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  • Couple of times now I’ve been matched up against players who have over 10 cards… What’s the point in matching against them when I don’t have that amount and aren’t willing spend to get the extra cards. There is no chance of beating those people…

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  • Aeshna

    Agreed @nkaned.

    Last week was quite good in the arena, opponents seemed very matched. I was winning and losing within seemingly narrow margins. Lost one by less then 10,000 but it was actually a better game then winning by 1,000,000+.

    This week I am losing very heavily. Every time I play I’m up against opponents that are using spell cards. Four times I’ve played the arena today and each time I’ve lost. Last week I was winning more than I was losing but not now. Today I’ve played my 7 cards against 10, 12, 10 and 12 cards. It’s pointless watching some stupid video when you’re a million behind, so I’ve not bothered. The one game where the margin may have been overturned, resulted in 30 seconds of life wasted watching video, then the loss!

    The only thing this long awaited, much anticipated update has brought was getting rid of the hacked high star accounts.

    I am still seeing players with 5 level 8 birds, 2 missing cards, using 5 spell cards.

    Edit. Played the arena eight times today and lost every one. A player with only 5 birds (to begin with) 3 spell cards managed over 5,220,000.


    Just exit the match and find a player who don’t use spells. Your free entry won’t disappear if you exit the match before tossing your first bird.


    When I exit the match and restart there’s a 5-10 per cent chance I lose the try even though I didn’t touch any of the birds. Haven’t been able to figure out when this happens or if its intentional or not, but if I keep restarting I’ll lose my round eventually.

    Of course since the last patch when they changed spells from being level 1 to level whatever they are now its still better to restart than to play someone with 5 spells because that’s pretty much a guaranteed loss.


    4 arena plays today against players that were 17, 20, 14, and 18 levels higher than me (I’m player level 22). This game is doing everything it can to get me to spend gems, and eventually money.

    No fun, Rovio.


    The player level doesn’t matter. The only thing the stars do is to give you more feathers in the arena. It’s the bird level that matters and the arena matches that up fairly well.


    That’s some small consolation @andalaybay. What that stars do tell you is that the opponent has likely been through the constructions before and may know the weaknesses better than you do (not sure if the AI accounts for this). But I’ve consistently been presented with opponents with 2-3 bird levels above mine, and 1-3 spells on top. Need to learn how to reliably quit and rematch, I guess.



    Of course player level doesn’t matter. I lost to a player who was a level 10 but brought in 5 of their spell cards. So starting out it was my +4 to their +9 in cards. Lost the game by over 600,000 points and the gimme bird I got was The Blues going up against a rock structure. Totally useless.

    Another Arena Opponent


    I’ve 4 lvl 7 birds and 3 lvl 6, so in the totally fair way of selecting my opponents that Rovio uses, I was placed against someone with all lvl 8.

    Makes a change from someone using all 5 spell cards as well though.


    One of the few things that I don’t have to complain about is the opponent selection for me in the arena. I did jump from the fourth league (whatever it’s called) to diamond, but my opponents have been well matched to me. I even got an opponent who had the exact same bird set as me. Not only did he have six level 5 birds and one level 4 bird, but his level 4 bird was Matilda, just like me.

    It sounds like some people get placed in the wrong diamond league for some reason. I don’t feel like playing much anymore, so I’m going to be demoted. It will be interesting to see which league I get demoted to, since I shouldn’t be in diamond to start with.


    I always close angry birds when I get an opponent with many extra cards. It always works and the free game is still possible.

    It’s hard to win when you get an experieced opponent and a well known level. I had more wins with the newer levels (snow, landscape under water), because it’s less known how to damage these constructions with one bird.
    But it’s always possible that the birds attack in a slightly wrong angle so that there are surviving pigs. In some stages the pigs are so damn far away that only Chuck can hit them. Very annoying.


    I haven’t been so lucky. I’ve closed the game to find a new opponent and lost my free game dozens of times. It doesn’t upset me though because I stand about a zero chance of beating an opponent with 5 spell cards anyway. As of today, I’m drawing an opponent in the Diamond league with 5 spell cards 81% of the time. They routinely score 6-7 million and beat the brakes off of me. I noticed this morning that about a half dozen players in my league aren’t even playing anymore. The percentage of players quitting seems to be rising each week. I’m hoping some changes are made to this game before it’s too late.

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