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  • Hi,

    I have not found any ABGo section in Leaderboard (will there be?)… I would like to know your scores in VERSUS mode. This score does not depend on the number of challenges made, so I think it’s a good comparative indicator.

    Please, only scores obtained with free karts. No cash-karts.

    These are my scores. I got them with fully upgraded karts, obviously.

    Format: [Episode: Track 1’s VS score – Track 2’s VS score – Track 3’s VS score]

    Seedway: 113.580 – 110.783
    Rocky Road: 119.219 – 115.046 – 126.352
    Air: 116.317 – 142.396 – 148.966
    Stunt: 147.109 – 149.852 – 194.692 (updated)

    I want to check if these scores are very bad or just bad… and try to beat yours.

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  • burpie

    This could be fun!

    Ouch, I’m off to a lousy start:

    Seedway: 104.716 – 106.449
    Rocky Road: 0 – 0 – 0
    Air: 0 – 132.574 – 152.191
    Stunt: 113.005 – 0 – 180.186

    Wait a second… I’m pretty sure that power-ups will give you an edge. Perhaps cash-karts, too. The first aspect I can deal with (it’s still a level playing field for free). The second not so much.


    thanks for your scores @burpie. I see you have not completed all VS races. You have now my scores to try to beat them.

    About the power-ups… yes, i think so. Free Power-ups give you some extra points. Anyway, they are free.

    About the cash-karts (and telepods?)… I have not spent real money in this game but they are certainly better. For example, on Stunt, my fully upgraded kart’s configuration is 12-10-11-9 and we can see the most expensive (45,04€) kart’s one is 14-12-12-13.

    So please, let’s publish only scores obtained with free karts.


    @wazemank , I started at the beginning with Seedway, track one, and (just barely) beat your score with 114,122 points on the second try. Here’s how:

    Car: Iron Bolt
    Character: Balloon pig (I don’t know his proper name)
    Difficulty level: Hard
    Power-ups: Maxed out, including triple air time.

    I traveled half of the track by balloon, the other half drifting sideways, and I never saw my opponent. Lots of points but it didn’t resemble a kart race. It also didn’t require much skill. I’ll try one more track.

    Update for Rocky Road track 1: a quick 124,520 points using the same gimmick. This isn’t providing the additional game play I was hoping for… I’m afraid I’m done again.


    Hello @wazemank and @burpie : I just see this new topic I like it. Really like so much; I thing it’s great idea to follow or stablished a leaderboard or something similar but…!!!! Seems not will consider by ABN adminis.
    But we can follow at least with us. We are working very hard on ” Forum ” and there are know many new topics; later I will check out my progress on that and I’ll tell you my scores . But for know you know I am spending real money on karts, some gems and coins.
    But …!!! Like you too on many races I never see any character behind me and I used all of them. I give you a tip @chris did it all aquievements about it he has 1000 races already in vs versus…!!! So ask him over his records. Then ask also @ani22 this player was 473 challenges already done maybe ; ani22 have good experiences on this matter . Know I am going to writhe down on my new topic ; I have an idea that maybe all you like it.


    @wazemank I start playing with Telepods and as I tried to explain on several threads here telepods (and cash paid kart) don’t give player any advantage except at very beginning, providing player to open locked chapters and take races for more coins. Fully upgraded free and bird coins paid karts are equal to any fully upgraded telepod kart. BTW you have amazing score at Stunt track 3, congratulations.


    @cosmo2503 ok, if free and telepods karts are equal in their fully upgraded configuration, I guess we can allow them. This Stunt track 3 versus score is not very good… I am trying ti beat a 205.772 score (from a FB friend) but I cannot!

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