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  • Since ABN doesn’t post news about Angry Birds Toons much anymore, I’ve decided thatit is my duty to present them here. There’s the name, my description (Some official descriptions have spoilers, like “Royal Heist”) and the last-minute twist.

    This isn’t going to be a news thread, since the point of this thread is to discuss the episodes.

    (Tip: Listen to these with the sound up – It vastly improves the experience! At least try it with “Porkula”.)

    New episodes release Friday on the Toons.TV app.
    They release on Sunday everywhere else.

    Let’s start with episodes 1-7. (SPOILER ALERT)

    King Pig (a.k.a. King Pig “Smooth Cheeks”) tries to steal a gilded egg back from the popular piggy musician we saw in “Epic Sax-Off” (We’ll call him “Piggy Rich”).
    Twist: There’s a claw machine full of the gilded eggs!

    Chuck finds that his had feathers have gone gray – and subsequently grows very old. Where’s that Season-1-Time-Slowing-Headband when you need it?
    Twist: After the pigs steal the eggs, the Blues reveal that they painted his hair – Chuck then races off. When he comes back with the eggs, the Blues have gray hair – Chuck has paid them back.

    Philosopher Pig tells King Pig the story of Golditrotters to help him go to sleep.
    Twist: More of a Mind Flock: When Golditrotters meets the 3 Birds (Hulking, Enormous), she runs back home, to discover Terence has taken her mother’s place, not unlike Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf. King Pig cannot sleep now.

    After reading a comic on Wild West cowboys, he decides to take the law into his own, err, hands.
    Twist: After meeting REAL outlaws (The tough pig from “Hamshank Redemption”, El Porkador (singing again, natch) and two other robbers), King Pig is so scared that he locks himself in his own jailhouse. Turns out these outlaws just want to have a friendly cabbage barbecue. King Pig is foiled again!

    PORKULA (Halloween 2015 episode)
    At night, Porkula comes out to feast on his piggy victims… Cue Bubbles the Cloudcuckoolander.
    Twist: Bubbles has saved the day and all the pigs come out to congratulate him… Cue the full moon. The pigs turn into werewolves, ready to feast.

    DIDGERIDORK: Chuck finds a Didgeridoo on the beach. He cannot ply it, but Bomb can, resulting in jealousy from Chuck.
    Twist: Chuck successfully blows up the didgeridoo, but Bomb turns it into spectacle. Chuck, furious, with a ‘sploded didgeridoo on his head, leaves. He finds an accordion, and somehow plays it awfully as well. He refuses to give it to Bomb to play, swallowing it. Bomb then plays the Chuckordion over the credits beautifully.

    THE PORKTRAIT: King Pig, upset with his image in the Royal Gallery, demands a retake.
    Twist: King Pig yells at the bird-actors, the perfect picture for the gallery… only for King Pig’s costume to finally come apart. This image, when revealed, is more abstract then perfect, but King Pig likes it anyways.

    Royal Heist: The poorest episode IMO because there’s nothing really interesting… I liked the “rolling helmet” comedic timing and the twist… only because it was out of my head. Darn you, official description! Rating: 3.25
    Bad Hair Day: This time, the cover image revealed the twist. I liked it nontheless, being a step up from “Royal Heist”, but it’s still not as good as, say, PORKULA. Rating: 3.75/5
    Golditrotters: Another tiny step up, being a fun little tale. And the TWIST! THAT was unexpected. Rating: 4/5
    A Fistful of Cabbage: Less interesting, but the twist and special effects were nice. Rating: 3.75/5
    Porkula: Easily the best episode of them all. The scary parts were terrifying (A pig dies just offscreen), the funny parts were funny (Bubbles thinking Porkula was a trick-or-treater. Listen to the credits to the end, too!) and the references to Bram Stoker’s Dracula were accurate as I know of (Green Mist, for one). The twist and Bubbles’s subsequent expression were also nice. Rating: 4.75/5
    Didgeridork: This episode easily has the most creative score with some accordions and didgeridoos and whatnot. It was shorter than I expected, however. The fireworks gag was also a great touch. Rating: 4.5/5
    The Porktrait: Anyone who’s seen the “The Garfield Show” (The lesser known 3D one) episode of the same name will find a few similarities, like the montage. The ending was hilarious as much as said montage. Rating: 4.25/5

    Your thoughts?

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  • Mp127

    I really like only two episodes – Golditrotters and Porkula. Rest of them (maybe except Didgeridork too) are fairly good and without that fun. Terence moment was fantastic, while Porkula was the first ep. with full Bubbles expresions (Yes! Orange isn’t smiling all the time).

