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  • Level Creator!

    @CCJolly will this be sent in to rovio?
  • I will collect some ideas @angrybirdsspacemaster i will send it to ROVIO. Maybe some ideas will be implemented !!!
  • @penguinlover, comic books would be great and even better if they were not only printed edition but also digital for iPad. Comic Book application would be great, once you download application from iTunes App Store and then buy books as IAPs.
    I think that all players who have AB games installed on two or more devices want that Rovio come up with cloud storage for scores to be automaticaly synchronized between all them.
  • @leggy

    Interesting, sounds good !!!
  • Here is my big wish list for Rovio:

    1) Backup - some sort of authorized back up process. Whether it's to Rovio's servers, some sort of cloud, Dropbox, files on your phone that you can email to your self. I don't care. The game has been out for over 2 years now and some people are upgrading their phones (I have). Would be nice to have some sort of seamless backup so we don't loose all our hard work.

    2) Power ups - No I don't want them added to any more versions. Just a very verifiable way of showing if they were used. The update to space is good, but they need to do this to AB:O and AB:Rio. I would also like both scores shown everywhere a score is shown. That way there would be NO confusion as to what was a power up score and what was a "Pure" score.

    3) Consistancy - Every version of AB on EVERY platform should have the exact same levels and birds. Chrome is the biggest offender of this.

    4) Mighty Eagle/Space Eagle/Millinium Falcon - These should be $1.00 for unlimited use. That's how the original ME was introduced and its my opinion that they should be consistant across all versions. Even if they raise the price, it should be for unlimited use. It should also be available for every version and on all platforms. (I know that the PC version may be an issue due to the lack of in app purchases)

    5) Integration with ABN - Rovio gave the admins of this site permission to use the AB trademarked stuff. It would be nice if there were some way to automatically upload ones scores to the Nest. I know that would require Rovio to give the Nest information on the encryption of the data files, which I don't think they would want to do, but it would make things easier for users to post scores and for the admins to verify scores.

    6) Some sort of Game Center for Andriod/PC/Mac. I know Game Center is not run by Rovio, but looking at the list of Achievements that the iOS users can get makes me a bit jealous. I know, as much as I have played, I would have most if not all. Just another added bonus for playing so much. I know this is probably the most un-realistic of the list.
    (almost forgot this one and added it after the first 5)

    I doubt very highly that any of these would be done. If I had my choice, it would be #1.
  • @leggy

    re:re: Point 1 - as you stated there are backups in google play store, nothing official. That's the problem. Some people have come up with good apps to backup with only to get hit by Rovio for trademark infringement. Also, currently there is no backup/restore for Jelly Bean. If Rovio could implement in to each app, or as a seperate app, it would make things much better for all.

    re:re: Point 2 - couldn't agree more.

    re:re: point 3 - couldn't agree more

    re:re: point 4 - couldn't agree more

    re:re: point 5 - this would be optional for the user. There have been times where I have compared my phone score total to the Nest and they didn't match up. Nothing worse than having to go through 30 levels only to find I fat fingered the score on level 28. (and never to my advantage) I think there will always be errors on entering scores, but this would make it much quicker. It would also allow users to play many different levels from different episodes, improve his/her score, and not have to remember which ones they did it on. I personally have over 1400 scores posted (not counting FB levels). If I had just found this site now, wow, would it be a pain to enter each one.
  • For right-handers playing on iPad: a reversible version so we can shoot from right to left, leaving the screen less obscured by the hand. This idea occurred to other friends too.
  • @tompuss

    Interesting idea. Good idea!!
  • @danimario9

    If they would add the walkthroughs into the games, wouldn't that take away the idea of the game? In my opinion the idea of the game is that you find a way to beat the level. There are A LOT of levels that I've spent days to beat them. Three starring some levels has taken even weeks. Even when that's sometimes very frustrating, it's still makes the game fun when you finally get a nice score :)

    And I don't think that they added power up's as a way to cheat, but more like way to get better scores. I absolutely agree that it is cheating when someone adds a power up -score to the leaderboard, 'cause it says that it's not allowed. But when someone is playing just for her/his own fun, what does it matter if power ups are used? If someone wants to pay for power ups then be my guest, the money is not taken from my pocket :) Rovio still is a company and their goal is to make money, they are already giving free updates for the games. Other option of course would be that you should pay for each update to get them, but I don't think they are going to do it at least not in the near future. Yeah, I still think that it would be nice if they could figure out some kind of system that separates scores without PU's and those with PU's, but I'm sure they're working on it, at least I hope so.

  • @mvnla2 -- Wait, wait, wait for me! (Runs up from behind frantically waving hands in the air.) You didn't give me enough time to catch up with the forums and find this new thread! (Huff, huff, puff, phew...OK.)

