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  • I didn’t realize until yesterday that birds in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction actually level up and become more powerful. You level up by obtaining treasure chests full of feathers. My white bird (Matilda) leveled up to bronze.

    Have you leveled up any birds? Also, if you happen to know the various feather requirements for obtaining the various levels that would be awesome!

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  • sal9

    Two of my birds so far (100 feathers to Bronze; 250 feathers to Silver). A complete set of leveled up birds (all seven birds) will promote you to the next league in the arena.


    If you tap on each bird card in the flock, it lists your progress toward the next level.

    Bird Leader

    Neat. Very useful info @sal9 and @burbman. Thanks for sharing.


    Does the fact to gain a level increase the scores obtained with these birds ?
    It is that I understood but I would want a confirmation.


    @grimmjow – That is how I read the level up notice as well, but I am not sure how I would go about testing it with the constantly changing nature of levels.


    I only get treasure chests filled with presents that I can only give away to FB friends. And since I don’t have FB they’re completely useless to me.


    I just downloaded under pigstruction today and I don’t know how to get the feathers.
    How do you get them?


    @floppymuffin You can get them from chests and as a prize for winning the Tournament.


    I don’t see how you can really expect to have either a walk-through or a leader board for this game, since the levels are different and the availability of birds to start with is random. I understand that the potential point value is the same, but depending upon layout and available birds, it would be totally unfair to compare apples and oranges like that.


    I got three promoted so far (Red, Chuck, Matilda).

    Mark Melton

    I finally got my mojo going today I went 13 straight arena wins without a loss. I still don’t think my birds are as effective at Pigstruction as before the update. Also notice many of the TNT boxes were gone but I will adapt. Oh I think one arena players 5 yr old played me about 4:30 this morning with 14 mil to 1 mil.


    The TNT boxes are a rarity in the last few months maybe since the Aug (?) update? where Arena match rooms became much more complicated… I see one or two a week.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Birds can level up in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction

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