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  • Do you have any ideas for new features or to improve AB2?
    Then comment down below!
    My ideas are:

    -New Worlds: Adding really new worlds not just replaying the 3 main worlds
    -Accessoires: Hats and more for the birds!

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  • Ang Ryone

    I would like better ways to grind for feathers. As it is now I want to reach Diamond League. To get to Diamond League I load level 9 and then I restart if there is not a gift on the first screen. Then I do this 100s of times. That is the most efficient way of upgrading birds and it’s extremely boring.

    A red gift grants 100 feathers. Getting a good score in the arena nets around 100 feathers, depending on league. I don’t think that is enough. If I would have grinded feathers by just playing the arena once every day, I would never get any progression at all. I would still be in Silver League after 3star:ing every level.

    For me now, it is required to get 1600 points per bird to upgrade it. A good score in the arena, like 1-5th place nets me around 100 feathers. There are 7 birds so it would take around 7*1600= 11200. 11200/100= 112 days. Most of the time I won’t place 5th or better so I will get like 40-80 feathers. We’re talking the better part of a year here just to get an upgrade from Emerald to Amethyst. Unless I’m willing to restart level 9 over and over again, grinding red gifts.

    I have a slight tweak to remedy the situation:
    * Let me grind the Arena for red gifts.
    The idea here is to keep everything about the Arena like it is, but reward players every time they play it. So if I get 2nd, I get my name placed on the leaderboard and I instantly get feathers. This could work with a threshhold instead so that if I beat 100k points, I get 20 feathers. 500k points, 100 feathers etc. When the day is done, I also get a reward for my highscore if I placed well enough.

    This way I would feel like I’m doing progression at an elevated pace, but I don’t have to resort to mindless grinding to reach my goal. A goal I think a lot of people will share, especially if you juice up Diamond League and really make something out of it.

    Blue Pig Cypork

    I am in Diamond league :P

    Ang Ryone

    I wonder when they’re going to add content for Diamond League or if that will never happen because most won’t make it there. I mean something should be added after that grind. Like gems, extra hearts etc.

    Angry Birds Lover

    They should add new worlds that are not the three main ones.


    There should be levels of tiers in the diamond league as in AB Friends tournament, why win a tournament when you can’t even get gems as a reward and feathers are useless,at the moment.


    I agree, gems as a reward or more tiers like diamond 1,2,3 etc with increasing feathers required would be good.

    Ang Ryone

    I disagree with unlocking major content once you hit Diamond League because I think the grind is way too nolife for the average user. And I’m not into the whole elitist thing either, spending money on developing little for few is not as good as spending money to make it better for everyone.

    And as a fanatic completionist I really cringe at the thought of adding even more grinding, so I don’t want tiers of Diamond either.

    Gems and spells as rewards for Arena participation once at Diamond League is fine by me. Toss in a weekly special (get a 1/4 of a heart) and I’d be super happy.


    My ideas (not sure if they have been mentioned already):

    – Option of picking the first 3 birds that you get for a level (rest will be in random order)
    – Increase the maximum life amount with gems or going far enough in the game
    – Reward for getting enough stars total or reaching Diamond League (when all birds are maxed out)
    – Only bird cards when Destruct-o-meter is filled
    – More bird cards at the start of a level
    – Nerf “trick pigs” (e.g. Wizard pig) or give a larger Destruct-o-Meter fill for defeating them
    – No more feathers in gift boxes when birds are maxed out (Diamond League)/ much more feathers in gift boxes
    – Ways to obtain more spells without buying gems
    – Special events that do not make the game less fun (e.g. pointless competitions like in some of the other games)
    – Place gifts in less tricky positions, making them easier to reach

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