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  • I got lots of set items but no full sets, and I want to know what full sets are worth it. I got golden bullet, yin (or yang, I forgot, anyway the black one) , dragonscale, steel force, and remote control. To the people who think the gpm is not fair, I got all of these in 4 weeks, and I’m in platinum league, plus my first free roll at pmc’s place I got was titangrip.

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  • firedragon

    Red: Dragon Set
    Chuck: Phoenix Set (Arena) or Twin Lightning
    Matilda: Nightmare Set
    Bomb: Sugar Rush Set
    Blue Trio: Beep or Crossbow (for single enemy)


    I like to use the sets with bonus damage. Those being Dragon Breath for Red. Twin Lightning for Chuck. Scissors for Bomb and *BEEP* Attack for Blues. For Matilda I love using Sweet but when I have Bard I use Nightmare. When using Samurai I like using Grand Slam because Samurai attacks 3 times meaning triple chance for a stun.


    I agree with a lot of the picks here.

    Red’s dragonbreath is the best set now, after the other bonus target sets (Bomb’s Scissors and Blue’s BEEP attack) were apparently nerfed sometime late last year.

    IMO, the damage on BEEP attack (45% chance of 25% bonus damage to all targets) is mostly a placebo. The bonus attack makes me feel good, but it’s really just tickling the other targets. Scissors is the only set I don’t have completed, but a 33% chance of 35% bonus damage looks pretty similar.

    For Chuck, I like Twin Lightning or sometimes Phoenix in arena.
    For Bomb, Sugar Rush.
    Matilda: Sweet!
    Blues: Artillery Strike or sometimes Save Me! in arena


    Dragon and Lightning are still good.

    Nightmare, Time, Beep and Artillery are OK.

    Bomb has basically no good sets, Scissors is the least bad.

    Phoenix and Save are for Arena, only.


    Red: Dragon for multiple enemies, Grand Slam for single enemies and a nice combination effect with Matilda’s Nightmare set

    Matilda: Nightmare. Sweet may be helpful if your team hevily relies on healing

    Bomb: Sugar Rush. I disagree with @graugeist here, this set is pretty good. Its heavy healing makes it much bestter than the (heavily nerfed) Scissors in my eyes.

    Chuck: Phoenix for Arena, Twin Lightning everywhere else

    Blues: Artillery, in my opinion the best set in the game. In arena, combine this with banner items that increase critical hit chance, along with damage increasing banner items and bird skills for frequent critical hits with insane damage


    I second @mingkee27’s list.


    Dragon Set: Used in anywhere, pretty strong with Samurai and Stoneguard. An important set for ninja-beaters.
    Titan Set: Rarely used. But deadly with Nightmare.
    Phoenix Set: No problems with Chuck’s health. Probably the best set ever!
    Twin Lightning: Useful with Wizard. Cool!
    Sweet Set: Useful with Druid. Fast recoverer!
    Nightmare Set: Deadly and useful. Can be used with Bard and Blues.
    Sugar Rush: Needs more healings? The effect of this set is really surprising with Sea Dog!
    Ballista: Deadly with Tricksters and Spies It’s a pity that this set is bad at beating ninjas.
    Beep Set: It’s a pity that it has been nerfed. Or it’s powerful with Marksmen and Spies.
    Save Me: If with Rogues, the Blues can even replace Red. As Cupcake trap can protect the others if they ar badly injured. (Remember, the Blues’ total health is farly higher than Red’s!)


    For PvE: Dragon Breath, Twin Lightning, Perfect Balance, Scissors, Artillery Strike

    For PvP…
    * Dragon Breath – Default set for damage
    * Protector’s Aura – I use this with Paladin and the Blessed banner, since a crit will heal for a lot
    * Grand Slam – Only used with Nightmare Bard and Frozen banner, but even then it’s not that good.
    * Reborn – Almost necessary for Chuck to survive the first turn
    * Twin Lightning – I only use this when Chuck needs KOs for the daily
    * Time Leap – Not worth it since there’s an emblem with this ability
    * Sweet – Paired with Blessed banner, this keeps your team alive
    * Nightmare – Decent for use as a Bard with Frozen banner, but most people don’t use Matilda for damage
    * Perfect Balance – Not used often because banner parts provide this effect
    * Scissors – Default set for damage
    * Sugar Rush – Really only used with Cannoneer and Blessed Banner, but still not that great
    * Pickpocket – No, don’t use it
    * Save Me – If Chuck isn’t in your team or isn’t alive, this set is necessary for Blues to survive the first turn
    * Artillery Strike – Blues is the only party member that gets a crit boost from sets. Use this if you need Blues to hit hard
    * Beep Attack – Good for chip damage


    I find that Sugar is far too unreliable for Bomb and the party to depend on, so I might as well go for the extra damage and self heal from Scissors.


    @graugeist I totally agree with you. 15% chance to heal 50% dealt damage is far too small of a chance to get the effect. I like using sets with a high chance of activating and Sugar Rush is not first choice.


    @graugeist Yeah 15% chance is bad on Bomb. Also I noticed that Bomb only has one chance to roll for bonus per attack, even as Cannoneer. When Red attacks, he gets a roll for each hit, so Samurai can activate Dragon Breath up to three times per attack.


    @whiteasice Actually that’s not true. Normal weapon abilities like Dispel, Critical, Chain Attack, Bedtime and Hocus Pokus works with multiple attack. Set bonuses don’t meaning no matter how many times the bird attacks the set only works once per turn. The reason why Grand Slam is effected by this is because it’s NOT a set effect. Its Bedtime that stun for 2 turns instead of 1.


