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  • Is anyone else having problems with epic crashing right after it loads? It played fine this morning then when I went to play later again for the event it kept crashing on me. Finally was able to play a few rounds then back to crashing. Btw this is on android.

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  • Angry Johnny

    Yes it is happening frequently a few seconds after starting up a game. No idea how to fix it.

    Angry Johnny

    OK, a bit of an update. I suspected that the crashes happens when the game is trying to connect to different servers (Rovio, Facebook, Event leaderboards and such) and it seems like I was right. I disconnected from Facebook, restarted the game and have not had a single crash since then.

    So for those that are experience crashes (and at least play on Android) try to disconnect from Facebook and see if that helps. Of course this means that you can not use your FB friends anymore in the game :-/

    Strange that it only happens during Events though, must be something in the Event code that causes it.

    Angry Adrian

    My game is crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Just 5 seconds and the game crashes, showing the phone home screen again. I’ve cleaned RAM many times, reset the phone many times, nothing changes: i open the game, wait few seconds and get back to the phone home screen saying “Angry Birds Epic è stato arrestato” (i’m italian)

    I’m using SAMNSUNG GALAXY S5. Now i’m going to try to disconnect from Facebook but i don’t know if i manage because the game crashes after few seconds…

    yeah, i’ve just tried and it keeps doing the exact same thing it did a day ago: crashing like 2 minutes after i start playing. also there’s a lot of peeps complaining about in facebook too.
    this wouldn’t be a big deal if there’ll be no event running but if you play ABEpic YOU NEED THIS KIND OF EVENTS, so the whole situation sucks… why every update/event HAS TO HAVE A PROBLEM?


    I too have been experiencing crashes, since last night. Just recently, it crashed when I was spending snouts at the Dojo. Then, when I clicked to watch the video after entering the event area. Then again when I was in an event battle. I shut down all background apps and restarted my phone. Since then, I’ve not had anymore crashes…..yet. =/


    Crashes I can not disconnect from Facebook do not get time before it’s down

    disconnecting from facebook works for the event in my case, i don’t get to do the dungeons cause i don’t have strong friends but the event is WAY more important now… those 6k + on masteries are always important

    Angry Johnny

    I did a little test.
    I reconnected to Facebook to see if it was just a fluke that it stopped crashing when I disconnected. Almost immediately the game started crashing again and I tried to restart the game several times with crashes within seconds.
    I disconnected and the game became as stable as a rock again.
    It is definitely Facebook that is the cause of the crashes, at least for me.


    Same here, on 2 different Android devices (Nexus 10 and Moto G3).
    Same Facebbook account.

    Tried many things, nothing worked.

    The strange thing is that at some times during last week I could login fine, levelup to lvl59.. but after a while it crashed again. But right now it keeps crashing as long as FB is connected..

    Angry Johnny

    @henjovr Same here. It seems like it is when the current event started that the crashing began. So Event + Facebook = Crashing (aka angry players) :-)


    It is definitely Facebook that is the cause of the crashes. +1

    @angryjohnny idk if anybody did it, but thanks you so much!, your solution about the crashing problem is helping a lot of people now :)

    Angry Johnny

    @cathedral Glad to hear it :-)


    So I had submitted a ticket with rovio and finally got a responce

    “Ellie Today at 21:23

    Thanks for contacting us and sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble with Angry Birds Epic.

    We are aware that since the event began players have been experiencing crashing in the game when connected to Facebook. It seems that disconnecting from Facebook stops the crashing.

    We have reported this to the developers for investigation and we hope to have some more information as soon as possible.

    We will be in touch if the developers require any further information about this issue.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you continue to enjoy Angry Birds Epic.

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team”


    My game was crashing constantly all week. my phone told me it crashed 29 times. Now the app won’t even open. It just says Loading Balancing, and does nothing. Anyone having that issue as well?

    Angry Johnny

    @rucustum The “loading balancing” issue has happened ever since the game was first released. It happens because the game can not download the correct data from the server and usually means that there is something going on with Rovio’s servers (like a reboot or an update). Wait a while and try again, if it still happens try to restart your device.


    thanks. That fixed the loading Balancing issue. Now, to fix the crashing issue. I don’t have FB on my phone, so not sure what is causing it. Every time i hit the link to the event, it immediately crashes.

    Angry Johnny


    Thanks Johnny for the tip. My phone crashed 22 times in the past 5 days and I got a report telling me to uninstall the App..
    Hopefully no more wasted experience potions and events stamina.

    now i know they are trying to fix this mess, you see: this days i’ve been playing and crashing while being connected on facebook, but also i was losing experience even experience i had already. but few hours ago the experience i did remained there so i’m leveling… even tho i don’t want to cause event mobs will match my level… and yeah, i was using that error for my advantage, i was restarting the game just to lose experience… i mean, if the game’s broken get the better off of it :)


    I’ve had a similar issue with crashing but with one HUGE difference. In the event it has started me at the first round again. I have all my previously won objects like hats and balloons but I cant play the rounds I need. Also, it has lost all my progress on the leaderboard. I’m sooo frustrated as mine has been crashing over and over during the game, not at start. So I’ve lost lots of my winnings along the way. I’ve been reporting the crashes but I guess it’s time to contact Rovio again.

    This makes playing the game so much less fun.

    @laxietoo that’s pretty messed up, dude… gonna take ss to my progress just in case


    Did any of you guys get a response from Rovio support about progress reset?


    @cathedral I’m very glad I had screenshots of my progress to send to Rovio. I uninstalled and reinstalled Epic this morning with no changes. :-?


    @huggie I haven’t had a response yet. I can tell you that I’m very, very frustrated because I was doing so well until the crashes started. I will be one very upset player if I don’t get my Elite Pirate. That will probably be the last straw and I’ll pretty much give up on my AB games. I’ve been close to it for a while due to all the issues with the apps.

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