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  • Also, perhaps the issues can be put in some sort of matrix as some exist in one platform and not another. Of the previous 3 posts, issues #4 and #12 are iPhone.
  • #6 isn't a problem for me with iPhone.
  • Can anyone help me? I complete AB seasons with three stars. I went back to improve my scores and I lost everything!!! All of my scores are gone - in EVERY season. Yet, I have all the golden eggs with stars. I have lost all of my scores, but the achievements are still there.
  • #waternoises What type of device are you on?
  • @birdleader..... I have an iPod touch.
  • I just received a response from Rovio regarding the various Angry Bird Seasons & Rio glitches:

    Rovio Support, Jul-28 10:38 (EEST):

    and thanks for contacting us.

    We have now received some feedback on this issue and are currently investigating it. We apologize for not being able to give an answer or instructions right away, this is something that needs deeper investigation.

    Best regards,
    Angry Birds Team

    Njbutlerplaza, Jul-27 21:51 (EEST):
    The Achievements in Game Center (apple) have glitches for Angry Birds Rio,
    And Angry Birds Seasons. When will this be fixed?

    Lisa Safay

  • The most annoying glitch is the one where the game ends WAY before it should. I've had pigs that were launched into the air and they were the last ones and the game ends and you can see them in the background, an inch off the ground where they would have died if the game ended a coupler seconds later. Also, sometimes it takes WAY TO LONG for the game to end. I've had to sit for like 2-3 minutes waiting for it to end. I usually just end up re doing the level.
  • I was just playing Rio today and noticed that under the awards i have somehow gotten 17/15 golden melons
  • Can anyone help me? I complete AB seasons with three stars. I went back to improve my scores and I lost everything!!! All of my scores are gone - in EVERY season. Yet, I have all the golden eggs with stars. I have lost all of my scores, but the achievements are still there. I am on an ipod touch
  • Glitch - Angry Birds Rio - Carnival Upheaval - Achievements: Even though it shows that I have all 15 papayas, the game has not given me the achievement.

    Edit: iPad version
  • Repeating Cutscenes at the end of each world (theme).
    In those cutscenes turn your device off or close it, but don't restart it. Once you get back to Angry Birds, the cutscenes go from where you're playing to the beginning of the cutscene!
    It works all the time!
  • Another glitch, "This is for only if you are using Angry Birds version 1.6.1." If you fail at any level (even levels from worlds 1-5 in level 21 and worlds 6-15 in level 15) they won't show you a film button, instead, you'll see the go on button to the next world. If you fail at level 15-15 and you press the go on button, Angry Birds will crash and you have to see the rovio cutscene again and the start but your data will always be saved
    This glitch is fixed in Angry Birds version 1.6.2 for real.
  • hey guys i play summer pignic on my ipod touch through wifi...reached level 28 but every time i try to open it it says "no network connection please check ur internet and try again" this although my internet is working just fine....HELP
  • @roy Have you tried restarting your iTouch?
  • I am having an issue getting total destruction with the mighty eagle on level 1-3. I destroy everything but only get 99%. I have tried it several times.
  • I know I have TD on level 1-3, so I don't think it's bugged. Probably just have to keep trying.
  • @BirdLeader I have tried everything....it's a jailbroken ipod touch 4g...Pls advise me as to the best place from where i can download and install angry birds seasons...Have never faced this problem before in any other angry birds game.........Whenever i click on a summer pignic level i get the message "network error has occured.Please check your internet connection and try again"HELP
  • @roy The only place you can download AB is through iTunes. Have you tried backing up your LUA files for all the versions you have then doing a system restore (you can always jailbreak again)?
  • i unlocked th golden beachball levels and now it thinks i have 17/15 watermelons
  • I have 38 of the 39 achievement for AB Seasons Summer Picnic. Despite my score of 3,633,480 Game Center is not showing my achievement for score addict despite the threshold score needed of 3,398,000. I have tried logging out and back into GameCenter with no luck. Has anyone had the same problem? If so, any recommendations?
  • More glitches
    In both glitches, you need the mighty eagle to do this.
    In a few second before pigs laugh, press the eye button and throw it to kill all the pigs to victory!
    when the mighty eagle touches the ground, quickly pause and press ? you see the slingshot shaking.
  • @rainbowtoucan this is known. In fact, if you watch FujiToast's video you can see it happen.

