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  • played MEB and got my best score ever! But it still shows as something to do under daily quests. If I click it, I see my score and it wants 60 gems to play again, so the game knows I did it. But I can’t check it off without playing again so can’t collect the feather rewards. Tried restarting the game and resetting the iPad, no luck. Any ideas?

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    If you are absolutely sure you’ve completed all other tasks, I can’t think there’s much to do after restarting game, clearing cache or restarting the device.

    Usually certain required clan activity (CvsC) is the one I can’t complete, but that’s a different thing.  Then again, I’ve had some tasks “swapped” with others preventing DQ completion, until I stumbled to “correct” one and completed it. I’m not sure I’ve ever had questionable “honor” to find DQ task plainly refusing completion alltogether.


    About this, I’m not sure even myself if I’m just joking or being serious:

    Ideas? Contact Rovio, offer to replace their useless and drunk QA team… if they even have one. Pros: You’ll get a job, we get a game with less bugs. Cons: The game has so many bugs you will never ever again have time to play yourself.



    Your response was entertaining enough to almost make me forget my unresolvable complaint. I think the problem was that I was online after midnight finishing a streak, and Mighty Eagle figured hey, new day, here’s your reward now play again. When I went to the daily tasks board it still just showed the completed ones from the day before. Sometime between 2 am and 8 am, the main board reset, except now it doesn’t  know I already went to boot camp. The different arenas are out of temporal synch.


    It is confusing how different parts of the game will reset at different times.

    Then again, it must be far too difficult to code those events happen at the same time. /s



    Yeah, just think how complicated it would be to add that logic ….

    player clicks MEBC icon.

    MEBC says, ok, you wanna play, just a sec ….

    MEBC: hey, daily quests, am I on your board today?

    DQ: no, don’t need you, thanks.

    MEBC: great, thanks. OK, player, let’s go!


    DQ: yeah, I got you down for a twenty gem reward.

    MEBC: ok, I’ll let you know if they play.


    not much more complex than that, just translate into C or whatever the youngs are talking these days. Otherwise have DQ say, oh, I see MEBC is on my list, did player do that already today? Either way it’s not Le Science De Rockette.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Can’t finish daily quest, bug!

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