    One thing which I noticed – Bubbles just grow up! In S1/2 Halloween, he was much smaller than Minions, now he’s equal size to him.
    Could be funny to see him with Flock, because now he’s more like unofficial Pig Citizen – more than raised-there Silver.

    I remember that Garfield episode – identical plot for me.

    If there’s something to talk, I think about bird/pig appearance. Birds are only in 2 episodes (excluding two scenes in Golditrotters and little one-bird army in Porkula). Meanwhile pigs (which have own series and time in Stella) appear in 6 ep. out of 7! (5 time as main characters)


    Quote @mp127:

    “If there’s something to talk, I think about bird/pig appearance. Birds are only in 2 episodes (excluding two scenes in Golditrotters and little one-bird army in Porkula). Meanwhile pigs (which have own series and time in Stella) appear in 6 ep. out of 7! (5 time as main characters)”

    I find it interesting as well. I wanted to post it, but forgot. I think we might get a bird rush sometime, else everyone favors pigs over birds.

    Also, THEORY TIME:
    The pigs aren’t being aggressive enough to actually get the eggs (being defensive instead of offensive), as judged by the portraits of past kings in “The Porktrait”.

    Thanks for the free insight, Rovio.


    FIX IT: Chuck accidentally breaks the slingshot (under Terence’s watchful eye, natch), and has to fix it.

    Twist: Chuck tries and fails to fix the slingshot, and goes slightly mad. After it falls apart one last time, he looks away and back and Terence has built a TITANIUM slingshot. Chuck, officially off-the-deep-end-bonkers, goes to hide in his toolbox.

    Rating: This was a fun little episode overall, with some pretty nice jokes. Those who have seen the Shaun the Sheep movie will remember the Glaring Dog joke, and Terence pulls it off just as well. And THAT TWIST.
    Overall: 4.25/5


    @justadoo444 I can spoil you what will happen in Age Rage, at least probably. (If you want.)


    AGE RAGE: Helmet Pig steals Professor Pig’s plant maturing potion youth serum (according to the official description), seeing that it can make things turn very old, and uses it on the birds in order to steal the eggs successfully.

    Twist: The pigs successfully immobilize the birds, and fling their potion-filled water balloons into the air in celebration. This was before they realized they have royally squawked themselves over, and they turn old once the balloons come crashing down. The pigs, having terrible sight, manage to steal two rocks and a ovular teapot (Yay, Foreshadowing Payoff!) and head home, only to tread off of a cliff (offscreen).

    Review: Whoa, what a mishmash of plot elements. A war-minded pig stealing something from Professor Pig (Season 1-18, “Slappy-go-Lucky”), A potion being used to try to immobilize the birds (Season 1-31, “Pig Plot Potion”) and the entire idea of the birds becoming old and a unable to defeat the pigs (Season 3-2, “Bad Hair Day”). But hey, you can’t argue when it works out quite well in the end. The gags all hit their marks (The spit-take gag is quite effective), the story is simple-yet-nice and the resolution is on-point (Does the pigs about to blindly walk off of a cliff remind some of Lemmings?).
    Overall: 4.5/5


    A potion being used to try to immobilize the birds (Season 1-31, “Pig Plot Potion”)

    A bit also simmilar to The Truce plot. Still, got predictable around 70-80% of the episode (some gags on the finish surprised me, I predicted Prof.Pig, pigs being old, any war-minded pig taking potion and birds still old on the finish).

    I’m looking forward to next episode: “Catching the Blues” may be first episode w/out Chuck or King Pig this season. Also it will be ep. with great potential: Foreman Pig vs. The Blues, builder vs. destroyers. It can be really funny.


    … and you’re right!

    CATCHING THE BLUES: Foreman Pig builds a box trap to snare the Blues and steal the eggs. However, the Blues saw him the entire time, so they decide to mess with him.
    Twist: Foreman Pig thinks he’s finally captured those pesky birds and goes for the eggs. Surprise, they are cardboard, with all 3 blues behind them. One has a button, which he presses and lowers a cage trap onto Foreman Pig. The Blues promptly send the package right into King Pig’s castle.

    Rating: No Chuck, no King Pig, no worries! A fun episode overall, proving Rovio can make decent stories without resorting to those two who seem to appear in every episode. The gags are also on point (Foreman pig being spotted before he even goes to his building location, for starters), even if the plot is straightforward.
    Overall: 4.5/5

    Join us next time for the Christmas episode, “Last Tree Standing”, involving Chuck. (Rovio, you have so many other birds…)


    I like new episode, simple but funny. Again Saxo Pig appear, he’s like a celebrity on island.
    In case anyone noticed – Rovio will release ep.11 this week! (Along with Stella Series) If that isn’t a one-off, this may be a good sign.


