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  • Wow @Burpie. Now that's the reason I don't give you my strategies. ha ha ha You're better with them than I am. Last night justifies why I respect your flingin' skills so much. You took me to school and gave me homework. Awesome scores! Sure have missed ya.
    Btw, That was a nice touch on level 29. Adding in a self destructing pig in a truck. You blew my score prediction out of the water.

  • @Rat9 Leaving the kamikaze car alone was first mentioned by @Waimea. I was still trying to hijack it. My dilemma now is that I'm tempted to keep playing 9-29 for a cool 100k. I know it's there, but I don't want this to turn into another project.
  • I haven't felt like flingin' today @Burpie. But when I do, I'm headed to 9-29 to see how you got 94k without the self destroying car. Seriously...94k with three birds. I'm seriously impressed. What was your score after the second shot?

    Edit: If you don't want this to become another project, quit getting 12k ahead of me! Ha ha ha ha
  • @rat @burpie
    I had to revisit 2-4 as a daily mission, and was not able to improve my really unimpressive score (rank #81). If you have time, could you let me know at which frequency you succeed to perform a one-birder? I am really bad at this.
  • @Rat9 My scores in the 90s on level 9-29 - and I've had several today - were all with just the 2 birds. It doesn't take long to get a 39+ score going but 44+ is rare... and then it's a 5 minute wait to see what happens.

    @Sglouk I just looked at 2-4. It took me 10 minutes to get a 1-birder for a score of 43.620. That's just 40 points higher than your current score but if it's for one of those infernal challenges, 40 points suffices.
  • @burpie
    Well, I finally cancelled the mission, which was a good idea since I got soon after this a mirror world level to improve. But I am still unhappy with my inability to master the 2-4 one-birder. Which strat do you use? I shoot as low as possible without hitting the moonrock, then more or less activate on impact, but I presume that I do not do it correctly, too early or too late. Is the activation window pixel-sized, or broader?

    Today, I also had to improve DZ-24, which was OK, but the last 10 pt mission is 1-4, which is harder because my ranking is quite good. I may cancel this one as well.
  • @burpie
    OK thanks, it's very slightly above my current aiming point. I'll try it, but unless the odds to have a one-birder outcome are crucially dependent on the impact point, I fear my hand-eye coordination is not good enough for such exercise.

    Today, I have to improve on Red Planet 5-9. It is my worst ranking in Red Planet, which is my second worst ranked episode. However, I am quite unsuccessful to improve my score since I am trying to. I hope CC 6-20 will work better.
  • @Sglouk Yes. Orrrr.... you could could advance the clock and finish a dozen 2 and 3 point levels to unlock levels 25 and 26, then play 27 through 30 with the double-arrow trick. You'd have your first pass of Brass Hogs finished by this evening.

    I still haven't bothered to unlock 27-30 and I've revisited them all at least once to reclaim a lost highscore. I'm currently working my way backwards though the levels on my second pass. (I'm skipping level 24 for now... that's a project.)
  • @burpie
    I don't mind finishing the episode fast. It seems I am the most advanced among the people who did not use any glitch, and that's fine to me. It allowed me to go the 2nd place before you woke up and now to 3rd place in the overall leaderboard. It won't last since Sigrid is now chasing me (if Romo does not do it already), but at least I'll have enjoyed the spot.
  • Congratulations on 3rd place @Sglouk.

    @Burpie I haven't flung for two days. Is it safe to look at the leaderboards or will it give me a heart attack? I will try to fling a few later today.
  • Ooooooo...I'm not sure if looking at the leaderboards gave me a minor heart attack or it was just a gas attack. But I suffered a negative reaction. You've been busy @Burpie. Yesterday I had fourteen top scores. Today only eight. Funny how your total has gone up about the same as mine has gone down. Curious, don't ya think? Hmmmm? Ha ha ha ha
    Old times...Welcome back.
  • @rat
    I meant, 3rd place on the overall ABSp leaderboard, not Brass Hogs. I wish I could rank 3rd in some episodes, I only have it in FMTTM, and only because @burpie decided not to challenge you there.
  • Ah, finally, I got a ridiculous +1k in 5-9, and 10 points more in Brass Hogs, which unlocks level 25.
  • Burpie and I have an arrangement. I leave Eggsteroids and Pig Bang alone and he lets me have the rest. Seems lopsided I know. But that's what he wanted. he he

    @Sglouk I knew you meant 3rd in overall Space. You need to keep an eye out for @Romo though. He hasn't touched Brass Hogs yet. If he just low three stars the episode, you drop in the standings. Keep flingin. You're getting there.
  • @rat @burpie
    Did you notice that level 9-25 walkthrough video has a higher score than @burpie's current top score? You should do better there!
  • Yeah @Sglouk. I noticed that after my first pass. @Estar got an excellent first bird. But now begins the grind on the second pass where @Burpie and I get stupid on levels like 9-7, 9-24, and 9-29.
    BTW, I better get busy. You're only 1.5* out of 1st place in Space. WTG

