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  • Ahhh hoooo haaahaha..o.k
    *face palm*
    Going back to fling
    Heee heee hooooohahahahahoooheeee haha rat9 save haha Kelani from Kimmie heeee hooo ohh myhmy..*snicker *
  • *can be heard all the way from Hidden Harbor*
    Hees hooooohaha*snicker. .hee heeeee eee
  • hrm. I think she's laughing at me.

    *places a rush-order from*
  • That was a little too big
  • Wow, now that's fast service!

    @Kathy congrats, I was zoned out and leaning close to screen, so that actually scared me a bit.
  • Hee hee @kelani it was a little much ..ooopsy:/
    K for real got to fling is near bedtime . Hope Pattypup feels better tomorrow:)
  • @Kathy thanks. :) Pattycake has better meds now, which'll help, but it'll take awhile before she's better. Right now she can't even walk more than a few steps.

    have fun flinging. :)
  • Jeeez I did better when i wasn't peeking at walkthroughs. .I can't get afreankin point to save myife:( whine
  • :( poor pattycakes ... night @kelani
  • I can't believe it…that shoulda been a 1-birder on TT 16. Anyway, now we know it's possible so 267K top score certainly seems plausible. Actually I think 270K is possible.
  • I just noticed I've only played the BR bonus levels like.. once. Completely forgot about them.
  • Yup, definitely repeatable 1-birder possible on TT 16. Second time I made it happen but both times things just didn't pan out like they're "supposed" to.
  • She doesn't need to hide behind me @Kelani. I'll be clawing my way to get in front of her to get a piece of what's left after Kimmie gets through. lol
  • He doesn't know Kimmie @Kathy. He should be a'scared, but he's not smart enough.
  • @Rat No, I don't know her, but I've read enough old BP and walkthrough posts to get an idea. :)
  • @kelani Good ((((((vibes))))) to Pattycake xoxo

    @all Angry guy, obedient ducks:
  • Hi everyone :D
    I haven't been here in quite a long while ... spent the last 2 weeks at the best summer camp in the world (not as a kid, I work there) and the internet connection there is so slow I didn't even attempt it. Now excuse me, I need to catch up on about 1400 comments ;)
  • Hey @Annifrid Nice to see you back! So what's the location of the best summer camp in the world? (Just interested - far too old to go there!) :)
  • Good afternoon @all :D
    OB could you please fill up my to go cup with a strong black Americano please?
    Real life gets in the way in the summertime so flinging etc gets the old heave ho as work and real life playtime takes priority. I Can't possibly go over 2 weeks of pages so I'll just try to piece together some things,forgive me as I've prob missed tons!
    @tompuss once again thanks for the great vids! I think I may have missed a couple so will check back when I get time. Either that or push me in the right direction and I'll find them lol! You're so sweet to take the time to find these!
    @Bernersenn you're on vacation in Switzerland? How lucky you are. I've only been once and that was a 10 day school trip to Interlaken and surrounding areas. Even as a 14yr old juvenile delinquent I could see the beauty of this country! I can't wait to go back. Hubby's head office is in Lausanne which he travels to frequently. Unfortunately,like most work trips,he doesn't get to see a whole lot. Anyhoo,Enjoy your trip!
    @fenikus great video of the sneaky pooch!
    @kelani your pup's not well? I Hope she's better today.
    @sweetp take it easy for goodness sake :( dizzy spells? In general though,are you feeling better? Hope so X How's the new baby girl settling in?
    @rat are you ok? I skimmed a couple of pages and didn't see you much. Hope everything's ok with you?
    @mvnla you're on vacation as well? I can only imagine how much a round at pebble beach would've been! I'm sure lunch was worth it,with views to die for I'm assuming? :D
    So you're all still flinging away @kelani,@hunnybunny @fenikus @bernersenn @Kathy @sweetp @rat? Who's doing what and where? Who's leading? Who's catching?
    @kathy you kinda lost the plot laughing up top!! You ok now? ;D
    Ok I've gotta take my coffee and run back to work, Late night tonight :(
    See ya's!
    Sorry......just realised that was me just firing questions at everyone! Oops!
  • @JLZ wow, that looked like one of my novel-posts :) All of us were flinging in TT, and the top 7 spots are all BP folk. (If you'd get your priorities in order, you could be #8 within a day :P ). Points are at the 'hard to find' stage, so everyone's pretty much stalled out.

    We've missed you, hope you wander again in soon. :)
  • @All new Rio iOS bugfix out today.
  • Good evening to you all. A very good evening, just sent the Sheriff to @rat.
  • @jlz666 never had the idea of returning to Switzerland? I came here first in 1981 - it impressed. Then we got kids, so the money didn't last for more Switzerland. In 1995 we returned again, and from 2001 till now we come here yearly. Thanks
  • @bernersenn, I see you did little more than sent the Sheriff to Rat's door. You became El Presidente in TT…WTG!
  • @fenikus that's for now my friend, knowing that I will be hunted...
    I looked into the Gamecenter and saw that my score does not correspond with the one on the Ipad and on the leaderboard. Those two are equal. In the GC I saw that our bunny has some presents for us, cause virtual she is #1
  • I haven't been able to catch up, but didn't want to chatter too much in the walkthrough... where I was at, finishing up what I started 4 weeks ago LOL... So not ignoring anyone, I will read up when I get the chance. Just one more day of work and then 2 weeks of vacation... ahhhhh blissful... summer.... RAIN!! nothing but rain in the forecast in Dutchie land :((

