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  • Since the new update I have found myself playing less and less.

    The arena was the best part of the game for me and since it has been updated the game has no appeal to me anymore. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea. I’m not even doing MEBC every day now as it doesn’t even cross my mind to go on the app.

    Praying that they reverse the update.

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  • Doom Baby

    I wouldn’t say the arena was the best part – and quite honestly I’m afraid to say what I like best about the game for fear Rovio will also purposely ruin that out of spite – but I definitely found myself playing the arena whenever there wasn’t anything else to do in the game.


    But now that the arena is such a terrible experience, I have found myself playing the game less overall – even when there is something to do. For example, I used to ALWAYS replay the CvC whenever I had a free entry to try and up my score – now I pretty much just post a score and that’s about it.


    I used to really enjoy the arena but hate it now.  I admit it ruined the game for me.  Where I used to play daily now I play occasionally but it’s no longer my go to game.  I just played the arena and the flock power of my opponent was almost 100 points higher than me so how is that a fair game. I’ve also played, won and remained in the same position.  I don’t get their scoring.


    Haven’t played the arena in ages once it because obvious that the only way to win was to pay.

    What I’m quickly getting tired of is the insane difficulty of the DC, KPP, and MEBC. Haven’t beat the DC except once (today) in the past week. Most boss rounds in the DC, if I can even get there, are blocked exists where the only option is to beat the nearly immortal pig to death.

    And the MEBC has reached a point where I am barely able anymore to score my usual 32 points. Most days I am now in the mid-20s despite having my highest scores ever. I’ve already decided if I don’t get at least my usual 1250 coins at the end, then I’m done with the game.


    I’ve had the same issues with the dc and mebc.  A little challenging is fun, a game so challenging that your chances of winning are minimal, no thanks.

    Lone Wolf

    I have definitely lost interest. If Rovio’s goal was to help me save money, they’ve succeeded because I’m spending a lot less


    Same here, the old Arena was flawed but the new Arena is really really flawed. Last week, I drew the same opponent(Mr. Collins) almost every Round and his score fluctuated for the same Round just enough to beat me. My favorite loss was when I was up by 11,000,000 with 2 Birds(Mr. Collins had no Birds) and Mr. Collins won the Round.  I don’t mind a challenging game but I do mind a rigged game.

    After 11 years of AB, I am playing less and less and will probably quit….


    Yup – used to play the arena 4-5 times a day

    Having lost 7 games on the trot over a couple of days with no hope of winning any games anytime soon, I just don’t see the point. I don’t mind losing, that’s life, but I don’t want to play a game where I have no chance of winning.

    I can’t see me lasting much longer with this



    @toatx1, I had the same experience with Mr. Collins this week. It’s impossible to win against him. I’m in the lead, but towards the end of the round he is getting one extra bird after another until he wins! Odd thing!


    I totally agree. Been playing more than 2 1/2 years on iPhone snd iPad 2 separate acts every single day until recently. I find it hard to play on just 1 and the only reason I don’t delete this no longer fun app at all, is because I’ve been the leader of my clan for nearly 2 yrs, feel sense of  obligation, but heck, only a handful of us still there from the start, others go thru revolving door. Sorry venting, think I wrote this to up my courage to go quit now, and it’s working, so thanks, hope u too can walk away, especially when the pisses you off more these days than brings you pleasure!

    Dearg mor

    The impossibility of completing DC has meant that not only do I not get event coins for not completing DC and KPP, but I also don’t get the extra cards for MEBC and as a result I get under top 50 in my board when I would usually get top 10. Couple that with the fact that I have thousands of spells that I can’t use much anymore, and that I have a losing streak of over 5 at this point on Arena, and I am considering quitting this sh*tty game for good

    Doom Baby

    And now with the meter no longer filling up after you’ve got your extra bird, that means no more spells in the levels and just makes the game pretty much impossible. Total garbage. I really hope Rovio goes bankrupt and this game goes away because none of them deserve to be making games.


    Oddly enough I’ve played Mr Collins 7 or 8 times the last several days, and all were during the first round of the arena.  He’s scored between 25 to 35 million on average and hasn’t been particularly difficult to beat.


    I knew the new arena was frustrating me but now I’ve got proof.  My husband gave me a smart watch for Christmas and while playing the new arena my watch sent me a message saying ‘ you appear to be upset, it’s important to watch your stress level’ 😅😄🤣.
    I guess it’s time to say good riddance Rovio.  Fortunately for me there are a lot of other choices and thanks to Rovio advertising so many other games I’ve also been able to test some without having to download first.


    Level 56, FP 554.

    It is not just arena, its overall game play. Daily challenge, Arena, Clan battles, everything has become just insanely difficult, and not fun anymore.

    Im on my 5th clan in as many months, trying to find one with close to 95 percent participation. Usual percentage is 40 or less. Watching folks get kicked or leaving the clans every day.

    I gave up on arena when i started getting bad draws for birds. The little blue guys simply cannot wipe out stones and when they are the only things you have left, why bother even launching them?  Constantly getting bad draws at critical times, and this happens a lot now in all levels of the game, not just arena. Even in clan battles, it happens, thus preventing you from getting a good score.

    The game has become a drag. Seriously considering uninstalling it soon and moving on..





    So I did think I’d keep going on the arena without going mad.

    Since the new league started on Monday morning I’ve played 8 times and lost comfortably each one. I’m not sure what the point of the arena is anymore? You can’t use spells (in fact you can’t gain spells anywhere in the game anymore as far as I can tell), there is no chance of getting in the top 10/15 to get a few gems, so all that happens is that you lose points – but who cares anywhere?

    I like to play a game where I have a chance at least – or if I win a game I win something decent. I have no chance with this game and there is no incentive to play and win.

    I suppose I’ll do the arena game every now and then when I’m bored or have nothing else to do but I’m afraid the days of playing regularly are gone.

    Thanks Rovio


    Completely agree with you. Well said!

    Scott Michael Cross

    They should be ashamed about what they have done to this game since the pademic. Horrendous!!

    Doom Baby

    All this game does now is make me miserable. I’m now certain that’s what Rovio’s goal was.

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