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  • So we are in the midst of another Super Streak Week, and I was curious as to how well people were doing with the 10 streak arena?

    I think it’s great that we are offered an opportunity to try a streak of 10 wins but to date, I’ve never managed to do it. Closest I got during the last ‘super streak’ was up to 8 wins I think, and my opponents were thrasing me by 15 – 20 mil by then.

    I find it ridiculous to be matched up with such tough opponents after win 7, which is what i’ve experienced. How are we suppose to have a chance if the opponent isn’t fairly matched?

    I am currently in the Emerald league, which I’m happy with, and despite having a half-decent flock (not a beginner but not a big spender or all-day-long player) I simply can’t compete.

    How have you guys been getting on with the Super Streak?

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  • AnonFromRussia

    In case of opponents 8-10, I take all 5 spells, have 60 gems before starting and get an additional bird for watching an ad. Sometimes I don’t even need to pay gems.


    Made it to my first and last streak 10 match. Not too bad, 440’s for me and 490’s for the other guy, all 5 spells. I was amazed to see how slowly the score was running for me past game 6 or 7. I mean,  a nice room with 3 juicy structures, 3 birds obliterated all 3 structures, total reward, 3M? come on. The opponent scored a lot higher. Not to mention an unusual number of immortal piglets. I paid my 60+120 to win out and get the chest and that was it. No thanks. Wasting 25-30 spells and 200 coins wasn’t too bad, but doing it on a regular basis, no thanks.


    Vogel Birdson

    I managed to get to no. 8 as my best this period but couldn’t defeat the no. 9 opponent during that particular streak, and don’t have enough gems to use for more birds.

    Very difficult and truly not worth having to spend gems when you’re matched with someone ridiculously higher.




    I am most definitely NOT a fan of the extended streaks.  I can win them but only if I invest 5 spells on every level 5-10 just to match my higher FP opponents.  I can accept losing to a more highly skilled opponent — still do not like it — but the competitive advantage in the extended streak seems awfully arbitrary.


    I did 3 so far, love getting the legendary chests, actually got a legendary hat in one! Real life has been busy or else I would have been playing a lot and doing as many streaks as possible. Love the extended streaks!

    Inigo Montoya

    They’re the norm in Legendary League, except there only the top 3 stay in the League week to week (everyone else drops back down a league), the top 3 scores get you 1000/1000, 500/500, and 300/300 (gems/black pearls), and rewards for the first 7 levels are like regular play (after which 8 is a rare chest, 9 is 250 pearls, and 10 is 2500 feathers.) Same issues with increasing FP for competitors as you play higher levels (often 100+) and unusual results during play (small balloons that stop large boulders and even Terence dead in their tracks, wood that Chuck can’t cut, ice that Blue can’t get through; that sort of thing), but apart from some occasionally frustrating results they’re generally fun and rewarding(though I never saw a Legendary Hat; props to you, @ryan-kochie!) Best to go in with as many spells as possible and 60 gems for extra birds if you really get into a jam and want to try and finish (though that’s not even a guarantee).


    I think there is something definitely wrong , why the hell giving very high FP opponent with all spells? The only thing you can think is Rovio needs your gems to spend.

    Rovio is just trying to steal all your gems. I was in a battle with some other guy, I had the lead until the last bird, but other opponent had only a bizarre spell, know what, his score jumped suddenly by 5 million, I had to purchase some more birds but only given poor choices for strong structures, not only one time on the second purchase also. Stupid me.

    While we play Rovio is playing with us , this is going out of control creators, you need to think about the players in fair manner.

    I thought of not playing this damn super streak again.


    I’m not even trying to get full Super Streak anymore. It takes far too much resources, because of Rovios poor match pairing and apparent(?) increase of players.



    Sitting nicely in first place, only cost me 100 arena tickets (I’ve got plenty so its no loss) and usually get beat on rounds 4, 5, 6, or 10. Finished one full streak, only had to use all 5 spells on round 10 and 3 spells on round 6.

    It’s funny, sometimes I can beat someone who has FP 50-70 above mine + spells, with me using no spells at all. Other times I couldn’t be someone with FP below mine even if I had used all 5 spells.

    The first time I made it to round 10, I got super hosed. Guy with FP 34 above mine and all 5 spells, beat me ~100 million to ~40 million. Never seen anything like that except for the time he game put me up against someone who’s FP was 131 points above me and I was promptly slaughtered.

    I’ve found that on the last bird, I had better be ahead by at least 10 million, or it will likely mean having to use the video bird to win. Seems every opponent gets a massive boost at the very end.


    Definitely not a fan of those extended streaks as they are just another one of rovio’s gimmicks to earn more money.

    When I was barely at streak 6 I faced an opponent with 40 FP higher, all 5 spells and um, an immortal unreachable micropig for me early in the game!


    since this super streak started it seems like they didnt give an apples as a reward.

    plus i don’t really aim to complete the full streak, i rather collecting the damn stars lol.


    @exora, I do have level 2 of SS rewarding apples.

    It’s funny how nobody seems to realize that the game is not the same for everybody. Apparently rewards are one more difference. Not only the structures may vary every time you enter the room, but even rooms in KPP and DC can be different for players. Also, Daily Quests are not same for everyone either. What seems to be same for everyone is the amount of rooms in KPP and DC levels. Fairness and equality are not terms that belongs to AB2…

    Perhaps this is already discussed to death and everyone have just forgotten it?


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