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  • Congrats with Page changer on this Thread @aman :-)
  • @amslimfordy Yes you're right. You see These Levels once and they are gone after a week. But maybe we will see the Levels again in a non basical web App than the ME where interesting!!

    Thanks for you comment here!
  • This may be a repeat, but it bears repeating:

    When a level ends, it would be very helpful if the final screen showed the entire level, even when playing zoomed in, and then not have it obliterated with the final score. Final destruction and trajectory of last bird could be analyzed, an importantly, a score could be more easily verified. This is on the top of my list to Rovio.
  • I was just checking my Seasons leaderboards and now I've got only one BIG wish that we could get those last three levels for the following episodes for PC:

    Hogs & Kisses
    Go Green, Get Lucky
    Easter Eggs!
    Mooncake Festival (Moon Festival)

    It's just impossible to compete in the episode total, 'cause PC is missing three levels in each of those episodes :/

  • @lisko

    I am sure you will see these Levels in the next Update !
  • @CC Jolly - I wouldn't be so sure, we've been missing those levels for a long time already :/ Though I won't give up hoping that we'll get those at some point! Would be great to get ABR Market Mayhem too, I've got it on my tablet and it felt pretty easy, but would be great to play it on PC, 'cause I'm only inserting my PC scores to the leaderboards :)
  • Market mayhem is hard+lagging for me..... well actually only the slingshot! everything runs smoothly, but the slingshot only responds after 2 or 3 seconds!
  • I would love to see water levels in Bad Piggies and then mabey you could also put water in the Field of Dreams on the left side of where you build too. Here coud be som ideas: wood will float across and metal will sink if the level target is under the water. You can add special extra-powered fans that work great in water but not in air. Last but not least you could add currents or waves. Please add soon!
  • @myself

    Really interesting idea. Sounds really good :-)
  • I always did think of water in Bad Piggies. You could have a rotor to propel you forward, and releasable anchors for weight underwater, kind of like the sandbags on the planes.
  • @theanonymoussomeone @myself

    I would also be interesting to see A Dessert in Angry Birds. For example sand and windstorms etc. ... What do you think about?
  • @CCJolly I want to see tornadoes too in Angry Birds. May be in AB Seasons :)
  • Yea, the tornadoes that change the birds trajectory just like the volcanoes in AB space
  • @Aman Yes Tornados and Sandstorms that sounds good :-)
  • Maybe not a tornado, but a dust storm that pushes everything away from it.
  • Yesssssss
  • Additional dlc parts for Bad Piggies to do with the Angry Birds games, like Boosters for ABSpace, Lasers, AT-AT legs etc. for ABSW and Limited timed holiday packs for seasons. Each part dlc will be 1.00 GBP (1.54 USD) and will be added into its own special sandbox, available with the dlc.
  • Or just separate games....
    Maybe they should also be shown correspondent with each game, for example, being able to buy BPSW game while playing ABSW.
  • Separate games will be a bit much of a squeeze in for Rovio. Imagine all the games in about a month!
  • ... I hope we will see soon also Cloud Synch (Rovio Account) for the other Angry Birds Games like in AB Original. It is really a great thing saving Game Process (Points, Stars and Feathers)

  • Rovio has already stated that that is their plan.
  • Yes Slim can't wait for it. Maybe we will see it in the next Updates :-)
  • I filled out the feedback form presented as a survey on Rio last week. While I don't want to criticize the work of someone else in my profession, I hope the "results" are taken as 'information' rather than 'data' with quite leading questions, non-exhaustive response categories, and the ability for people to fill out as many replies as they wanted. Feedback of this sort may confirm sone ideas the company already had, but would hardly be useful for supporting business decisions. As an AB addict and a professional researcher, I am intrigued thinking about the types of marketing and customer satisfaction research Rovia does.
  • I know this isn't really about Rovio, but I wish that there was a game center for pc, so that we could get achievements
  • Remove Red Mighty Feather from Original Angry Bird game.
  • @AB5 Why do you want it to be removed? If you don´t like it you don´t need to play it.
  • That's nonsense @AB5.
  • @danimario9

    Very interesting ideas. Sounds really good :-)
  • Submarines in Bad Piggies.
  • For $5 I think it's perfectly fair.
  • I'd like to see an Angry Birds/Teen Titans sort of crossover sometime in between 2014-2015.
  • @ipuffle

    Thanks for comment here!!
  • I wish fry me to the moon from "Angry Birds Space" was somewhat larger. It only encompasses 1/3 of the levels compared to other planets in ABS. Maybe on the next blue moon?
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