Any chance Daily Challenges are coming back?

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  • I enjoyed the two days of daily challenges we got before they were removed.

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  • Rovio_Bankler

    Yes, we are working on getting an updated version through Apple’s submission process as quick as possible.


    I see an update for Angry Birds 2 is ready to be installed. Anybody tried it yet? Backing up my phone before allowing it.

    Edit: So the update went well, everything is working. But where are these daily challenges?


    @bankler — I also updated, but can’t find the challenge. I tried a hard close and shutdown device, but still no challenge.


    Still can’t play the daily challenge even i updated the game today


    We activated them now (a couple of minutes ago). Please try restarting the game and see if they show up.


    Daily challenge appeared for the first time earlier this morning. Not yet completed in three attempts. How easy/ difficult are others finding it?


    I played daily challenge today and i think it’s very difficult for me. In my case, boss level has 6 rooms and magician pig everywhere.


    I am killing myself with laughter here. Not showing off but I am up to level 520 on AB2 (having 3 starred everything) and up to level 44 for the Arena etc. I am constantly near the top of the league – so I’m quite good at this game.

    I’ve seen the daily challenge for the first time today and am rolling about at Rovio’s effort to get more cash. It’s hilarious and funnier than any con man can be.

    There are three levels. One with three rooms – no problem. One with five rooms – LOL and no video at the end for an extra bird, just the opportunity to part with 60 gems.

    As I say I’m quite good at this game but level 2 is nigh on impossible and I have not even got to level 3. And of course if you fail level 2 you have to go back to level 1. Boring.

    Me thinks I won’t be doing these daily rewards often.

    Actually maybe these are Rovio daily rewards as people keep spending hard earned cash.


    @jeremyharrod and @proteus The third level is boss pig. I found the challenge to be quite fun, actually. And, yes, a bit of a challenge. I completed it having had to start from scratch three times, I think. (I didn’t buy gems to extend the game and I didn’t bring in any spells, which I think makes it more of a challenge as well).) My birds are all level eight, though. I think the difference in winning was getting the right birds during the second level. With the wrong birds in the first and second rooms on level two, you’re toast.

    I appreciate that the challenges aren’t a snap, otherwise it wouldn’t be challenging. It requires a few restarts, but I believe it is doable without costing anyone a fortune.

    I won four spells: two chills (one from a mystery box), one duck, and a green slingshot (from inside the mystery box). This is something that will keep me logging in, moreso than the arena, which I opted out of long ago.

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