    @dw14ers this is a known bug. No one has received score addict.
  • Is anyone else having problems with Carnival achievements applying? It is not showing for Samba!, Papaya Perfection and Carnival King, even though I have all the papaya's, and three stars on all
  • @bigdaddyhen this is a known bug. No one has received these three achievements.
  • Summer Pignic won't give me the score addict achievement even though I've surpassed it.
  • The 16th melon:golden beach ball popping up
    17th:broke the golden beach ball
  • not sure this is a glitch, bug, or someone hasnt had their morning coffee at rovio and missed something but ive noticed that in i pad when my friend launches the bird it goes super fast and thew black bird explodes in like under 2 seconds!!! on the walkthrough birds seem to do more damage than mine on pc. this might just be because my computer is cluttered but if so im happy b3ecause everything moves too fast on ipad and other stuff like that
  • He's probably tapping the screen early (either on purpose or accidentally)
  • Accordion is unresponsive on some Mac's, thus it's impossible to get the star. I have confirmed.

  • this is worse than a LEVEL glitch, ever since i got the new version update thing theyve been ending levels before things are done! For example, im playing mine and dine and theres a pig in those square blocks, the tnt next to him eplodes, he goes flying a bit, but before he even really hits the groun,actually, it hit the ground and the wood broke but then they ended the level before he even fell on the ground! it doesnt matter if he would or wouldntve died, he probobly wouldve, but this is still important! im guessing they end levels by a predetermined amount of time after yours bird either disappears or explodes but that ridiculous because it should be determined by how much stuff is moving, i mean yeah if something is only moving like 2 pixels back and forth its time to end the levels but when theres multiple objects moving it shouldnt end the level! this provblem is at its worst on mine and dine.: ) please look into this as it is very frustrating when it cuts you off.
  • @FatBird
    You should see PC... Countless times a level has finished instantly when the last pig pops, and prevented me from improving my already epic scores :P
  • Just copying over the list of bugs started by Chriss, re-arranging by app, and updating.

    All Apps
    #8: Some loading issues still exist for a small group of people. (Rare in AB v1.6.2; A little common in Seasons v1.5.1; Quite common in Rio v1.3.0)

    Angry Birds
    #1: (iOS only): The achievements "Feather Picker" and "Feather Collector" are not earned in Game Center, even if you have more than 100 feathers. Fixed in v1.6.3.
    #9: There have been a few reports come through of people's Golden Eggs going missing for no reason. (Applies to Seasons as well.)
    #11: (iOS only): A few people have reported that they have purchased The Mighty Eagle yet they can't use it. When they tap the icon they are prompted to purchase it again.
    #15: (Mac only): The accordion does not open on Golden Egg 21.
    #16: (Mac/PC vs. Mobile): The numbering of Golden Eggs 20 and 22 is inconsistent between mobile devices and Mac/PC. More specifically, the "Rio Football" is 22 on mobile and 20 on Mac/PC.
    #17: (iOS only): Smash Maniac?
    #18: (iOS only): Achievement for completing World 17 is labeled as "Cave Conqueror", when it should be "King of the Caves".
    #20: (PC only): The star on Golden Egg 17 (Big Brother soundboard) can only be unlocked once.
    #22: (PSP only): Golden Eggs 6 & 8 (treasure chest & sun, resp.) are unattainable.
    #23: (PC only): Some users are unable to obtain the Rio/Super Bowl Egg as of v1.6.2.

    Angry Birds Seasons
    #4: (iOS only): The achievement "Summer Pignic - Score Addict" is not earned in Game Center, even if you have more than 3,398,000 points. Fixed in v1.6.0.
    #5: (iOS only): The achievement "Easter Eggs - Score Addict" is 34 points instead of 30. Correct on iPad. Incorrect on iPhone. I am crossing out this bug, as achievement point values cannot be edited after it is binary-approved. It is incorrect, but it cannot be fixed.
    #6: (iOS only): If you finish a Summer Pignic level, the in-game episode score counter shows your score from Trick or Treat. Fixed in v1.5.2. This bug was fixed, but now exists again in v1.6.0: If you finish a Mooncake Festival level from Chapter 2, the in-game episode score counter shows your score from Trick or Treat.
    #7: The golden eggs are not numbered correctly. More specifically, the number shown at Pause is 1 more than the true numbering that is shown on the Level Completion screen. This aspect is fixed in v1.5.2, but the numbering was still 1 higher than we believe to be true. In v1.5.3, the numbers were removed from the Pause Screen, but the Level Completion Screen is still 1 higher.
    #12: The Go Green, Get Lucky Facebook levels don't open. Same for those in Hogs and Kisses. Along with this, some users cannot open the Big Pot o' Gold even if they have all 18 levels 3-starred. Fixed in v1.6.0.
    #13: (iOS only): "Bunny Hunter" achievement is not earned in Game Center, even if you pop a lot of bunny-pigs in Easter Eggs!.
    #19: (iOS only): Feather in Seasons Greedings 1-16 unattainable? Obtained by a few users.
    #21: (iOS only): The achievement "Bright Side of the Moon" is not earned in Game Center, even if you defeat all 33 levels of Mooncake Festival.
    #24: (iOS only): The achievements "Feather Picker" and "Feather Collector" are not earned in Game Center if you first connect to GC with more than 120 feathers.

