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  • Circlerev

    I think the next episode’s name is “Battling Butlers”.


    Thanks, @circlerev. Updating shortly.

    On my iPod Touch, the text covers most of the title card.


    As I don’t have nearly nothing about “Spaced Out” (normal average ep.) except the fact Chuck must be very naive as he’s pranked by Blues all the time (look at Bomb, Matilda – they aren’t pranked anymore), I made something interesting.

    Characters appearance through this season:

    Minion Pigs – 12 (that includes Golditrotters and Alien Pigs)
    Chuck – 8
    King Pig – 7
    The Blues – 7
    Red – 5
    The Eggs – 5
    Bomb – 4
    Matilda – 4
    Corporal Pig – 4
    Foreman Pig – 3
    Terence – 2
    Chronicler Pig – 2
    Professor Pig – 2
    Goliath Pig – 2
    El Porkador – 2
    Bubbles – 1
    Epic Saxo Pig – 1
    Security Guard Pig – 1

    And for tidyness:
    Chef Pig – 0
    Hal – still 0

    (As for ep. 1 to 16, don’t include “Eggshaustion”)



    King Pig’s (behind the-scenes) butler (“Old Servant Pig”, says the credits) teaches a new butler (with “Surfer Dude” stylings, named “Young Servant Pig”) how to but. (Butl? Butte? Bah.) The student quickly surpasses the master, leading up to a butler battle.
    Twist: After the two butlers (inevitably) destroy the castle, King Pig seems ready to snap, leading to a bathroom joke (It’ll be clearer when you watch it.) The two butlers have become bathroom cleaners ( :-( ).

    Fun Facts:
    – More awesome environmental effects here (This time, it’s rain), proving that the sound design can really dazzle if it wants to.

    Review: An O.K. episode, in my opinion, but nothing more. It was kind of fun for the first three quarters, but it started to fall apart after the action picked up in King Pig’s castle. It’s also capped with a “Sneezy” ending (Coined by me, a Downer Ending involving King Pig overpunishing his servants). Here’s a few nitpicks from that scene:

    – What type of crank-power is the jukebox on? The record player keeps going after the crank stops momentarily (Hand-Power Generator, as with some flashlights), but speeds into overdrive when spun fast (Electro-Mechanical, pardon the pinball pun). *ding*
    – Shouldn’t King Pig’s gold crown NOT split into two if a vinyl record hits it? Or is it Pyrite? Plus one sin for making me wonder what the jewels are. *dingding*
    – There’s a flush-handle, which means the two pigs can easily flush the toilet, no cleaning necessary. *ding*

    Overall: 3.8/10

    Coming 3/18/16:
    In which the Birds are in on a joke, but Chuck is not.



    Chuck goes to retrieve the eggs while Bomb is busy reading a comic book, and in the meantime, Rovio toys with us again.

    If you don’t like spoilers, that is all I’m going to say about the plot. The basic plot/twist will be put up when Rovio puts the episode up again.

    People on the title card, you are simply geniuses.

    (Everything italicised below this line is gibberish to not reveal spoilers to those who missed the episode the day it accidentally premiered. Use this tool to decode, making sure to select Key 13 from the dropdown.)


    – The Toons.TV description is spoileriffic as usual, but I have to say that it’s quite amusing.
    – Bomb and superheroes again.
    – When Chuck is going through Pig City, yrnivat n genvy bs sver, the animation on the pigs jura gurl oevat bhg gur znefuznyybj fgvpxf is, oddly, just still images of the pigs rotating. It would be a simple fix, just animate a few more frames.
    – Watch the Fantasia short “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” before (re)/watching this, and listen for similar musical scores: The tune that plays when gur guveq gevb bs cvtf jvgu rttf nccrnef is similar to the motif of the enchanted brooms marching.
    – The scene where Puhpx tbrf ubzr pelvat nsgre snvyvat gb ergevrir gur rttf is quite effective, and I can relate when V ybfg fbzrguvat qrne gb zr.
    – Speaking of snvyvat gb ergevrir gur rttf, Cebcf gb gur perngvir grnz sbe znxvat gur fbhc fcynfu jura gur zvkre snyyf ba gur “rttf” ybbx yvxr na rssvat OYBBQ FCYNGGRE.
    – Bomb’s jaw drop reminds me of Crane’s impressive one from the Kung Fu Panda films.
    – The Return of the “Chuck Time” Butterfly!