    But the reason for me popping in... @bernersenn ... OLD man??? either I never read it or I didn't remember it... but you are not old right?? are you?? above 40?? hee hee sorry to the 40-ers that consider 50 something old and so one ;P
  • @bernersenn Mrs. Bunny's GC score is incorrect (too high). She was testing to see if a certain user got their impossibly high score w/CTF and got stuck with a bad score.

    btw, good job beating the crap outta my TT score. :)

    @estar I was just about to call the Dutchie police to check in on you :)
  • rowr. this poached eggs challenge is embarrassing. I'm the only PC player to not get a puppy yet.
  • awww @kelani no need for the police, I am just juggling the last days at work, overdue Father in law visit, acupuncture appt for the PITA (still there and not moving), real life and ermmm time... it just slips away. Each time I try to catch up with the PMs, BP and the rest I have none left. How are you these days?
  • @estar see, now without the dash, lol. I'm above 40, above 50, argh. I'm 56 years old, next month you may add one year to it. About that dutch police - that wouldn't help, I'm in Switzerland, now for a little week. The rest and the lack of stress does improve my scores significantly. That's nice, very nice. OB, a round for these people, all on my tab
  • @estar I'm fine, just taking care of people and hurt/sick animals and flinging when I get a chance. Crap, I have to go. Vet just now called about Pattydog, and they want me to bring her back in again. I s'pose I'll catch up with you later :)
  • @estar hi, long time, no see
    Hope your PITA goes away soon, and you enjoy your holiday
    @jlz666 too many questions, so little time (lol)
    @kathy watching Hope and Lily, the black bears, you must have seen them on NatGeo?
    @bernersenn catch us on HH then?
    Thanks @kelani for explaining the GC thingy

    And the reason I wasn't here last night. I was being restrained, in a padded cell, in the local nut house. TT#14 HH#14 HH#15
    For what seemed like months, I made 380 in total. Totally mad....
  • @bernersenn o_O nope didn't know that! I thought you were a young one like me hee hee. As for the police, @kelani was just about to send them after me, not you... he knew where you were.

    @kelani I am so sorry to about Pattydog... I really need to read up on what is going on, but animalkids health issues are always heartbreaking. Sending good vibes your way!
  • Oh, I forgot, PattyCat....
    Best wishes, strokes, chewy thingys, to her

  • Hi @hunnybunny thanks for the well wishes! Hope the weather will suddenly clear up and let us have at least a couple of sunny and dry days, but with my track record and the predictions... mweeeeh not going to happen I think
  • @estar the weather here is fabulous, hope it drifts over to you

    Off to fling
  • Oh Good Grief - thought I would lurk and read back - but there is sooooooo much to catch up on & I've got a stack o ironing to do so
    OB drinks all round on my tab for all patrons and I'll try and catch up tomorrow inbetween swimming, supermarket, housework, Talking Newspaper 'tech'ing, ABN B&R and life in general!!!! @JLZ666 - I think I'll wait til all your questions are answered that should keep me going!!! Have fun @all!!
  • HI and bye @mumsie thanks for the free drink, you busy busy lady! enjoy ermmm all the work you have planned on doing tomorrow!
  • @kelani @bpc's cat was diagnosed with Small cell lymphoma and was starting treatment a while back, not sure but we never heard if the treatment is successful. Maybe @hunnyBunny was planning on asking her and your Pattydog jogged her memory??

    I really need to turn in for the night, sorry I can not stay @kelani. Haven't been able to read up on the comments, could you maybe shoot me a small synopsis on what has been keeping you busy @kelani?? You know PMs stick better to my memory banks than the BP comments do... if not, no problem, I will try to catch up this weekend. Night night @all!
  • @Kelani, I think your doctorate paper on HH 13 contains some scientific inaccuracies.
  • What!?
  • OH! Y'all caught me napping ;)

    Had to get up real early to do some babysitting, came home later and crashed hard! Not even all the damm mowers running in the neighborhood kept me awake, but somehow my email alert did the job.

    @kelani I understand you have a sick pup "Pattydog" ? I am sorry to hear it, I hope it isn't too serious.

    My "Patty Cat" seems to be responding to the treatment for small cell lymphoma. At least her weight loss seems to be checked, and has even managed to put back on a few ounces. If the medicine wasn't working, she probably would be gone by now. Hard to imagine as I watch her chasing bugs in the backyard...

    I was flinging away like crazy on Flock Favorites, until a couple days ago when I took a late night tumble on the back patio. In my hurry to break up a cat fight between two strays, I managed to trip on the hose, landing hard. Scraped up one arm, both hands and one knee. A couple days later and there is barely a place on my body that doesn't ache, especially my hands. Old ladies like myself have no business falling down! Still flinging, but barely.
  • Still confused about the "What??" But I am happy to hear Patty Cat is still fighting and going strong! Sorry I must turn in for the night, but ouch! It hurst just reading about your night tumble... Speedy recovery and healthy vibes to ya @bpc
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