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  • I am having a hard time since the hatchling was starving and I only got 18 apples…

    Are there any of the levels that has apples?

    If you’re wondering why I’m asking this: I can’t find levels that lets you collect MORE apples so that I can feed my baby bird…

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  • Krena

    If you play the arena, level 2 gives apples as a prize, and you can watch videos for free tickets. You can just keep playing the first couple levels which are easy, and collect the apples you need.


    You only get apples once per day on level 2.  After that you get 150 feathers of the day (250 if you’re in the Legendary League).

    Rebecca K. Lunetta

    Okay.. Gotcha..

    Although, I am looking for 25 apples since I need to feed the hatchling


    Pick any level with an apple(could be one you’ve completed) I used 199 but once you complete level and collect apple, you can choose “retry” 💫 option and collect another one. You can do this as many times with one live ❤️ as long as you don’t hit “next” when level is completed and apple has been collected.

    I lost my hatchling before finding the solution out of desperation.


    If you don’t mind if he’s hungry you can feed him only every second day. This way you can collect enough apples to feed a level 3 hatchling. If you go to level 4 you simply can’t collect enough even with the rewards increased, you must buy apples.

    Big Black Africa

    I think we should share what levels have apples, so we can at least visit them multiple times. I know Level 199 has an apple and I was able to replay that level around 10 times and get 10 apples.


    I don’t think it depends on levels. Each day they’re allocated accordingly in various areas. It depends on your hatchling level. For example I have level 3, which gives me the following every day:

    – 3 apples in common chest (after 8 EST)

    – 3 apples in 2d level of Arena (after 8 EST)

    – 4 apples in map levels (doesn’t matter which level you play)

    – Also winning DC gives 3 more apples, while KPP gives 5 more apples.

    So it’s total 18 apples a day I can get as a standalone, then there are some regular events (hatchling event, jetpack event) that drive more apples in limited time. And if you’re lucky not getting pigs on 2d floor of ToF, then you will be able to collect something from there as well.

    I don’t know besides above any other area of the game that can give you more apples. My hatchling eats 25 at once, so I feed it once per two days only


    AngryBoston is correct. The apple spawns are on a 24 hr timer and usually start the same time other events start. For me it’s at 8pm est time, this is also the same time a CvC will start or a new hat set will be introduced. Also when events like feather frenzy or hatchling fever start at 8pm for me.

    1. Apples found in common chests, the amount depends on your hatchling level. Mine is lvl4 so I get 4 apples per 24 hrs from common chest, the cycle starts and ends at 8pm

    2. Level 2 in the arena will give apples once per 24 hr cycle

    3. The ToF will give apples once per 24hr cycle

    4. Stages 1 and 2 in the DC, KPP or any stage on the trail will give apples. I personally receive 4 apples after completing any 4 stages per 24hr cycle. Also, finishing the DC will give 3 apples and KPP will give 5.

    It’s best to feed once every 48hrs instead of 24 for a lvl 3 hatchling or higher


    @trip-h0p, except when there is a double feather frenzy going on. During those events I feed as often as possible.

    Also, I notice I no longer get apples by playing rooms in KPP (unless I win the whole thing). I do usually play DC over and over until I get all the apples from the rooms. Maybe there’s maximum allowed for the DC & KPP combined?


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes buster, I have a max of 4 apples that be obtained from the trail stages, dc or kpp stages. For example if I get 3 apples in dc and finish it, there is only one left coming from kpp before they stop.</p>
    If i play the dc twice and get all 4 apples, none with appear in the kpp stages, only the 5 apples at the end for finishing

    Rebecca K. Lunetta

    Okay guys, this forum is old. I knew the answer in my head already


    @swaggiepinkchao,  OK, but by making that comment you bumped it up to the top so people like me think there is new information in it.


    It’s a good bump: I wasn’t around when this was first posted and I learned something new here. Thanks. :)

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