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    Hey guys, as you may be aware with the Hambodia chapter and Mythic Silver  card update on Thursday, DC has changed completely from what we were used to seeing from the early quartet chapters in the trail levels which alternated every 12 days: Chirp Valley (70,80,90), Shangham (100,110,120), Greasy Swamp (130,140,150), and Greenerville (160,170,180). All of which are easy and requires no gems to spend. This is NO more.

    EDIT: On  October 9,2017, Rovio eliminated the 2-3-4 arrangement in DC and has replaced it with the 3-4-5 arrangement from the past.  Today,  October 10,2017, they switched it back to the 2-3-4. October 11,2017 it switched back to 3-4-5. So this means

    On odd days – arrangement will be 3-4-5  and even days will be 2-3-4

    So this is the TENTATIVE DC list, which will be edited if there’s changes. So far it’s 100% accurate.  All of these are the exact same that you will be facing in the 3rd King Pig Panic Battle.   So remember that dreaded pinball level from GotHam City (level 1140)? You will have to beat it TWICE both as DC and KPP to get your feat achievement. The only exception is Snotting Hill level 307 it’s only 4 panels.

    x represents the  number of the month

    x/1 Greasy swamp level 140
    x/2 Greenerville level 180
    x/3 Steakholm level 190
    x/4 Misty Mire level 230
    x/5 Pigsyland level 260
    x/6 Snotting Hill level 307
    x/7 Fluttering Heights level 354
    x/8 Mount Evernest level 400
    x/9 Ham Franscisco level 406
    x/10 Pig Bay level 473
    x/11 Gravity Grove level 520
    x/12 Pig Apple level 566
    x/13 Hamalayas level 613
    x/14 Madagooscar level 660
    x/15 Hamberg level 666
    x/16 Oinklahoma level 713
    x/17 Hamazonas level 760
    x/18 Copacabacon level 806
    x/19 Snout Slough level 853
    x/20 Porkland level 900
    x/21 Pigfoot Mountains level 906
    x/22 Central Pork level 953
    x/23 Hamsterdam level 993
    x/24 Missispiggy Rivers level 1046
    x/25 Boarneo level 1093
    x/26 Got Ham City level 1140
    x/27 Twin Beaks level 1146
    x/28 Hog Warts level 1193

    These ones are tentative until I see the inclusion of Piggymanjaro, Porkyo and Hambodia

    x/29 Shangham level 120
    x/30 Greasy Swamp level 130
    x/31 Greenerville level 170

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  • Jon S

    For good measure here’s the list of King Pig Panic levels

    KPP – King Pig Panic Level Bank

    KPP has a big repertoire of levels which range from very easy to downright difficult.  Here’s the current list of KPP until I have to make another one when they include the new chapters like  Piggymanjaro (Winter level), Porkyo (regular Pig City) and Hambodia (Gravity Bamboo Forest).  Piggymanjaro (cobalt plateau) isn’t on the list yet, but will likely be projected in the next month or two in the slot for x/29, Porkyo for x/30 and Hambodia for x/31.  Like before, x represents the month number and the numbers represents the date of that month.

    x/1 Greasy swamp (150,130,140)
    x/2 Greenerville (160,170,180)
    x/3 Steakholm (210,200,190)
    x/4 Misty Mire (240, 220, 230)
    x/5 Pigsyland (246,254,260)
    x/6 Snotting Hill (294,300,307)
    x/7 Fluttering Heights (340,347,354)
    x/8 Mount Evernest (387,394,400)
    x/9 Ham Franscisco (434,440,406)
    x/10 Pig Bay (460,466,473)
    x/11 Gravity Grove (506,513,520) – 520 is the worst
    x/12 Pig Apple (573,560,566)
    x/13 Hamalayas (600,606,613)
    x/14 Madagooscar (646,653,660)
    x/15 Hamberg (693,700,666)
    x/16 Oinklahoma (740,706,713)
    x/17 Hamazonas (746,753,760)
    x/18 Copacabacon (793,800,806)
    x/19 Snout Slough (840,853,860)
    x/20 Porkland (886,893,900) – 900 is the worst
    x/21 Pigfoot Mountains (933,940,906) – 906 is hard!
    x/22 Central Pork (980,946,953)
    x/23 Hamsterdam (1020,986, 993)
    x/24 Missispiggy Rivers (1033,1040,1046)
    x/25 Boarneo (1080,1086,1093)
    x/26 Got Ham City (1126,1133,1140) – 1140 is luck based

    x/27 Twin Beaks (1173,1180,1146)
    x/28 Hog Warts (1220, 1186, 1193)

    x/29 Shangham (100,110,120)

    x/30 Greasy Swamp (140,150,130)

    x/31 Greenerville (180,160,170)



    I see. Thanks for the information. I was wondering what was different about the daily challenges.

