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  • Hi, I need some help with AB Seasons Quests, Episodes tab:
    1) Fling birds that pop at least one pig: currently 2 stars, 2136/10000
    Any way to speed this up, 8000 birds is a lot. What are some levels with many starting birds, so at least I don’t have to restart the level so many times ?
    2) Collect stars: currently 1 star, 75/250
    Those 75 stars are from Ragnahog episode, before this update I 3-starred all of the levels,
    but those stars did not count. So now how can I get the rest of 175 stars, only waiting for
    new episodes ?
    3) Complete daily quests: currently 1 star, 36/100
    Because I had collected all bird hats, now all my daily quests are “Beat your score in xyz”,
    which is kind of annoying because I already have pretty high scores on all levels, without power-ups, and beating them is very difficult. The only solution I see is to use power-ups,
    but I am not a fan of those, is there any other solution ?

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  • cams

    1) I used the old 2010 Seasons Greedings Golden Egg level to grind it. Could get 5 birds per level pretty quickly.

    2) Among other things, I sent a support ticket about it. This really should be retroactive.

    3) Also included in my support ticket. Explained how nonsense this is. Ironically even more so if you are a big fan of the games and loves to squeeze every last point for a high score. Suggested giving us lots of simple and relaxing quests too. Like simply beating a level, 3 staring it, getting a set amount of points, flinging 100 birds, popping 100 pigs, destory 100 blocks etc.

    BTW it takes 500 quests for the third star.

    Perhaps you should send a support ticket too. The more the better right?


    Thanks for the reply, I will send a support ticket too.
    And another bug I found in Challenges:
    4) Rewarded – Get a trophy from the tournament
    Currently 0 stars, Next level 0/5

    My trophies in the tournament never get counted in this challenge, I always get
    at least a silver or gold trophy, but no progress.
    I already finished the challenge with the Platinum trophies, initially I thought
    there 2 challenges were interfering with each other, but now I only have this one left,
    and still it doesn’t add up the trophies.
    How about you ?


    You are having the exact same thought process as me. :p
    I mentioned that too in my support ticket. Main reason for the ticket actually. Since for the others, I’ll eventually get it someday in theory.

    Another issue I found after, which I sent a second ticket about. Related to Egg Hunt. The wording is ambiguous but it counted my Wood Egg and a Silver Egg I got by luck (wasn’t actively trying for 4 stars). So I wasn’t too worried about it. But my Silver Egg last week didn’t count. I assume what it means is to get a Wooden, Silver, Gold egg.
    So, well, I guess I’ll have to go for all 4 stars this week. But a problem is that some levels since last week (maybe even before too?) seem bugged and don’t give the 4th star. Even when I assumed it’s just a visual UI error and a high enough score (with powerups) will give me the 4th star.

    Glen ‘Edi’ Jones

    Glad I found this thread – Get a Trophy From The Tournament isn’t incrementing (stuck on 1/5) and Complete Daily Quests are so hard as I have eeked out as much points per level as possible. Does anyone know how “Get an upgraded egg from daily levels” works? I have two stars on it and the Next Level has been on 0/1 for months.


    I got it a few weeks ago. It actually means “Get a wooden egg, silver egg, golden egg”.

    So, yeah. You have to 4 star everything. Which can be problematic because sometimes it’s randomly bugged that the 4th star doesn’t even appear.
    I already wrote a support ticket mentioning this. They said they’ve been getting similar tickets about it, and are working on it.


    Has the “Collect stars” quest disappeared after the latest update from yesterday ?
    It used to be 1 star, 75/250, but now it’s completely gone.
    Anyone noticed this ?

    Glen ‘Edi’ Jones

    After months of quests, I’ve finally completed “The Quest For Birds”!  Now 16 more weeks to complete “Get A Trophy From The Tournament”….

    499 of 500

    500 of 500

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