• How it’s possible that my opponents have more than 300cc?
    I have bought and completed all carts. The maximum is 300.

    I have over 450 blueprints, over 4500 gems, 100 unused tickets.
    I would like to spend them (upgrade crts?) but don’t know how…

    My XP: 12678
    all carts completed
    all birds completed
    what else I can do?

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  • Narc

    Absolutely nothing you can do. I have submitted multiple tickets to Rovio about this. All I get is “sorry you feel this way… blah blah … we make these improvements to make the game more fun … blah blah …. we hope you will continue to enjoy the game”. I’ve gotten the same response to this ticket three times and they consider the issue resolved each time. Simple solution is never pay another dollar to them again. They will always find a way to screw over the players.

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