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  • This was covered in the pinned discussion at the top of the page and in a few other places, but doesn’t seem to be getting enough exposure. I might get in trouble with AngryBirdsNest, or maybe even with Rovio, for making it more public here than just buried in a few places. But this is a very small community with probably a small number of lurkers, so here it is …

    You do not have to battle the opponent you are paired with. With the latest update we can see what the opponent is bringing to the battle (which is good and I hope making this more public doesn’t cause Rovio to change things to where we can’t, helps defeat the cheaters). Many of the pairings are insanely lopsided, all level 7 or 8 birds with up to five spells. I was getting that while my birds were all level 5 and bringing no spells.

    If you see that the battle is lopsided, do not click on the “Battle” button. Exit the game and then exit the app, do a hard shutdown on the app (on the iPhone, double click the home button on the home screen, then find the AB2 app and swipe up, not sure on other devices but a reboot also does the trick on the iPhone). Go back into the app, into the arena and click on “Free Play” to see a new opponent.

    You do not lose the free entry, you will not lose the ability to play a second round by watching a video, and you will not lose that second free entry by practicing this method after watching the video. The entry doesn’t count until you click on the “Battle” button. Sometimes I do this several times in a row until I get a decent match.

    I worked on this a little last week and still came in 2nd place after having a bad week (I don’t believe 1st place was burning gems). I am putting it into serious practice this week, maybe accepting battles where they have one more bird at level 6 than I do (leveled up three birds in the past few days to 6, maybe a comment on the favored birds discussion later).

    I haven’t lost but a handful of rounds since the new tournament started. Sometimes barely winning with the extra bird, but usually doing very well. Just finished that latest two rounds and I am almost 100 stars ahead of 2nd place and my lead is growing by leaps and bounds using this method.

    Yoshi, since you quoted me about the User’s Guide or Owner;s Manual, you can start one and include this as part of it. :)

    Now we will see if this is made public, if it lasts and if I get banned.

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  • bigbadaboom

    This might be different depending on what platform you’re on, but on my Android phone I don’t need to exit the application to do this. I just quit before I fire off the first bird, press arena again and there’ll be a new opponent. I use this all the time because there’s little point for me of battling an opponent with a full lineup of lvl 8 birds and 13 cards.

    Also you might have noticed that Rovio added computer generated opponents a couple weeks ago (as opposed to the recorded player opponents). They play really bad and are easy to identify so if you combine the two methods above you get a 8-10 star win every time (unless you make some big mistakes).


    I had figured this out a few months ago.. It has been like this for the last couple of updates to be honest but only recently with the missed matched opponents have I really been taking advantage of it (conveniently the missed match players coincides with the DOUBLING of the arena price with this ticket B.S., instead of 12 gems it’s like 26.6666 per entry now). This trick does help to even up the playing field a little especially since after a couple updates ago the spells now can score 600-800k and if your opponent has all level 8 birds and all spells it’s almost impossible to win that kind of match up, also have you noticed that you have to sometimes close it out and reopen it 5-10 times in order to get an even or almost even opponent… Lol! Thanks Rovio!!!

    P.S. Next time you find something like this you should just keep it to yourself because I’m sure that Rovio will do something about this by the next update!!! LOL!!!

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