    Review: An all-around excellent episode. It felt strange watching it the first time, and for good reason (Lbh jrer orvat frg hc). Props all around. And how the whole shebang is executed (Action/Gag-wise) is nice, too. The phg gb Xvat Cvt va gur onguebbz jura Puhpx bcraf gur svefg qbbe jnf dhvgr fhecevfvat gur svefg gvzr, naq erzvaqrq zr bs gur snzbhf Fvzcfbaf’ Gerrubhfr bs Ubeebe fxvg “Gur Fuvaavat”, jurer Ubzre nkrf qbbef.

    Overall: 4.65/5
    (I wanted to give a 4.75/5, but I figured that Porkula is better than this episode, even after all of the praise showered on this. After a few viewings, it got a little dull, probably because of there not being a lot of gags. This leaves “Mind the Pony” in First, “Porkula” in Second and “Eggshaustion” in Third place for the best episode this season.)

    NEXT EPISODE: Short and Special (Coming Friday the 25th).


    …And the internet goes out before I get to see the episode. Arg.

    At the carnival, a bunch of pigs are on a roller coaster. A short pig who really wants to ride, but cannot because of the height restriction. What will he do to get on?
    Solution: After failing to get on again (and getting a “pain bump” on his forehead), our little friend still cannot get on, even with the extra height. Seeing this, the guard pig enforcing the height limit gets out a giant mallet and… Taps him on the bump, making it grow high enough for him to get on. (Do NOT take that line out of context, whatever you do.)

    The “Bash goes to tap” gag seen at the end is previously seen in the game series “Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures”, with a wooden mallet and an egg.

    Review: I need to update this later after I see the episode again, but it’s safe to say that it’s about in the 4.25 range.

    Next Episode: HOCUS PORKUS, coming on Friday.



    I am back, everyone.
    Good news and bad news. Bad first:
    I have Internet back, but it’s satellite (To be specific, Excede), meaning that I have so-so internet during the day, but between Midnight and 5:00 A.M., it gears into high speed. This means that I have a limited time to see each episode.
    Also, I have lost a bit of passion for writing these reviews. But worry not, as we still have yet to cover:

    GOOD NEWS: I will indeed continue to review the rest of the episodes. (I have seen each one at least once on the go. Just about every one I haven’t covered is at least good, with one or two exceptions (Looking at you, “Photochucked”).)
    For the sake of reviewing offline, I will grab an offline copy of each episode and review them all separately (I am a techie, if you didn’t know) and post a review for each, as you have seen above. And, if you think my scores are always a little high, I have become more attuned to the rank scale and will post an updated score for all 26.

    Good tidings and howdy-hoo,

    (P.S. Okay, here’s another first-time bit to satiate your appetite: One short I particularly enjoyed was “Stalker”.)

    Mechanic Pig



    …Err, @christian-cosgrove , that was uncalled for. It’s already posted above, in a much nicer style.

    Mechanic Pig

    IiyfhrtvgI vfdhgukfeukgfejugfdjuhbsdkbjvj

    Mechanic Pig

    HOKUS PORKUS: When the magician pig makes a cupcake disappear and reappear out of nowhere, he then disappears a cake out of nowhere. King Pig is angry! King Pig goes into the magic elevator and then the magician pig makes him disappear! (Without his crown.) The magician pig makes King Pig’s crown disappear and the cake reappear! He brings the cake out. Twist: All of the pigs (including Muscle Pig) get into the magic elevator and the magician pig makes all of the pigs disappear! Angrily, King Pig comes back into the magic show and takes the cake! King Pig eats his cake, watching magician pig disappear.

    Edit: Stars: 5/5. I think this is a really good episode because of the funniness.

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