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  • Hello everyone,

    Today I have decided to retire. Its been a fantastic four years. Probably the best game I’ve ever played. I’ve finished the game 7 times (the last time it only took me 3 days), grown my YouTube Channel and gained over 350,000 views on the game, and there’s hardly any day passed without me opening the game. I’ve achieved everything I want to achieve in this game.

    I still have these things in my possesion and I need an idea on what to do to these items.

    • 5,000 Lucky Coins
    • 600,000 Snoutlings
    • 900 Friendship Essences
    • 200+ Ancient Set Weapons
    • 400+ Level 10 Enchantment Set Weapons
    • 19,000+ Stamina Drinks
    • 400+ Mighty Eagles
    • 2400+ Burning Pumpkins

    and many more.

    Sadly, since I changed my phone to Samsung S9+, Epic isn’t playable anymore. The screen is too long and it cut off part of the app hence I could not properly play the game and to make things worse, the dev stopped the game development. I knew someday I will stop playing Epic, but this is unexpectedly fast. I think this is the time to move on with life.

    Anyway thanks for everyone who has joined me in this journey!

    Best wishes,


    “Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”

    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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  • ddiequez

    I’ve also been playing for about four years and I have a Galaxy S9 and the screen cuts off the viewing area.  I regularly consider deleting the game – but I haven’t yet.  I have spent so much time with this game that I don’t really want to quit – but I should.

    I hope to find a game that is as interesting, but I haven’t found one yet .

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