AB original competition, PU changes

  • When they first started the leagues or whatever it’s called for AB original, I played because I got 3 free tickets, plus an egg with a PU, a free ticket from a video and free aiming scope if I watched anither video. I quickly realized that one out of every three levels was designed to make us use a lot of powerups.BECAUSE I was getting 5 tickets and a PU or two, I would play a few extra times, bought a bunch of powerups, and figured I’d try to at least one star every level. Last week I stopped getting the eggs and the scope, all I get now is the usual 3 tickets and one more if I watch a video. As a result, I’ve stopped using powerups and I also dont use more than 4 tickets. I’ve even stopped using PUs in AB. I was trying to go thru and three star every one, now I just try to complete and move on to the next.
    Just wondering if anyone else has stopped getting the prompt for a free scope after a video, and also no longer getting the eggs.

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  • Partshade

    I’m still getting the video eggs, followed by the scope, so don’t really know why it’s different for you. Strange…

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