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  • @fenikus On the history channel tonight, there's a '10 Things You Didn't Know' episode on your buddy Tesla.
  • And your buddy Edison. The schedule says "Edison vs. Tesla".
  • So Henry Rollins is going to tell me that I "didn't know" Edison cheated Tesla out of $50K?
  • What I would really like to see is Edison vs. Tesla being covered on Drunk History on Comedy Central.
  • @fenikus I'd like to see Tesla and Edison in gladiatorial combat, using only their respective inventions :> Edison would be toast. Literally.

    HC will probably tell you he had an aversion to women's jewelry, or that he really invented the radio, and Marconi based his design off of it.
  • Or that device he claimed could destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. forgot about that one and the death ray.
  • Wow, I've never been 8th place and below average before.

    edit: Nobody here again? Oh, right, it's a weekend.
  • Uhmm ya nobody here for' Wow suh 3 hours? Or am i on the wrong page?
  • Especially you! @Kathy where you been?
  • Hey there @Kelani I've had a busy 'boring' couple of days:/
  • didn't you say something about a yacht club?
  • I'm actually headed for my pillow:/ sorry just wanted to check in but no way can i check up
    Tomorrow another day;) my n keyboard not cooperating. .
  • You didn't miss anything. nobody sayin' nuthin.
  • Ya had a event at the club Boooooring!!!
  • sounds yawny to me, unless there's good food.
  • That's good ;) thanks @Kelani ;) so i dont need a recap?
    Kl mm poofs did right note. .lol
    Translation = my phone keyboard sucks right now1!
  • No recap. Just some Beak/TT/HH shuffling around, some people hitting 32M on Beak. I've been too busy to catch everything.
  • Arghhh...nope food wasn't good... seriously i can't type a word..hoodoovoodoo v taking ov err night night lll check inn tomorrow:/
  • Howdy folks! Just finished getting the min points for POTJ score addict, figured I'd pop in to celebrate.
  • Night @Kelani :)

    Night Pa♡
  • Hard to belief a couple months ago I didn't really know what angry birds was
  • Congrats @JKhab69 :) !! Wtg !!
  • Sorry on my way to my pillow^^
  • Good Night Ma
  • @all Well, whaddya know - our baggage finally arrived yesterday evening! Imagine - 6 whole days without it and the most awful trouble getting it back. . We had to go buy some new stuff, the one thing I couldn't find was pants, so all I had for those six days were my gardening ones, scruffy old things with bleach splashes on them, strictly reserved for the journey. . I so enjoyed dressing up for dinner last night! . .
    I'm going to have to play catch-up here. . Meanwhile this is a mightily relieved TomPuss signing off, and promising to BBL. Hugz and kisses to all xoxoxo
  • @all You'll get our fotos later. . meanwhile take a look at this lovely blog, by someone who was staying in the our hotel. We see the same views as he does:

  • Found at last, Found at last, Thank God almighty, They found your luggage at last. Hallelujah @TomPuss.

    Edit: apologies to MLK
  • @TomPuss I'm glad you got your luggage :) We didn't hear from you after that, so I pictured you standing in the street with a "WIll Work For Pants" sign. Anyway, hope you're having a great time :)
  • Definitely God's country @TomPuss. And no mosquitos? Heaven on Earth!
  • Is anybody there? There's been an awesome increase at the BP it seems. Hope you guys remember me?
  • @iamMighty I'm sure they remember you, but it's been pretty quiet here today.
  • @rat @kelani @all TG the pants problem is over! Yesterday I was in a shop trying to get into a pair of leggings sized XL . . . XL on a Gnome of Zurich, maybe, but certainly not on me. . Off to breakfast, have a fantastic day!
    Yes, @iamMighty, I remember you!
  • It just doesn't add up @iamMighty? Where ya been?
  • Oooo! Oooo! Somebody you can play math with @Kelani.
  • @rat lol. Math's all done. Haven't had time to work on the project this week, either.
  • zzz..night..zzz
  • @kelani -- What level were you #8 and below average?
    @JKhab69 -- Congrats on PoJ! Looks like you stopped by in a lull. Have a drink of your choice on me next time you stop by.
    @TomPuss -- Can't believe it took 6 days to get your luggage to you! I practically died when our luggage was lost for 2 days! Did the airline give you some $ to buy emergency clothes? Bet they didn't. Don't think we got any either. Ours wasn't really lost, they just didn't feel like getting it on the flight or bringing it to us on a Sun. once it was in the same city.
    @IamMighty -- LTNS! How long ago were you last here? How are things with you? Have you been flinging? The night crew is getting pretty thin these days, but maybe it will start up again. If you haven't heard from Ripsy recently, best to PM him. Sounds like he's doing very well right now; therefore very busy.
  • Wow! And no one's been here for 7 hours, at least.
  • I know what you mean @Mvnla2. If it weren't for @Kelani drinking those Quik/Coffee concoctions, OB said he'd have to close the bar. Kel's single handedly keeping the BP in the black.
  • Oh, and, @kelani last time I "like" one of your reviews. HWDNF thinks I've gone mad. We keep getting Amazon recommendations for Dr Elmer's wood stabilising glue
    Whatever the heck that is........
  • Ha ha ha ha ha You liked it, now it loves you.
  • @hunnnybunny at least it wasn't a review for a DIY colonoscopy kit, or something :o)
  • I'm mad at Elmer's releasing that product. They're headquartered in NC. I expect them to not do stupid stuff like that.
  • Just messing @kelani just messing with you ;-)
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