Arena pvp battles expectations

  • As we are in sixth out of twelwe weeks of Arena pVp battles I wonder what can we expect in future?
    Rovio pattern of introducing new things that costs a lot of real money is already well known (e.g legendary set items on GPM where one can never get that one most wanted piece and keeps getting tons of duplicates, arena set items as much as shields and weapons thing, exclusive classes, mastery ranks etc..). Once when player is into diamond league and get all heads and flags on GAPM I wonder what then??? Will there be new leagues like „diamond – rank 1“, „diamond – rank 2“ and so?
    I’d like to know and hear from people who have some experience with these kind of games, how often are they changed and what changes could be?

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  • Mighty Red

    Good question.

    Mighty Red

    @cosmo2503 I assume you’ll be able to rank up as a star player after Diamond league, like in AB Friends, but I guess you’ll tell us what happens in Diamond league as I can see you’re currently 2nd in the Platinum league. I’m 2nd in Gold league, really hoping there won’t be any last hour cheaters to steal my promotion, like it happened in Week 5.

    P.S., this is actually Week 7, not 6, at least that’s what it says in my game.


    I just hope Rovio , like many other Apps I’ve encountered , doesn’t fail/ignore errors while piling on frivolous features. But , I believe they won’t since an actual response to e-mails far surpasses any other e-mail response sent to other App Developers.


    I’m expecting new Chronicle caves. With them there will come the need to get up to date set items…


    I expect that Rovio will have corrected whatever was causing the last event to malfunction, and we will see a new event after this round of PVP. Along with new caves, I also expect that they will increase maximum level and mastery to keep players who have topped out in those areas. I know that I do not play outside of PVP anymore, as there is nothing left to gain with all birds at 41/10 and over 100 of each potion in reserve. Maybe they will find a way to integrate the items earned in PVP with regular play?


    @cosmo2503 That’s a very good question. I imagine Rovio have introduced this as a long term event, to be returned to multiple times. This first season of 12 weeks seems very long. I think 6-8 weeks is a more reasonable time frame, but they might have reasons for starting with a long season. Given the introduction of the banner items, emblems, set items, etc. to the game, I would expect these to be used again in future seasons.

    I can think of two possible extensions of the current leagues. They could add a couple of new leagues to the top, and run a new shorter season (e.g. 6-8 weeks). Going by the existing pattern, each new league would introduce two new emblems.

    A second option could be to add levels within each league, which is what you have suggested (i.e. wood 1, 2, 3, 4, stone 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). In each season, players would try to move up to the next league or else be relegated back to a lower league. This is kind of like a first division, second division, third division, etc. And the first season was just a way to get a range of players into each league.

    I would be interested to hear about any other options people may have thought of.


    In my opinion after 12th week you start from wooden league again but with items you earned by playing in the previous season. So if you ended a season in the diamond league then it would be much easier to advance to higher leagues with your diamond items. Or maybe we would get more points for objectives if we finished previous season in one of the higher leagues. Who knows.


    I think if everyone starts together from the same point the players who have not progressed from wood or even stone will get a pretty raw deal if they have to share a board with players who have progressed this season sufficiently to gain far superior equipment. Many will not bother to play.

    I really hope that there is a break between seasons and that the next one is shorter.


    I must have missed something…how do you know this is running for 12 weeks?


    @jamesd If you go to your arena nest and tap on Terence’s head, you will see the progress through the season. We are in week 7 of 12 in season 1.


    I’m already getting very bored with the Arena. No clear rewards, except for slightly better items and new emblems (most of which don’t make a huge difference).

    I play just enough to stay in Gold (do the dailies), and when I finally get a week without cheaters I may promote to Platinum.

    But so far I really lack incentive to spend much time in the Arena.

    I’m lvl 41, all 10 mastery, got all Arena sets (more than half Gold), so I really miss a clear reward or goal. The cheaters make things even worse, and Rovio’s utter lack of communication in regard to cheating doesn’t make it better.


    @kerravon you may be right. I achieved Platinum this week and got my first banner item: “platinum level 2 – beginner”.

    I do not worry myself with the arena leagues and the cheater scandal that is going on right now. I will stay in the Wood League, preventing weak and strong enemies from advancing to the Stone League by defeating as many as I can. My team of birds is more than adequate for this task.

    King Chuck

    And when seasons will change it will be special or not or we need to wait 5 weeks?

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