How does the Gifts thing work? Where do I find people to request as friends? My FB is a pain as I already have 1300 friends, do I need another thousand? Or do I start another a/c? Also how do I send & receive gifts? I can’t find FAQs or instructions for this stuff

    Thanks for reading guys, be well!

    pS: Casperspook. Are you level Diamond 116?!
    That’s a lot of Diamonds!


    uNdErStEnDaBlE, hAvE a NiCe DaY.

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