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  • epicMarksmen

    To use the revive sets in the arena wisely, you have to think twice what kind of effects your Chuck or Blues( especially Blues) have to influence the oppenment before they die. The beauty of the revive sets is that you can have the better active chance to win, even if you lose the coin toss. For example, if your Marksmen are attacked after losing the coin toss, they can still have one shot on the banner. After they died, your Samurai and Cannoneer can have massive damages on the banner even if the Blues are KOed. This is better than watching your Marksmen with other sets die after losing the coin toss, right?


    @rpbthree I understood that when the Grand Slam and Nightmare sets were both present, then the effect of the Nightmare set takes over. So no matter who stuns – even if it is Blues using Egg Surprise, then the effect of the Nightmare set applies. And the stun only lasts for one turn – as per the Nightmare set. This is how it used to be. I don’t know if this is still how it works.

    It is quite different when playing with the Revive sets than playing against the AI controlling birds with the Revive sets.

    I find the Save Me set for Blues is the most valuable for Rogues. The extra health is very valuable. You can also make use of the fact that poisons disappear after Blues revives. The AI is not very clever and will continue to attack Blues even if he is already covered with poisons that will kill him. And when Blues subsequently revives, the poisons are gone.

    I don’t use Chuck as much, but I am sure it is similar with the Reborn set.


    @kerravon — The last stun to land is the one that counts. If both strikes stun nightmare landed after grand slam will cause the stun to be shortened to one turn. Grand slam landed after nightmare will lengthen it to two. In either case you get the damage for every turn the enemy is stunned from nightmare. If you see a stun as a result from grand slam it’s best to attack another enemy with matilda or heal so it won’t overwrite.


    Yup, last Stun takes precedence. 1-turn Nightmare will replace 2-turn Slam.


    For me ‘Reborn’ and ‘Save Me’ are absolutely essential… and by FAR the most potent epic set(s) combination – however, I accept that my opinion stems from the fact that I prefer the ‘Venomous’ arena trio of Druid/Rogues/Rainbird utilizing the ‘Blessed’ arena set and the ‘Vengeance’ emblem. I’m sure that people who prefer a more aggressive arena setup would have different – and equally valid – opinions.


    @korath88 Thanks. That’s what I was curious about. How they compare to each other damage wise.

    I don’t see any reason not to use Dragon Breath against ninjas either.

    Golden Piggie

    Thanks so much guys! I just have one question: I have a dragonscale and I know the combo is really good, but it is almost 130 less health for red. Should I keep it or throw it away?


    130 health is nothing – keep it.

    In other news, I free spun up a lv. 45 RC Robot, so Blues is now properly-kitted.


    My favourites:

    Red – Dragon set for battles or hammer set for bosses
    Chuck – Lightning set (usually using Wizard)
    Matilda – Honey set
    Bomb – Golden set for its critical damage and snoutlings, sometimes stone set for added damage to all pigs
    Blues – Ballista set

    Red – Dragonscale set (usually using Paladin)
    Chuck – Phoenix set (usually using rainbird)
    Matilda – Honey set (usually using Druid)
    The above 3 are my key arena combo with Blessed totem set for additional healing
    Bomb – Golden set
    Blues – Save me set for regeneration (usually using rogues)

    Golden Piggie

    Thanks @graugeist for the info, I’ll keep it!

    Golden Piggie

    Hey guess what? I just got the ballista!


    There’s a bonus with Nightmare with Blue Trio: Egg Surprise, but it only hits random enemy. However, it will be fun if you use the following with boss:
    Samurai or Stone Guard with Grand Slam.
    Druid (with Stone Guard) or Bard with Nightmare.
    Rogues, Skulkers, or Marksmen (with Stone Guarf) with Beep or Artillery.
    This will be a big fun when the enemy got hit by Stone Guard with thorns, stun, sticky goo or lower defense or extra damage altogether, and Nightmare damage upon stun.
    Try this on 7th golden pig.


    Having the best luck this week! Just free-rolled a diamond level “Blessed Blanket.” Awesomeness. * Update * 2 hours later I free-rolled a LVL-45 “Chronometer” – feelin’ lucky today!

    Golden Piggie

    I want to say something.
    First, i want to know how much is ‘a lot’ from the pick pocket.

    Second, i want to rephrase what most people said
    For red, best set is dragonbreath. i just need the tooth. stun set only with
    For chuck,
    best set in arena is reborn. i have the feather
    other two are about the same. i have the book
    For matilda, the three are pretty spread apart
    nightmare works best with bard and grand slam
    sweet only if team needs extra healing
    rage generation good with berzerker
    For bomb, the sets are nerfed
    sugar is good WHEN IT WORKS (which it never does)
    scissors is okay, some extra damage, hokus pokus, but nothing special
    pickpocket is good when farming snouts, but no extra damage. still unsure about
    ‘a lot’
    For blues, save me for arena, balista elsewhere (unless ninja, use rouges), beep is

    Golden Piggie

    forgot to tell you guys, i have full beep D: out of the 3 i got the worst. i also have ballista and bullet and steel force and black fan (cant tell yin, yang, dunno)


    @goldenpig Pickpocket doesn’t give “a lot” at all. It only gives 1-4 Snoutlings.

    Golden Piggie

    Hey everyone, just got full artillery strike C8


    For me, this is what I recommend as “best set items” per bird.
    Red- Steel Force and Steel Wall. Pretty much when these set items are put together they add the “Protector’s Aura” combo, meaning all allies get 10% less damage taken, and when put with his secondary abilities it adds more defense. For example, Knight 65% less damage, Guardian 35% less damage, etc… it adds an extra 10% to defense.
    Chuck- Phoenix Egg and Feather. Basically, it doubles their health, and when he is knocked out, he is instantly revived, which is useful, and the feather can dispel when you are not using the Lightning Bird Class, and the feather adds more chances to dispel, up to a 95% chance to dispell.
    Matilda- Honey Jar and Spoon- If you want more healing, this set will be very useful, since both put together adds the “Sweet!” Effect, increasing all friendly healing effects by 25%. This can be useful for classes that don’t really heal much– such as the Cleric and Have increased healing for the Bard’s Regeneration effect.

    Golden Piggie

    @badpiggies162 what are your favorite sets for bomb and blues?

    Golden Piggie

    updated list: red, got hammer and very old scale. yellow: got full revive and chronos and lightning tome. matilda: yin. bomb: full pickpocket. blues: THE sling and full artillery


    @goldenpig for Bomb, it would be Rock and Paper. Combined together it serves as a good alternative for him to deal damage to everyone without using a rage ability.
    For the Blues, it would be the Artillery Set. I love dealing high damage.

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