    Jon S


    Your welcome.  I just finished the daily challenge this morning, and I saw that the DC boss was Fluttering Heights level 354, so this list will hold well.  Even though the game is random, it has gotten very predictable.


    This is amazing, @jon3800. Appreciate the research!

    Jon S


    Thanks, I’ve been mapping the KPP levels and the old DC levels for the past 2 months and it took 2 days to figure out the new DC levels.  My, they sure picked the good ones to spend gems on.

    Watch out for the DC levels

    x/9 Ham Franscisco level 406
    x/11 Gravity Grove level 520
    x/20 Porkland level 900
    x/21 Pigfoot Mountains level 906
    x/26 Got Ham City level 1140
    x/28 Hog Warts level 1193

    These are the hardest ones, especially level 1140 because that’s the pinball level.


    oh i missed that spider :) that’s a scientific methodology to decrypt the systematic behind all daily challenge level displacement and for other normal levels thx for describing it all in 1 thread Jon.


    So today DC had 3, 4, then 5 rooms. The final boss challenge was exactly the same 5 room layout as KPP final stage. I was hoping for more rewards but of course not, this is Rovio after all!!!!


    Yeah, they changed the DC pattern from 2, 3, 4 to 3, 4, 5. Besides, does anyone have problem with slowed down frames in DC and KPP? I mean, when I’m playing the arena or standard stages (map) the speed of game is normal, it runs smoothly but when i’m starting challenges, game starts to lag a little bit.

    Angry Beaver

    Yeah, if they raise difficulty, they should raise prizes too. But waiting this is probably pointless.


    Today my gem letter went out – so I had to decide whether to buy it again or not. Then I played the daily challenge and got so angry about that, that I decided to never pay Rovio once again. It feels like all they do is take and even by giving us new features, I can‘t shake the feeling that those are meant to take as well.

    Putting player‘s interesst behind is every game‘s death. This „enhancement“ of the daily challenge was propably my breaking point.


    I tried the DC three times this morning then gave up. It used to be a nice and quick game to play but if it’s going to be another gem burner I won’t bother.

    Old Boy Smash

    Totally agree with you. Rovio showing more greed

    Jon S

    @mattydh and @piggsy

    Wow.  you’re right.  I just got the 3-4-5 arrangement

    You guys hit the nail on the head with the greed.  I guess I’m paying for it since I stopped playing the clans two months ago.

    Old Boy Smash

    Rovio sort yourselves out. Players will only go so far. I have just spent 50 quid on gems and see you making things even harder in order to make us purchase gems. Rare chests used to contain gems upto 1000 now nothing. I’m a buiseness man and use this for relaxation and leisure. You have a fantastic business going, get your act together or soon it may be gone


    Took me forever today to beat the daily challenge. In the end, just had to leave the phone sitting on my desk as the king pig bounced around all over the place and finally died from plinking off the walls.


    The extra rooms are not the issue per se – the issue is that they’re all the super complex variety, and by the time you’re playing the last room, you’re probably nearly out of birds. I mean, it’s obvious, but at the same time, blatant.

    I think Angry Birds 2 has run its course. Rovio must have figured out people play the DC only, and took away even that.

    Oh well.

    Old Boy Smash

    Went on DC this morning and it was back to 2-3-4 rooms and no complex screens :-)

    Vogel Birdson

    Great work @jon3800 ! Very interesting, thank you.


    Same here, back to the normal 2-3-4 setup. Hopefully it lasts.


    Yellow challenge. Pattern 3-4-5.


    Just came to post the same thing.

    Rovio needs to get their heads out of the sand.


    Especially since today’s boss level is outright (or let’s say very close to) impossible without extra birds.


    Yeah this DC is back to 3-4-5 with one of the worst boss levels to beat.  Near impossible if you don’t have silver or matilda.

    Old Boy Smash

    Don’t spend one single gem


    Me too. Tried over and over to complete DC without extra birds. I gave up. And again FPS drop down during Daily Challenge. Any ideas how to fix it? Other game modes run smoothly.

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