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  • players getting ban without any reason,including me!! please fix this issue,i worked very hard on my acc,after that much hard working why my acc got banned without any reason i dont ever use cheats,mods etc. still i got banned. :(

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  • RawDataSystems

    Try contacting Rovio about that, because they are only ones that can do anything about it.




    Sorry this is happening to you. I would be po’d if it happened to me because I wouldn’t even begin to know how to hack this game.

    Are people just randomly reporting people and Rovio bans them before they have investigated them fully?

    I noticed that one of the people on the top MEBC leaderboard had their banned status taken off. Not sure what Rovio is basing the bans on and you need to contact them like @rawdatasystems suggested. This is just a message board with regular players.

    Here is a link to submit a request:


    I hope you can get this resolved.

    Peter Porkor

    i mail rovio team and they did reply that, this ban is permanently and can not be lifted :(


    you may not use any cheat on ab2 but still you may have installed some applications which relarted to game hack and Rovio had detected them. It may lead to a false judgement as this kind of game hack app has been resident in momery for good once you installed it.

    you may also play on 2 devices, at almost the same time for same account. This may disturb system counting and lead to alarm set by Rovio..

    The last, if you did pay “enough” to Rovio in the past, Rovio would give you a mercy “temp ban” instead of permanent ban. However, if you have not pay a dime to Rovio, you would simply get banned for good. Why? oh…they will not give you a reason, since you are not a “paid” customer, they DONT care


    Peter Porkor

    the only thing i did so far is that i played same account on other device too,i have many other games they never banned me for using same account on another device! i dont know whats wrong with rovio!!


    Because $$$$.

    That’s why. Remember, Rovio doesn’t care if you enjoy their game or not. If you’re not lining their pockets you are no good to them.


    @sarai, TOS don’t forbid using multiple accounts, so that itself can’t be reason for the ban. I agree with @yue-zhang with the idea of you possibly having used 3rd party app/tool for other purposes and AB2 detecting it. The problem is, author can make their app (mis)detecting rival apps, like something they think could be used to cheating, or even completely innocent traces.

    Rovio being so close-mouthed of everything is one reason I just recently gave up and stopped playing. Me, being finnish, I used to like Rovio being one of the local ice breakers to mobile gaming. Not so much any more.



    Please,there is someone could help me to unban?

    I’ve played for 5 years and maybe switching to another phone I’ve made some mistake.

    Wish you all a safe and great new year


    for any help,also to play from the begin and not just to unban,here is my mail… [email protected]









    Players still cheat in AB2  Note the Player Samsam with the White Hacker Frame. Player started the Battle at an FP of 350 and jumped to an FP over 1,000


    Play ab2 from 5years ago, without any cheats.

    They ban me maybe cause I’ve switched to another phone but haven’t logged out from a phone.

    Sent tickets but reply that ban cannot be lifted.

    I use the game to distract me from my parents brain damage: cancer and Alzheimer.

    It’s my only distraction since 5 years ago.

    Leaved job to take care of my parents.

    If someone could help, please,I’m really a fairy player.

    Tks for attention and have a good Sunday


    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>
    Here’s another way to contact them



    I’ve tried any way.

    Reply that ban cannot be lifted.

    I’m really frustrated cause I’ve never used any cheats in 5 years.

    Any help appreciated

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