• Hardest level so far?

    Room 1 and 2 are easy. After that i need 2-3 birds each for rooms 3 and 4. Room 5… this is where I spend the rest of the birds. Cleared it a couple times with 1 bird left, which wasnt enough for Room 6.

    Yeah I could use spells, or buy more birds, but I want to clear it without “cheating”.

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  • Rowdypup

    @bigbadaboom are you using your birds wisely? here are some secrets to help you with your pig popping problems!:
    +You don’t have to make Silver do a full loop- you can *tap* next to a structure (stone is recommended) to do a “uppercut”, which is more effective than her usual useless dive
    -DON’T use Terence on balloons- he will only pop 1 then have SERIOUS knockback, wasting him
    +Bomb can use his explosion to hit out-of-range objects
    +Oddly, if you use Red’s “battle cry” (more like The Force) by blocks he can’t fully destroy (like hollow stone squares), he will push them back more than the blocks he can destroy (like wood)
    -Even though the game says “Good with Wood”, Chuck actually has trouble destroying large towers made of wood (he can destroy loose wood blocks pretty well)
    -If you see Changer Pig (one that turns Birds into stuff), use a Bird that won’t be much help (like Chuck or Silver) and throw it at him- even though he will transform the bird, the “newly” created object will hit him and kill him (except if it’s a rubber duck/ eddy bear or really small block)
    -When fighting Moustache Pig, keep in mind one thing- his trapezoid shape gives him traction on sloped surfaces, so he can sort of “stick to walls” (only low angled walls)
    +If you see Construction Pig, it is best to use Birds that he can’t throw (he will try) screwdrivers at, such as Matilda (her egg), Silver, The Blues (he will try to hit the center one), or Chuck
    – If you kill all the Pigs in a room and Golden Pig is still there, the game will move on without him to the next room, so destroy him while you can!
    – Magician Pig usually teleports to flat surfaces where he can’t roll off, so try to make sloped areas where he will roll off and be popped
    All of these tips are things that I have experienced during my AB 2 gaming sessions, so let me know what you think!


    Well I got a ME as extra card and finished the level with three birds to spare. So much randomness in this game.

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