    LAST TREE STANDING: Chuck rescues the annual Christmas tree from the pigs.
    Twist: None, if the birds allowing the Pigs to celebrate Christmas with them again doesn’t surprise you.

    Rating: It’s a good episode, but I can’t help but notice that the final scenes (everything after Chuck lassos the branch with the string of lights) feel a little bit like filler, with Rovio’s two apparent V.I.B/P.s trading presents. Meanwhile, there are some little flourishes that make the episode better, like the apparent Charlie Brown reference (I haven’t seen the special. :-( ) and Chuck “breaking the fourth wall” with flying snow. And, if you listen, you’ll notice that “Silent Night” was the only song used for the musical score.

    Overall: 4.15/5

    Next Episode: HAPPY HIPPY, Starring Matilda and Red. (I am also announcing these in the News forum, by the way.)


    There is a reason Chuck and King Pig are in many episodes, their character traits make for funny plots consistently. (Chuck with his stupidity and show off style, and King Pig with his stupidity and greed) My only problem with both is not how many times they appear, but how some other characters get far less episodes than they should get because of them. (Bomb, Professor Pig, Minion Pigs, Bubbles, Classic Stella, Hal…)


    Merry Christmas, all!
    HAPPY HIPPY: After Red destroys the landscape following a pig rush, Matilda tries to show him inner peace.
    Twist: After Red is successfully soothed, Matilda becomes angry after noticing that Red destroyed her grotto in the process. Cue role reversal chase ending.

    Rating: Not much to say here. The only complaint that I have is that Red calmed down immediately after grasping the paddle drum. Otherwise, generally pleased.

    Score: 4.25/5

    (Let’s set 4.25 the “average” mark for an episode.)

    Next up: MIND THE PONY, involving Chuck, Bomb and a leapfrog match with pony figurine. (Not a unicorn, but a pony.) and a wild chase around Pig City.


    In Last Tree Standing episode, you can also hear one of the Blues saying “Hyvää joulua!”, which means Merry Christmas in Finnish. It can be heard during closing credits just before the episode ends. :-)


    @circlerev Nice fact!

    MIND THE PONY: Chuck and Bomb are on an epic chase in Pig City to recover the eggs.

    …That is, before something squawks the plot over two thirds of the way through. Seriously.

    Running Gags (Newly Made Section):
    Twice, Chuck/Bomb destroy part of a house and no-one seems to notice.
    –Music Motifs: “Ride of the Valkyries”.

    Random Fact: Rovio either finished this last year, or they forgot to change the ending credits to reflect upon the new year. It still says 2015.

    Review: After a sweet first half of action and a chunk of suspense, when the third… well, third arrives, Rovio successfully pulls off one of the most clever and unexpected twists I have ever seen in my life. I won’t spoil anything this time. Just be amazed that they pulled it off.

    If you really want the ending spoiled, go to this Caesar Cipher decoder, choose key 13 from the drop-down and paste this text:

    Gurl chyyrq n “Zbagl Clguba naq gur Ubyl Tenvy”.

    Overall: 4.85/5 (Final)

    Sadly, there is no episode in the “Coming Soon” section this time. However, @circlerev has confirmed that the season is now halfway over, with the next episode delayed for what may possibly be a while.


    Finally an awesome episode! Imo best of 3rd season and one of best overall. That’s how should look AB Toons – birds doing mayhem just to rescue eggs, pigs defending with crazy machines, only really funny and unpredictable gags. Characters also are much better – Chuck who isn’t as stupid as was lastly, Bomb destroying anything else except Chuck’s mind, Corporal as crazy warrior pig, Minions as innocent victims of situation…
    I really want more after that!

    Overall = In my personal rank, that’s my new no.1 of that season, before Blues and Bubbles episodes.

    That’s still not mean anything – Pigs at Work had 3 times simillar situation, Stella got one + messing in title cards (ep.20 instead of 22).



    Mind the Pony episode was one of the best episodes so far. Especially the plot twist was very suprising indeed. :)

    I wonder how Chuck and Bomb have learned to use skateboards?

    According to official Angry Birds Facebook page, Angry Birds Toons season 3 is on half way. Nothing to worry about, third season will continue. But we currently don’t know when it continues.


