AB, AB RIO, hanging when not connected to network

  • Guys,

    I haven’t changed anything on my iPad other than updating games as needed. Over the weekend I was travelling and attempting to play games that didn’t require network/WiFi connectivity. Angry Birds, AB Rio, etc, all were hanging for 15-25 seconds at a time, frequently. When I was back on WiFi, they all functioned just fine. NOTE: I did close everything else that I was doing, but I do know that Apple has things running in the background (which is why they took away the ability to see running processes).

    Any idea?


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  • PeeJayDee27

    Hi @jkhab69. Have had this problem on several games from time to time. Even games that don’t require network connectivity to play, sometimes attempt to connect on startup, I presume for checks in the background for updates or whatever. You can try activating airplane mode, loading the game, then deactivating airplane mode. That has worked every time for me so far (I also play on iPad). Hope this helps. Good luck.


    Awesome tip, thanks!

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