    @partshade Actually, Sugar rush still heals by 100%. The description was changed, but the actual effect was not.


    @partshade I guess that means that enemy Samurais in arena have that ability while we don’t. I have seen a Dragon Breath Samurai defeat all three of my full health birds in one attack. Another sign that Rovio is gypping us all.


    @korath88 Actually that’s not true either. Yes it used to say 50% in the description but with the recent update it actually does only heal 50%. That mistake has been like that for a while but they finally fixed it.


    @partshade Well, that sucks. Why does Rovio feel the need to nerf all Bomb’s sets?


    @partshade Until you mentioned that is was reduced back to 50%, I didn’t even notice the reduced healing because healing combined with the Blessed set is still huge. Last night my banner was damaged so I would have only gotten 2 stars, but my chili was full so I used my Sea Dog’s explode to take out the banner. Sugar Rush healed everything 4800+ which fully healed my banner so I was able the get 3 stars.

    Granted 15% isn’t often, but you get it about once a battle and that is all you need to have a big advantage over the enemy. I get it more than once a battle since the Sea Dog gets multiple attacks using Gang Up.


    @korath88 My guess would be because the majority of the most powerful bird combos have Bomb in it. They must be trying to balance it out.


    I wonder how the damage per turn of the weapon sets would compare, taking into account critical and chain damage.


    You’re asking about Sets, Crits and Chain? It’s not even considering that Sea Dog can often attack more than once per turn, and that’s a basic effect that doesn’t depend on the weapon / equipment.


    This post is very long, but this is the classes and situations I think would work well with set items.

    My evaluation of set items:
    Grand Slam
    Recommended for:
    Samurai, especially with Nightmare
    Stone Guard, ditto

    Protector’s Aura
    Samurai (unless doing Ninja battle)
    Stone Guard
    Knight (attack will render effect mostly useless)

    Stone Guard, especially with AoE debuff
    Any class if fighting ninjas.


    Living Lightning
    Lightning Bird, especially if support is relied on

    Time Jump
    Lightning Bird
    None, but chance of working is small. Not reliable.

    Bard (very effective, especially with other stuns and pairs with Stone Guard well)
    Priestess (may require a strong strategy)

    Perfect Balance
    All, especially with Berserker

    Druid, Cleric, especially Priestess
    Princess (this class is usually only effective in boss levels)

    Sugar Rush
    Sea Dog, Berserker, Cannoneer?
    None, but occurrence is low.

    All – best if Golden Gun is paired with Might item.


    Save Me!

    Artillery Strike
    Tricksters, Skulkers
    Ninja battles, possibly Undead battles, Rogues, Spies, Marksmen?

    *BEEP* Attack
    Spies, Marksmen, Tricksters, Skulkers


    @freckledpig14 Nice work. I disaggree with your opinion on Dragonbreath and ninjas though. I always use Samurai with Dragonbreath on Ninjas, because the splash damage ignores evasion and armor, so you get to damage a lot of opponents with a single attack. Sure, critical hits are actually critical misses with ninjas, but since Samurai has three attacks, the chance that all will miss is pretty low, and by far outweighed by the splash damage.


    @m-ich Red’s dragon set deals chain attacks, not criticals.

    Also, I just got myself a level 45 RC Robot yesterday, which means that my blues are now 45/8. Yay.

    Which means that I can now do accurate calculations on the set effects.

    My Red’s damage value is about 653. 75% of that would be about 490. Therefore, Red has a 45% chance to deal 490 extra damage to all enemies, approximately 220.5 per turn. For some reason, Samurai no longer seems to be able to trigger Dragonbreath more than once per attack.

    Bomb’s damage value is 1124. Bomb has a 35% chance to deal 33% bonus damage. This equates to a 35% chance to deal 371 bonus damage to all enemies, approximately 129.85 per turn. Before the nerf, it would be a 30% chance to deal 100% bonus damage, or 337.2 per turn.

    Blues also have a damage value of 1124, and a 45% chance to deal 25% bonus damage.
    Therefore, a 45% chance to deal 281 damage to all, or about 126.5 per turn. Pre nerf, it would be 843 damage to all, and about 379 per turn.

    Red, bomb and the blues are all 45/8

    Conclusion: It was totally unnecessary to nerf these two sets by that drastic an amount.


    @korath88 Thanks for the clarification. Now I understand even less why anyone would use a different set on Red against ninjas.


    I don’t know if this was mentioned yet or not, but having Grand Slam on Samurai Red and Nightmare on Matilda makes both those sets much more valuable. You get 3x chances (three hits per turn) to get a stun. If it stuns, you have two turns of big damage due to the Nightmare bonus. Because of this my favorite sets for these two birds is Grand Slam and Nightmare.

    Not to mention, Nightmare set is the only set worth using for Matilda so far IMO. Maybe Sweet set as healing can be huge, especially with the Blessings Banner in Arena (unless mitigated by Weakened Healing Emblem, which I switch to when facing opponents who are using Matilda with Sweet set).

    I don’t find the revive sets (Save Me & Reborn) in Arena that useful. When I come across opponents using these sets, I burn through the one-time revive bonus early. Then my opponent no longer has any set bonus utilities whatsoever for blues/chuck whatsoever. While my blues/chuck (currently using Lightning and Artillery Strike) can use their set bonus for the whole battle. However, I haven’t tried using these sets myself.

    Just my anecdotal experience.

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