    @circlerev Sweet! Updated the post.

    Plus, “Pigs from the Deep”‘s title card was accidentally switched with “Gnome No”, revealing that episode in the lineup. Also, the title cards for “Bombina” and “Pig Possessed” were swapped for a few days.


    Finally, the new episode, called “Robo-Tilda”, is announcemented. Somewhat interesting as wasn’t yet ep. about doubles with robots.
    Fast fact: Matilda, most egg-caring bird after Red hasn’t been close to eggs since “Slow the Chuck down”… nearly 1 season ago.


    Eg stealing Plan #351
    1. Kidnap Matlda.
    2. Send ot Robo-Tilda
    3. Steel Egs!
    4. Spelchk latr.

    But in all seriousness, this really is the plot, plus the rescuing of the eggs. There are a few more flourishes that add to the fun, but the plot really is this simple.

    Twist: Not so much of a twist, but the piggies grow to love Robo-Tilda. It’s somewhat like a Piggy Tales cartoon’s ending (or the one to Cordon Bleugh).
    Also, the title card has a lie in it. Not telling you, but after Operation Opera, “some may harbor suspicions” (to quote Kermit the Frog).

    Music Cues: A sort of cheap bugle fanfare. Trust me, it does good in the episode.
    No running gags, however.

    Thoughts to ponder: Apparently, the birds patrol the nest in ‘shifts’, because when Matilda goes up to the nest, Chuck happily goes away. Like “Dopeys on a Rope”!

    Review: Even with it’s straightforward plot, Robo-Tilda is a sweet little episode. It’s not as good as “Mind the Pony”, but it still nice to see. Plus, we see how Matilda treats the pigs without the eggs in play.

    Overall: 4.35

    Next episode: KING OF THE RING (Appears to be Wrestling, Not Boxing. John Cena, not Mike Tyson).


    NOTICE: I cannot post reviews of new Toons episodes on Fridays anymore, as my tablet recently broke. Reviews will be posted on Sundays until further notice.

    Thanks for coping with an exhilirating 2-day gap,


    <Replacing @justadoo444>

    S3 Ep.15 “King of the Ring”

    As we could be able to predict from title card, episode is about wrestling. King Pig, biggest kid in Pig City, appear here as big fan of this sport, collecting related merchandise and especially beloving the mightiest El Porkador (finally his mask has a sense). He was able to make his own cosplay of him, even found a barrow. Then, King replaced his idol in last minute in battle against Muscle Pig (Hulk Pig in credits). After some seconds of weak shots, he was able to hit his opponent a bit stronger. Then, Hulk crushes King, El Pork made him a photo and finally he ended much hurt in the bed. In final scene, Minions are playing his own (hurt) plush, then King takes it and proudly place in Hall of Fame.

    My opinion: Not worst ep., but rather not even in top 10. There aren’t much plot, as everything is about King entering Arena/get hurt in battle. None special gags here and predictable King happiness while he get his pain-occupied… something. (Royal Heist, The Porktrait etc.)

    My notes: Goliath/Knight/”Don”/Muscle/Hulk Pig (all names of that pig from credits) is growing up with each episode. In “Hamshank Redemption” and “Brutal vs. Brutal” he was like 2x of middle sized bird (Chuck fe.). In “Sir Bomb of Hamelot” Bomb is only a bit smaller than him. (Exception.)
    Then, in “Fistfull of Cabbage” he’s simillar size to El Pork, now he’s even bigger. Wow.

    Backing to “Fist. of Cabbage” Hulk and ElPork were allies against King, now they were against themselves with King as ElPork’s fan. Very unconsistent.

    In KP’s collection of toys, we can see a Blue Bird (remember A Pig’s Best Friend?), and wrestlers. Except ElPork and Hulk, we also see BatPig(?) and someone from Foreman’s family (himself?). Also, many, many Kings.

    My rating 2.5/5, because it’s mostly nothing new.

    Next, episode 16 for now is unknown, because coincidentally (again?) they post “EggsHaustion” (ep.18) instead. Another Chuck&Bomb story, but after “Mind the Pony” I’ll stay positive.

    Another appearance fact: Anyone remember Chef Pig? Correct me if I’m wrong, but last episode he appeared was Cave Pig, S2 Ep.9. Right hand of the King (and only true villain) has appear less times than some random pigs.


    @mp127 Nice review, but please check your grammar. It makes the review hard to read.

