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  • Starting this evening, all my android devices freeze on an entry screen when entering the Arena. I can play the events and main screen game, but clicking into the Arena freezes the screen and I have to shut down the game to continue…

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    screenshot of arena freeze I get this screen that freezes the game. Anyone else get this?


    I was wondering what would happen if you got the Challenger Class rewards chest after you’ve earned all the Challenger Classes.  I’ve significantly reduced my Arena play, so I’m nowhere near earning it for this season yet, but I’m on pace to earn it in two weeks and get to look forward to opening up another support ticket if the game really has been abandoned.


    I got this screen today, and thanks for explaining what caused it (I had just reached the threshold where I would have earned a Challenger class, but no more classes were available).  I had thought uninstalling and reinstalling the game might help, but turns out the Play Store doesn’t even have the game available anymore.

    Since they discontinued development for the game over a year ago (leaving me with a bug where my Facebook friends no longer appear), I doubt that they will implement a fix.  And even if they do have a fix of some sort through their support, I’d have to actually be able to reinstall the game, so looks like ended up being the final game-breaking bug for me.


    It’s possible to reinstall via the direct link to the Play Store:

    It won’t help with the issue though. At least you can get the game back if you want. (I deleted it again. RIP Angry Birds Epic.)


    Thanks for the advice, but I already tried that.  Got the message “This item isn’t available in your country.”

    Not sure if this is only the case in the United States or if it’s been made unavailable for other countries, but knowing the game is essentially in a holding pattern with respect to development, I knew I’d run out of things to accomplish eventually.  While there were a couple of holiday classes left for me to collect, and I never had a chance to blow my hoard of stamina cups, friendship essences and lucky coins, I am at peace with this and ready to move on with my life.

    That said, since making my previous post I found that Rovio will actually fix your account if you’re stuck on the Arena award:

    Neljä Kaksi

    I’ve got the same problem since 2 weeks now. I just reinstalled on my device – here in Germany the game is availabe on play store still.


    No avail, the same black screen remains, so it’s a server side user profile probem.




    As Dahnlor mentioned, submitting a support ticket has resolved my issue.  Had a quick response for a game Rovio is no longer supporting.  It is an issue on their side and seems that they can only fix it.


    iPhone here and I cannot get into Arena either.

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