    *(million) he he
  • @Burpie I'm flingin' at 9-29 while I toy with @Sglouk. I've had quite a few over 40k on my second shot with a high of 48k. I don't know what I did different to get the 48k. I improved my score with a three birder. But that car will not drift off into Space for me. What frequency is it happening for you?
  • LOL... just reading up on the emails and what?! hahaha I have a top score in Space without knowing it. whahahaha, who knew. But I am sure Mister @rat will swoop right in on his second pass. I never fill out my scores when I am doing the videos for the Nest 3* as I always expect them to be horrendous when everyone has played them. I almost wanna fill them in right now, knowing there is a "top score for now" amongst them :P
    But not gonna as I would need to fill in the rest as well and I am sure there are a lot of barely 3* amongst them. Basically what I do for the 3* vids is, play... get 3*, play again and get at least a somewhat higher score than the first 3*. When that is achieved I move on to the next level to make the vid. No time for dwindling when recording for the Nests 3* videos. But I am happy to know at least one of them is worthy enough it could have been a top score.
  • btw nice flinging in overall space @sglouk ! Mister @rat loves competition ;)
  • @estar
    It will be interesting to see if people desperately try to tie with your walkthrough score on 9-25, and then desperately try to get above average. I would not be surprised if this happens, thus making this level average very high.
  • Whaaaaaa!!! Brass Hogs 9-29 has a glitch, but it doesn't work on my IPad. The car and pig on the far right planet self destruct after six minutes about half the time. Go gather your extra 10k while you can android users. Who knows how long it will exist?

  • Whoo-hooo, I'm in the top 4 club -- all my scores in Brass Hogs are no lower than 4th place. Beat that, @Rat.
  • @fenikus
    What about the other levels?
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Thanks @Fenikus. If laughter is the best medicine, you're an entire hospital.
  • Sorry I've been away .. I'm not gonna promise catching up.. anyway another snowstorm on the way:( Happy Flinging everyone. the Famous words of @HarryStar6 "Die Piggies"
    Night Pa ♡

    Edit : how many scores have you entered @fenikus ?
  • Night Pa .. hee heee
  • Night Ma
    Keep toasty
  • Geez, you guys are such party poopers! I entered 5 scores so far but it's my club and I make the rules! ;-)
  • @fenikus Arr, your score on level 17 isn't in the top-4, so technically you have four top-4 scores. But four out of thirty is still really good!
  • You made me laugh @Fenikus. I showed up to the party. I even stayed and took home a top score on one of your five scores. ha ha You did say "Beat that Rat". All thirty of my scores are now lower than your highest.
  • @fenikus, anyone else on an iPad Air:

    Pig Days 2-16: The highest scores are coming from those who can do a mini lob with the first bird to take out sunflowers to the left of the slings. I can't come close, but it seems those on pre-Air iPad models can get them. I'm just curious if I am the only one playing on an iPad Air that cannot get to the sunflowers. :/

    I think maybe Android players too cannot reach the sunflowers.
  • I have an iPad Air, and was able to take out the sunflowers with the first bird.
  • Thanks, I think!, @Greenimperial. Well, I guess I just suck at doing a mini lob! I have tried umpteen times, the closest I can get is the tulip just to the left. Arrrrgggggg!
  • @GreenImperial, is it an Air 2?

    I know I am grasping at straws here, but I can't accept the fact I cannot do a mini lob :(
  • IPad Air 1, not the Air 2.

    I actually got the first bird to land to the right of the sunflowers. Aim upwards, not down.
  • I am aiming up, with the bird as tight to the sling as possible. If I pull down just a little, the bird doesn't go anywhere. A pixel more, the bird lands in the tulips.

    It's hard to imagine there is such a big difference between and Air 1 and an Air 2. Sooo frustrating.
  • @BPC I'm on an iPad 3 and can't get any closer than the tulips either. Very frustrating! So, back to Space, or the new Ham Dunk? Hmmmmm, so many choices......
  • Not that anything will ever come of it, but I did submit a report and request to Rovio to fix the level so all have an equal opportunity to get points from the sunflowers (and tulips).
  • @mvnla2 Thanks for the response. I was pretty active all over the site including the BP, except for the walkthroughs. Transformers doesn't look appealing to me either. What is this format change you speak of in Stella?
  • @Burpie, I revisited level 17 and snatched the 2nd spot (behind you) so now I'm technically in the top 2 club ;-) Also finished level 12 and grabbed another #2 so now I have 6 levels entered…

    @Rat, the level you mentioned must have been 17 but that top spot was short lived for ya…you're #3 now. BTW, that level has plenty more points available; I predict top scores will be in 107-108K range and someone might even get to 110K.
  • @BPC, I haven't played any Seasons episodes other than the latest On Finn Ice, but it sounds like you got your answer re: that Pig Days level. I do feel it's very unlikely that updated hardware on Air 2 can make a difference vs Air 1 -- more likely culprit is the version of iOS. You never know though.
  • WTG @Fenikus ha ha ha ha ha With all this laughter you'll have me healthy enough to fling in no time.
  • Pa I figured out my trouble! ! I need More Pixels!! can i borrow your Pixalator? Where did you get it or did you build it yourself?
    Welcome back @Angrybirdsfanguy and @GreenImperial :)
  • @Rat @all -- The Brass Hogs 29 self destruction works on my iPad2 running IOS7, so it's not just Android.
    @AngryBirdsFanGuy438 -- re Stella -- Look at the release posts. I don't remember exactly what the change was, but it made it much less interesting. Now that I think about it, the old levels are (were) still there, it's just the introduction of the gameplay on the island that I didn't like.
  • I'm sorry Ma. My pixelator isn't working at the moment. I'm out of the illudium Q-36 that powers it.
  • @Mvnla2 It's beginning to sound like the people out of luck on the 9-29 glitch use the latest version of Apple's IOS.
  • Dagnabit Pa !! I need that. .i have a mission to beat @burpie score on Beak Impact 8-29 ! And I'm a half a pixel short!!
  • So I have that truck on 9-29 sitting on the planet without wheels (they broke while I wasn't watching). Is that a good thing? Should I wait?
  • @fenikus if the wheels are broke and the truck not moving..Reset
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