Am I the only one who plays with sound off?

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  • I saw a comment recently from someone about a weapon sound not playing right. It made me realize I always have the sound off. Been playing for over 2 years. I had the sound on maybe the first two weeks. Like every 6 months I turn it on. Last about 30 seconds. Then off again. Music and sound effects in the Lab are the WORST.

    Just wondering about all of you! Do you guys play sound on or sound off?

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  • Nightcrawler

    I play with sound on


    I pretty much never have the sound on. Occasionally I’ll turn it on for a promotion, or for a few seconds, but my default is to have it off.


    The only time I play any game with sound on is when I turned it on for some other reason and forgot to turn it off. I’m so used to playing with it off that when it is on I find it distracting. And if it happens to be on when I go into the lab I turn it right off from annoyance.


    I have all sound effects turned off in the options. Scares me when I have the sound up on my iPad and a commercial plays.


    My sounds and music are ON, however the iPad is muted.

    Just in case some advert catches my fancy, then I turn the volume up.

    I feel its better for concentration and not to draw attention if i’m in public or especially late night / early sessions.


    I always play with the sound on. I love the music, and in case I can’t see what just happened I might have an auditory indicator.

    Angry Birds Fight is the only AB game I occasionally play muted (because dang, it’s loud!).


    Thanks folks. I have been wondering for a year or so. Lab sounds make me wanna toss my tablet. Like 400 times a day, same sounds. Wanna kill myself. Gah!


    I am playing without any sound to. For me normal is to play without sound, other way is not normal. I can say that small kids are playing always with sound, and a little grown up are playing without sound.

    The Dark Knight

    I always play with the sound off.


    Yeah i have the sound off also only now and then i have it on


    Never had the sound on, I don’t even know what it sounds like nor do I want to find out.


    Sound off unless I want to annoy a nearby annoying person, should he/she be present.


    @geli. +1 haha! Particularly my wife!


    Sound off…………. same music node after node just grates my nerves…..


    Sound off on all games…find it distracting and in most cases, irritating.


    Only if I’m playing at the office :P



    when you play with Sound OFF,
    Do you make the sound effects in your head?

    And have music going in your head too?

    Guess it’s even better than the ones in the game ;)


    Sadly, I am usually listening to the Tv when I play. No sound at all from the game so I can hear the shows



    Nope, no music in my head. At one point I hadn’t had the sound on for like a year and turned it on just to see if it had changed. It hadn’t. The WORST is the noise in the lab. Drove me nuts.


    I play with sound turned off as well. It has its advantages because if I am playing in my work while taking a break and it bothers someone, turning the sound off helps. Also, I don’t like playing any game with sounds really.


    Sound off only because it distracts from flinging. Most of the sounds that I have heard are fine but it is easier to fling in silence.


    Never play with the sound on, my phone lives on silent all the time.


    Having the sound off makes it easier to ignore the ads, just look away for ten to twenty seconds and close it when you look back.

    Mighty Dove

    nope, maybe a couple of years now with no sound on. The music and sounds can drive you crazy but if you’re playing late at night or early morning it helps.


    I only play games with sound on after a full charge. Why? I don’t know myself, it’s just a weird ritual I follow. :P
    From 100% to 95% charge, I play with sound on, then it’s off all the way.

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