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  • I started playing ABGO when it first came out. I had nearly all the carts, tons of achievements, all the tracks, etc.

    Hey, I’m glad there was an update to keep things fresh. Having said that, it pretty much sucks for us “old school” players after I’ve had a few days with it.

    I have no idea when the game completely changed, since I just started playing again after a long absence. I have logged in occasionally, so it must have been in….the last 6 months maybe?

    Anyway – the same old tracks? Really? That should be the very first thing that gets updated when there is a major overhaul like this.

    Secondly, all my carts are gone and I have to earn them all back – much harder now too, since you need random parts from toolboxes, and the parts only apply to specific carts.

    Thirdly, all my tracks are gone, and I have to earn them all back. My favorite track to casually log in and play from time to time was stunt track #1. It also gave good money, lots of coins. Guess what? Denied – can’t play it. It’s like world #5 now, and I can’t get there until I upgrade carts enough to be able to pass the other worlds, such as the snow world – which I don’t particularly like.

    I guess I will stop ranting now, but the next time you decide to overhaul a game, how about making it fresh in ways that count? Like new tracks? And don’t take away everything that someone has earned after years of playing.

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  • Narc

    I recently complained to rovio about how bad the last update was. I also mentioned how cheated I felt after losing all the carts ever earned. Listed below is the response I received which makes it obvious that they do not care at all. Yet another reason why I refuse to make any in-app purchases.

    Hi there,

    and thank you for contacting us!

    We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. We are always looking to develop our games further and to make fun adjustments with the aim of adding new variations to the playing experience. We apologize for any inconvenience this game may have caused you and we honestly appreciate your feedback and comments. We hope you can still enjoy the game!



    Hello! Is there a way to play the first version of the game, or one is forced to play version 2?


    There is no way to play the original version of the game. :(


    I may be a little late to the party, but I still feel screwed over by what they did. Had every track finished, at least some carts fully upgraded-very disappointed to see one day that all my progress had been wiped. I thought, there might be an issue recovering my progress. No, rovio reset everything. Why? No idea. But I never lost any progress on other rovio games when they updated. Besides, I feel like the old version was fine. What we have now is a complete joke. You have to rely on a completely random mechanism to unlock stuff you already had. I just don’t get how or why anyone even thought this was a good idea.


    Here is your solution:
    1. Watch the South Park episode “Freemium is not Free”
    2. If you feel like playing this game, return to step 1
    3. Uninstall the game
    4. Live happily

    You are welcome!

Home Forums Angry Birds GO! Forum Any Old School Players feel Screwed?

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