    Angry Birds Rio
    #2: (iOS only): The achievements "Stellarvore", "Samba!", "Papaya Perfection" and "Carnival King" are not earned in Game Center, even if you have reached conditions. Fixed in v1.3.0, although "Stellarvore" cannot be earned with only half an episode available.
    #3: (iOS only): The "Score Addict" achievement is missing for Carnival Upheaval. Fixed in v1.3.0.
    #10: Many people will get all the fruits, but it will say they only have 14/15 and all the labels will be gone.
    #14: (iOS and Android): Beach Volley shows up to 17/15 watermelons after collecting the Golden Beachball. Fixed in v1.3.0.
  • ummm, random question, but on the post about how to make custom levels, whats a wrap line?
  • @FatBird shouldn't that question be asked on that post?
  • @birdleader... Hello just have to say I love your site! I love seeing my scores & where I'm ranked... I tell all my customers who play AB all about your site...

    This isn't a Angry Bird Issue but a Nest Issue...
    When getting the drop down boxes the banner add (mine happens to be Jimmy Johns) floats over the top of the drop down boxes... so you can't go directly to the game you want. (ie...hover over leader board & you get the drop downs for rio, seasons & original with all the varrients of the free games but I can't get to rio because its behind the banner add) ... Just wanted to let you know ... It wasn't like this the last time we got an AB update just with this last Rio update...

    Thanks for the gerat site!
  • Hi there! I recently updated my angry birds seasons and I believe that level 1-5 on summer might be impossible to pass. I've beat it 4 or 5 times but it still won't let me pass. BTW, you guys rock! Keep making awesome stuff!!
  • P.s. I'm on Android
  • @jrz3472 I'll make sure BL checks this out. Seems like an odd glitch. The drop down menu should fall over the adverts.

    @tayje Summer Pignic 1-5 is not bugged, although it is rather sneaky.
    In the level, check the bottom-left of the structure, under the white flower. You'll see Baby Piggy hiding in the grass. He's a sneaky one.
  • In Seasons, there's the scientific notation score glitch when you get a high score on a level. See my post under the Seasons page for a screen cap and more information.
  • In angry birds seasons st Patrick's day I can not unlock the extra levels it won't let me open the Facebook like logo how do I fix this? I've completed all other levels
  • This is listed above as Number 12 in my big list.
  • @srduck 's "sci-not" bug has been fixed (very quickly) in v1.5.3. One-day bugs are funny, aren't they?
  • Not sure if this has been reported before:

    Angry Birds Seasons, Easter Eggs, level 16, 17 or 18, fail it and press continue, it goes to Golden Egg 16 but it's labeled as 1-1, pass this level, it goes to Golden Egg 17, but labeled as 1-2, pass this level and it plays again, labeled as 1-3 etc etc until you reach the last Golden egg level and then it crashes out of the app. If you exit out, it jumps to Summer Pignic level map. This is a bug as you can do the Golden Eggs this way even if you haven't got them in the normal way.

    Edit: v1.5.1 on Android.

  • Odd. On iOS, even if you complete one of the Twitter/Facebook levels, you don't have the option to continue. You MUST return to the level selection screen.
  • @Jimmypop just tested on iOS and exactly the same thing happens for me. Using this glitch could enable one to play the golden egg levels before actually unlocking them. Nice find. @AMslimfordy what are you on about? Simply complete or fail the Twitter/Facebook levels and click the next arrow that appears on the "level failed" or "level complete" screen. Lol
  • Right @Jimmypop and @AMslimfordy I discovered the issue. When you update seasons so that the mighty eagle is useable it removes this glitch from iOS devices. Just updated seasons now and glitch no longer works.
  • Whew, ok good. I was curious. Glad to see the glitch has been repaired in the newest iOS update (and presumably he Moon Festival update elsewhere).
  • Wow, very many bugs have been fixed.

    But here is a new one (dont't know what number we should give it): In Game Center, the achievement for having finished World 17 in AB is called "Cave Conquerer" instead of "King of he Caves".

    An additional comment on bug #12: Not only the facebook levels in Go Green, Get Lucky cannot open. It's the same for the facebook levels in Hogs and Kisses.

    And I have a question about bug #7: Are the golden eggs in HD version and normel version still numbered differently or do they have the same (incorreect) numbers?
  • @Chriss Added "King of the Caves"; Added Hogs & Kisses; The numbering is the same on all devices, and all are wrong.

    Click here for updated list
  • Sorry, maybe my comment on #12 was wrong. The LINK does not open any more, not the levels. But maybe it's because I already have the facebook levels. But the Twitter link in Easter Eggs is still working, so I don't know why the facebook links are not opening any more. If I press the facebook buttons, I can hear a "click" sound, but nothing happens. But honestly I don't know if this is a bug.
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