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  • Hi folks, I’m after some advice please:

    I have accumulated over 28k black pearls now – enough for one of the “Score x10” hats.

    For a long while I’ve been using a full set of Knight “Score x4” hats on my flock. The only hat sets I don’t have are:

    • The Chef Hat set (x3)
    • The Pirate, Winter, Pharaoh, Ice Cream sets (all x4)
    • And of course I don’t have any of the x10 sets, nor any individual 10x hat on a bird

    My question is:

    Is it worth spending 25k BP on one of the x10 hats, or would that make my combined flock power go awry because I have a different hat in the flock? I’m hoping it just means that whatever bird I put the hat on will just score a lot better while the others will continue to score x4 as normal?

    Or, should I use these accumulated BP to finish off the Chef Hat set (I currently have a Chef hat on the Blues but none of the other birds) and another x4 hat set in order to upgrade my slingshot a couple times?

    Some flock power info to confirm what I have now:

    Thank you.

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  • jo-ha

    I would not go for one of those x10 hats. All your pearls will be gone and you will gain a flock power plus of 6. Buying the hat sets that are still missing will give you +7 on each – so even by buying one hat set you will gain a higher flock power than with buying that one hat.
    Plus, having those hats does not really give you any advantages – really none! (I play on two devices, one with max level (fp 560) and all hat sets, and one were I started completely fresh (fp around 300). Besides having real difficulties due to weird matchups in the arena, there is absolutely no difference in the gameplay, once you reach a certain level.

    Jai McGraw

    @stevey  I would get all the lower hats and complete as many hat sets as possible first.  Your flock power increases by 7 for every slingshot upgrade that you make.

    Mechanic Pig

    Try buying all remaining chef hats, then buy 3 more 4x hat sets


    I would say it gives you disadvantage at boss’ stages. On higher ranks there is chance that strike the room fills you destructometer twice, but you only gain one bird, because in that stages you can’t use spells. And that lost bird is really painful at the end of level.


    always take the lowest hats as a set.

    Thank you all for your replies – I have taken everything onboard and upgraded a couple of times. So I’ve gone up to x17 now from completing the Spooky and Sport hat sets.

    What annoys is that the feats haven’t changed. I’m still at 17/20 for “Upgrade your Slingshot 20 times”. Quite unfair…


    What do you mean the feat hasn’t changed? In your starting post it says, your slingshot is 15, now you are at 17 – so what’s your problem? You completed the two hat sets and are two steps closer to 20…

    I might be confusing myself.

    I thought my Slingshot feat was at 17 out of 20 times already, not 15 out of 20 times… ignore me!




    I took my lowest hats and my birds are at level 32 to 34. But this game is insane and i still can’t get through stage 520. Yeah, destructometer fills twice not so often, but even that I can’t manage to last room with three or four birds including Matilda and Silver. I’ve got one chance but when it’s happened that fat pig miraculously avoid my birds. Without spending gems You can’t pass it.

    Using strongest hats on hard levels quite often isn’t enough the clear the stage. So, what is the point of using hats?


    My advise:


    Finish lower hat sets first beginning with the missing 3x then moving to the 4x’, until you have all the hat sets except for the 10x’s.  You should be able to obtain some samurai hats from the Eagle store which are 11x. It will take some time but it’s worth it. Once you have obtained every pack available then move on to purchasing and legendary hats, one set at a time. In the meantime, you may get a few x10 legendary hats from the tower of torture or a legendary  chest from clan team event wins or for 800 coins.

    Good luck,

    Gary- Leader of Down To Flock!

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