Anyone else have a new extra bird this morning?

  • I have a new extra bird in a locked birdcage this morning. But it’s A pig & when I click on him it says “this bird will unlock in 4 days 5 hours.”  My husband doesn’t have this or my baby acct. I’m curious if anyone else has it?

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  • mrsnevilledevil

    I can’t figure out how to post a screenshot of it.


    New extrabird is called Leonard!



    Everyone has it – the iOS update was Tuesday and the Android today


    The pig is likely more movie promotion, just like Zeta, since in AB2, the birds and pigs team up to fight Zeta.


    Its Leonard.  See the Update thread.



    has anybody already uncaged Leonard? What happens?? How long does it take?

    I did not dare to do, cause I don’t want to get only “pig-feathers” for one week like the last time with the other extra birds…


    The event lasts 6 days, 60k to unlock Leonard and feathers look more like salad to me :)


    Lol @apprentice , I thought the feathers looked more like the green slime!  It allowed me to start unlocking only this morning even though the pig has been there a couple days. Big rip that his event ends an hour before the 6 day auto-unlock if you don’t win the 60k feathers (which I never did on the other 3 extra birds).



    Not even going to bother with trying to unlock the pig.

    The only bird I ever unlocked early was Hal, and that was by happenstance. Got a Legendary chest in the arena and hit a ton of feathers.

    I’ll stick with sending feathers to Stella with Bubbles as backup. Hal I only use if everyone else is sleeping and I’m just wasting time.


    Well, I mean, I am trying to unlock Leonard. But for some reason, I think it was a bad idea since I don’t really see a use for Leonard. The only backup bird I have is Stella. She’s not very helpful, either. Even though she’s a bronze Elder. 🙁


    I couldn’t do without Stella or Bubbles they have brilliant skills if used correctly. Not so much Hal as his skills are less used.

    Cant wait for Leonard but think it will take a lot of practice to master him.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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