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  • @BPC -- Thanks for the heads-up! I haven't started Stella yet. I think I will be very careful when I do. Backing up every few hours seems excessive to me.
  • Hmmm @kelani did you try pm mpg973? He's a nice kid really n just a little shy I think. I'm sure he could let you know what version he's using. Hes pretty good at ABSW2 I think or absw one of those. M
  • Taking a break. . Gonna fling a bit..gotta think Ferocious! !
  • @Kathy I asked him in the walkthrough, and once he understood what I meant by game version, he told me 2.0.0. His screenshot was post-reset, and I think any more complicated questions might require me to learn Farsi.
  • @Katy @karen68 -- Just looked at my SA scores! Ugh! They're mostly below average, some by a lot. I'm also below average on a lot of Pig Days.
    Generally waiting for the next update to AB Epic, and collecting set items.
  • Lol @kelani he is learning though English a bit..I had a nice conversation with him. .short but understandable:)
  • @mvnla2 don't feel bad the few scores I've entered in both pig days and SH are most below average. .and you know me I don't like to do that but I've gone against my grain.. cuz if not i wouldn't be able to enter very many:( those are tough rinse and repeat levels. .or fling and pray you get lucky. . Not much fun. .but hey we are gluttons for punishment When itcomes to killing piggies lol.. gotta laugh.. right
  • @kathy I was thinking of the old FF days when I was working on level 4 for the 3rd night in a row. :)
    My 1st pass through SH gave me a whole lot of below average scores & I'm slowly getting them up there.

  • I remember those days @karen68. .yup I'm on my first pass through SH Its not looking pretty lol..I'm only on level #8
  • Hey @Kathy, it's been nice knowing ya. Had a lot of fun here in BP but it's time for me to move on. Made a few really good friends here too, but I'll continue conversing with them via PMs or other means. Sorry, just don't like being treated like a kindergarten kid. I can't ask here for a recommendation on an iPad case? [Edit: Delete by admin*]
  • You really gonna be like that @fenikus. .I was just mentioning it because I've had a few pm's lately .. you have to admit you and kel get into some long drawn out conversations that others may find boring...if you want to take your toys and go home like a 'kindergarten kid' well that's up to you. Most enjoy your company but 2 pages of shopping for ipad cases can be done on Amazon. See ya
  • Eh, I just skip over the stuff that doesn't interest me. No big deal, just page past it.
  • @BPC Thank you!

    What I fail to understand is why when you guys spot an uninteresting topic, you don't just skip it. I've scrolled past plenty of long convos that didn't involve/interest me. It ain't that hard. Just scroll down until you find a post by someone else.

    This is essentially a chat room, and the etiquette for chat rooms has always been: take it private when it affects other conversations. When it's the middle of the night, and nobody's around, It's just silly to go "whoops, we've mentioned the same subject for four posts now, better take it private!".

    If it bothers people that much, maybe y'all should have people add a {BORING} tag to the top of their posts, or something. Anyway, that's all I'm saying on the subject.
  • @BPC that's cool..but some folks tend to try and catch up.. or lurk to see what's being discussed and that may deter newcomer from popping in if they feel they can't join in the conversation. No worries like I told @Kelani just trying to keep it so all feel comfortable popping in. Not to feel like they might be interrupting a discussion.
  • Different time zones= different'middle of the night" that's all
    *GoInG FLinGinG'
    We didn't get to over 2000 pages and 2 years for no reason. .people come...people go.. people will come agajn:)
  • Night all. .
    Night @Pa
  • Night Ma

    I sure hope you were kidding @Funikus. Btw, I learned something about I-pad covers from your conversations. My wife paid too much for mine!!!!! ha ha
  • Thanks for not taking my top score away on the challenge @Kelani. I wish I could say the same thing about @Romo and Beak Impact. He took 1st away from me in both episodes today. I wonder if he's that good or just making up scores. ha ha

    Just kidding @Romo:)
  • Just for the record @fenikus. I did find you calling @Kathy (the co-founder of the Bloated Pig) a [Edit: Delete by admin*] a little childish and unwarranted.
  • Good Morning !!
    *sets out baskets of earplugs around the tables and bar*
    Welcome to WWWwwwHhhhhhiiiiiinnnnneeeee Tuesday! !
    Happy flinging everyone have a fantabulous day:)
  • @kelani Whahahah~~ 인민정권 창건일 might be for North Korea. Meaning is correct translation but sounds very awful for S.Korea people. It's first time to hear there is that kind of holiday. Haha.
    Holiday in South Korea now is 추석(Thanks Giving), 추=Fall, 석=night

    @rat9 I got big luck especially on 8-26(photo in my album) and had more time to fling during this holiday :-) Sorry for taking away.
  • Have to rush and out again, cause I am at work... but wanted to quickly pop in and do some editing, as I agree with Mister @Rat there was no need to use those words @fenikus, even if you feel like you were treated unfair.

