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  • Hi fellow flingers, I have an issue with a sticker from Angry Birds original,
    the one about collecting all of the movie episode level stickers.
    I thought it was about collecting the tickets inside levels from the latest episode
    “Bird Island”, but after 3-starring this episode and collecting all of the tickets I could find, I think about 7 of them, I did not collect the sticker,
    which still shows only 1 ticker collected.
    Is it a bug ? Were you able to collect it ?
    Thank you.

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  • cams

    Asked support about this weeks ago and finally got a reply some time ago. They said it should be fixed in the next update.

    edit: Well, not next update but

    We would like to inform you that our developers are looking into this issue and they will hopefully provide a fix as soon as possible. We have also received some feedbacks from our other players. Unfortunately, the fix of this issue will require a new update. Thank you for your effort and understanding and we kindly ask you for some patience!


    @cams, this post is pretty old and there have been updates since. Did you get the movie tickets sticker? I recently started trying to get stickers and I ran into this bug.

    Also, any advice on the birdday song sticker? I think I might have missed the opportunity, maybe you could only get this sticker in the version of the game they introduced it. I’ve hung out all overt the game listening to music for minutes at a time and can’t find the birdday song.



    No. I kinda lost interest in the movie tickets sticker, but maybe I’ll contact them once more if I still don’t have it a few updates later.

    IIRC, I got it by just doing nothing on the Mighty League level select menu. I was playing muted though, so I just assumed the music was playing and apparently it did.
    I wouldn’t know if the same music is still playing. Perhaps try the Bird Day levels screen too?

    Would be better than nothing if you also contact support yourself with these 2 issues.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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