    My own review as well, just because:

    King Pig – a big fan of wrestling now, apparently – decides to attempt to take on the toughest wrestler in the city, Muscle (a.k.a. Hulk) Pig. Antics ensue and the score amounts to the first quarter of this year’s Super Bowl, “Muscle Pig” being the Broncos. (Non-Sporty Folk: Muscle Pig utterly annihilates King Pig.)
    Twist: King Pig is in bed, recovering, and spots two pigs playing with dolls representative of the match. King Pig sees and (instead of getting angry) is jovial about there being a talking doll of him and decides to showcase it in his gallery.

    Rating: Like “Catching the Blues”, it’s a nice bit of fun. It differentiates from the “small guy is unable to nudge big guy” trope in wrestling just because the big guy doesn’t take action for a while until KP stretches his mask (It’s small, but an interesting twist). Plus, more El Porkador, singing again!
    Overall: 4.25/5

    IN 2-6 WEEKS: “EggsHaustion”, starring Chuck and Bomb!


    @justadoo444 I was writing review at very late evening, combined with the fact that English isn’t my primary language, so it’s not as good gramatically as could be. I’ll rather stay with looking for little notes about episodes, cause you’re much better with reviewing. :)


    Episode 16 18 “Eggshaustion”:

    In short review: Blues again are colouring everything round-shaped white (today coconuts). Bomb also was in this joke, and he don’t mind stealing “eggs”. Pigs thinks these “eggs” are real ones, but Chuck thinks the same. Than he try to rescue 3 eggs (that one was failed), than another, than another… When he came back to nest (with all of the “eggs”, he realized they’re coconuts, and when Matilda brings the real eggs, Chuck went crazy.

    Funny simple episode, very nice plot, especially at the end. Whole scene with eggs was really funny.

    Note: Blues really like painting something with white colour to make it looks like egg. This time, that was inspired by “Double Take” ep.

    *Episode 16 “Spaced Out” will be released tomorrow. My dream is the “alien” will be Ice Bird, but it probably is some kind of Alien Pig. Including Chuck & The Blues.

    **Probably I can post it now: Chef Pig isn’t longer a cook in Pig City. Does he made something really mad between S2 and S3?


    Forgot to tell, but I dug up my old iPod Touch 4g! I can watch the episodes on the day of premiere again! @mp127: If you want, you can post the basic plot, minus spoilers, and feel free to post any facts. So, where were we? Oh, yes:



    This episode originally premiered the day “Spaced Out” aired by accident, leaving the short to be out for a full day before being replaced with said short and shortening the wait for “Battling Butlers” by a day. The review has been moved to the second page, after the review for “Battling Butlers”.

    Here’s to “Spaced Out”! If we’re lucky, Chuck will break the sling again! Edit: What I THOUGHT was a sling wasn’t. Plus, the sling was NOT broken. See the review below…


    Thy Rovio has fixeth thy error, but ye still can’t get Ye Flask.
    Here’s hoping at least one person gets that…

    SPACED OUT: Red, Chuck and the Blues go camping. The Blues prank Chuck with alien-ish trickery.
    (Official Description for once: “The truth is out there. Unfortunately for Chuck, so are The Blues.”)
    Twist: It’s more of an epilogue than a twist, but what the hey: Pig Aliens abduct Red, to the Blues’ surprise. (@mp127, You hit it right on the button.)

    Music Motifs:
    – The “Twilight Zone” four-note theme is heard several times throughout the episode, some less blatantly than others. (Don’t believe me? Listen to the final scene before the epilogue again, as it has a couple uses well-incorporated into the score.)
    – Remember the Blues’ bouncy motif in the early episodes? It comes back here, even if in short bits.

    Blues: “Sweet!” (Clearly.)
    Chuck: “Hey!”

    Review: An above-average episode, but not a legend either. It also preforms the “Chuck that Cried Wolf” concept better than (instead of just having Chuck always getting the short end of the stick in) “The Bird that Cried Pig”. (Speaking of which, EVERY episode of both Seasons 1/2 are available online again). There’s also nothing that stands out as a whole, the entire episode being of a consistent quality. (And that’s great, considering the score.) But if I had to choose one thing, it’d be the Blues’ seemingly Chuck-with-his-Headband-fast cornfield cropping or Chuck’s total fail of a pop gun.

    Overall: 4.3/5 (Final Score)

    Next up: Battling Butlers (Thanks again, @circlerev), pitting the Piggy Maestro dressed in black against a more proper (as in fancy) one with white hair and black hairbows (not Philosopher pig). It’s also another two-week timespan.
    Waitaminute: Who was guarding the eggs!?!?

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