    As to the discussion at hand, let me say this, there is no rule that says we can not bore people to oblivion with our conversations :p so there is crime in doing so. However I think @Kathy didn't mean to order you to continue in a PM, but merely as a suggestion, which can be difficult in a virtual environment, cause even a suggestion can feel like an order/attack? But I am sure that was not meant that way...

    So please don't feel restrained in your chatting... what some consider boring can be interesting to another and because we are of all walks of life, I am sure skipping a piece of conversation is doable if that means others will find what they need. But if you feel like the conversation is taking over the BP at a time others are trying to get a word in, one could consider (so not an order, just a suggestion!) hopping over to a PM and continue there.

    Got to run, time to go home :))))
  • @BeautifulVVorld Don't think we met yet, but nice to see you... hope to catch you when (and if) I have time tonight.
  • Thank you @e-star that is all i meant. .if I used the word 'boring' I'm sorry.. don't think i did I just meant long, like 2 pages. I didn't mean to offend anyone.
    Back to work :( blah..
  • Goog evening to you all. A special hello to @beautifulvvorld as we didn't met till yet.
    I can report that the baggage of @tompuss has arrived, so she can use her red bird on her pictures.
    @kathy no reason yet to whine, or is there?
  • Hi @estar, thanks for your words of support. However, when "the co-founder of the Bloated Pig" keeps publicly chastising you for the third or fourth time for your "inappropriate" posts, it is difficult to continue feeling welcome here.

    It is too bad, because I found the vast majority of BP patrons (including yourself) an absolute delight to know and converse with.
  • @TomPuss Hi!! So great to hear from you! And thanks for the reminder of @kelani's misspelling hahahah it did make me laugh a second time. No wait a third time as I think I remember re reading the comment the first time to check if it wasn't my "special" reading skills (I read totally different words without even knowing it)
  • @estar Careful. My next typo may strike you(!)
    @hunnybunny you're missing an ear there. Bunnies look like this: !!
  • @fenikus I Don't recall 'keep publicly chastizing you at all. .and i was nt cchastising or saying your posts were ' innappropriate' I just said they were "long conversations"
    I have however seen others mention it And I've received several pm's about it which is why i mentioned it which I explained.
    Seems you are making a mountain out molehill here.
    That's all i have to say end of subjects.
  • @kelani it was you who told me to do "!" Rather than "."
    Gave me attitude or some such ........
  • @fenikus I am sorry you still feel that way, but then again I must admit that I am not fully up to speed on how many times @Kathy has made you feel that way. As for the public what?! (sorry needed to google to check if my thoughts were correct) I am sure it did feel that way for you personally, but I assure you I myself never got that feeling from reading the comments. So you didn't get put in a bad spotlight imo. But again I am not reading all the posts lately.

    Not sure if this is "leave the BP entirely" worthy, but only you can decide that, not any of us. But I think if there are still feelings or thoughts on this subject that need to be addressed it's probably best to do this in private with those who are involved, not an order, just a suggestion ;) . I think speaking ones mind and feelings can create a better understanding and therefore tolerance. But again, it's all up to you.

    nuff said, time to check my other messages...
  • @kelani I can not wait... what "slip of the thong" could it be?? Whahahaha sorry...
  • @estar you naughty thing, you :P I'm soo typo-prone, so I'm sure you won't have too long a wait.
  • @hunnybunny now I am curious... having issues with the black green eyed cat?! hee hee... (him telling to send a pm if you have a problem and you sending one right away)

    @kelani I have an excuse, I am a dutchie, and thong and tongue sound the same to me :p
  • @estar just messing with kelani. He's easy to mess with ;-)))))
    Must pop now. Still no discernible points on HH :-(
  • LOL @kelani our dutch word for tongue sounds like and actually is spelled tong, so prolly that is why I hear that word when reading tongue... hee hee but reading your Tung reminded me of the english word sounding different LOL
  • @estar y'all have a weird language. So many similar words, just spelt vreemd :)

    ooh, in Dutch does weird= raar? If so, I LOVE that.
  • Yup @Kelani Raar maar waar :) try to say that a couple of times without getting your thong twisted in a bunch whahahahah
  • Hee hee @estar google translate is a wonderful place
  • @TomPuss happy you finally got your luggage back! ! Thanks for the 'Simon's cat video:) Roflmao!! Yes those moths are pesty creaturea..butt eeeeww earwig ! Awful!
    @bernersenn I have not much whining to do yet.. but i haven't started flinging yet so will see lol.
    OB a PigKiller please while i finish catching up:)
  • @estar I have NEVER worn a thong. (passed out drunk better not count). I love boxer-briefs too much. :)

    Wait a minute... this 'waar' word. If that means 'where' and you guys pronounce it like 'wahr', then it sounds *exactly* the same down here in the south :)
    edit: actually southerners say it 'whar', but close enough.
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