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  • How do I backup all my levels for AB2? I am not on Facebook or any other social media platforms. I am playing on an iPad that is about 4 years old and am afraid one of these days it is going to blink out and all my hard work on the 1080 levels will be wiped out.

    Can any one help me with this?

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  • CaptSternn

    Yes, I can offer a suggestion. But you will need a computer like a laptop or desktop. Install iTunes on the computer, then connect the iPad to that computer with a USB cable and do a backup to the local drive. It will look like the image included here.


    Now I can’t say it will work if you get a new device, haven’t tried that. But it is worth making a backup anyway in my opinion. It will ask if you want to backup apps, click on yes.

    Maybe it could be done on iCloud. I don’t know because I haven’t tried that.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks. I do have a mac and will try your suggestion. I lost all my play once before and it was so frustrating to start all over again.

    Thanks again.


    Yes, you can back your iPad to a pc or Mac using iTunes. Then you can restore to that point. Make regular backups so you don’t lose too much data. If you get a new device, there are migration tools that should let you transfer the program.. but it might be worthwhile to get a Facebook account just to store your game status.


    I play on android and use google play to login. Anyone know if that will backup my game progress or must I trust FB?


    I found this tutorial page that might help you out.

    Angry Birds Ultimate Backup Tutorial for all Platforms


    I think I’m going to try Titanium Backup. However, I don’t have a nerve for actually trying to test restoring, in case it will hose the game. I just have to wait accident happening to see if it works.



    For android devices you can just backup your save files which can be found in the following directory:


    I just zip the save folder every so often.  To restore install the game first and go through the tutorial.  Exit the game and then copy the saved files to the same directory and you should be good to go from your last backed point.


    @bchild, thanks for the tip! It took me some time to find the directory (was in SD card, instead of internal storage), but I made the zip… now to realize I still had game running background. I’ll redo it later correctly and hope in future it restores correctly, too.


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