    I was going to ask for features that make it easier to use ABN while playing the AB games. For example, I don't think there's a way (at least on the PC platform) to see your scores easily for all levels -- or even the currently displayed group of levels -- so you can more easily type them to the leaderboards here. As far as I know, you have to go to into each level to see your score, and then back out and go to the next one. Mighty annoying, for those of us with minimal patience.

    Also, I have kind of a wary relationship with FB, even though I play ABF and ABSTW there all the time, and love that platform for AB. However, maintaining one's privacy on FB has become a sort of live-action game all on its own. I like to keep the different parts of my life (online and offline) separate.

    None of my FB friends are into AB. But I feel very comfortable here at ABN and I wish there was a way we could invite friends from here on ABN directly to play in tournaments or whatever. Oops, is that accidentally a request for the ABN site, and not for AB itself? Not sure...ABN is so tightly integrated into the way I play AB now that sometimes it's hard for me to keep the two separate in my mind!

    Any way, thanks @CC_Jolly for starting this thread!
  • Thanks @junkenmetel :-)

    It's a Best Seller :-)
  • The only things on my wish list:
    1- restore our ability to turn off the ads. I am sick and tired of having to disable my wireless just so I can play in peace. I really, really, really hate the ads on the pause screen, especially since I paid full price for the HD versions of all my games. If they don't fix this, I am going to delete all AB games from my ipad and just play on my PC.
    2 - Make all versions with an option to completely disable the power ups, and make the icon for the power ups disappear from the playing screen when it is disabled.
  • Re 1: Rovio said there was an issue that caused some instability, but I have implored to restore Postman Piggy.
  • a 3D graphic Angry Birds, like the transition that Mario went through for Super Mario 64 or Sonic the Hedgehog for Sonic Adventure.
  • Great idea @burungberang

    Thanks for comment here!
  • I want a Bad Piggies Windows 8 app.
  • I would like angry bird versions for 'right fingered' players. All current versions are for 'left handed' players.
  • How about a totally new Chapter of Angry Birds as The Avengers with each Bird having an appropriate Super Power?
  • @WereWolf69 I think that'd have to be a completely new app (similar to SW), but could be interesting.

    This could be an interesting read for you, if your an Avengers fan: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forum/discussion/847/original-art-piece-angry-birds-avengers/p1
  • That's some very nice artwork, but, the Hulk as a pig? He may have my personality, but he's still one of the good guys.
  • I would like to see an icon next to best score that shows if it was achieved with power up! I know it shows this in the 'level cleared' page but only when you first complete the level. I think it should show up every time you complete level.
  • @werewolf69

    Very great idea to see Hulk as a piggie. It was also great to see Frankenstein :-)
  • ... it would be cool to see a New Angry Birds App which is called Angry Birds Underground !!!
  • Today I downloaded the PC version just to see how it compared to the iPad version. How nice is it you can restart without first hitting the pause button! And, wow, the page loads so much faster, but I guess that is to be expected. Anyway, YES to a restart button! Since pages load so much slower on mobile devices, it seems to me they deserve a quicker way to restart a level.
  • I know that this kinda impossible but i would like to see a game collecting all the promotional ones(cheetos etc)
  • @ironavenger

    Yes that would be great. The Angry Birds Lost Levels for Mobile :-)
  • Rovio should add a feature for adding scores to the leaderboards of the ABN
    This way will quicker and easier because I always write scores into a list and type to the leaderboards
  • There's a pretty big issue standing in the way there...
  • What issue ?
  • @FBB - Why do you write the scores into a list before inserting to leaderboards? When I joined into the Nest, I just took one episode at the time and inserted all my scores straight from the game into the leaderboard. Yeah, it takes time, but Rovio isn't the same as the Nest :)
  • Because I can't remember all the scores so I put it into the list then to the leaderboards
  • Okay, 'cause I'm just keeping the game open in the backround and then just add the scores one by one. Though it would be nice if the scores were shown the same way as in the AB Friends where you can see the score without opening the level :)

    One thing that came into my mind just now...It would be nice if there could be some kind of statistics inside the games. I mean that when you open a level you could open up stats which shows how many times you have played the level and maybe something else too :D Haha, it could also be pretty depressing to see how many times you have restarted some level, but I would really like that kind of feature in the game :D
  • How about the Angry birds game that only have chain reaction levels
    I love chain reaction
  • I think that angry birds starwars tournament on facebook should be implemented into the ABWS game on other devices sort of like friends that just got released on other platforms
  • @samstyle102

    Yessss that would be great!!!
  • I want Mighty Eagle on PC. I know that IAP technology is not yet available for PC. But they could do an alternative solution to this. Why not something like ’purchase a code to activate ME’ for unlimited use, like they did redeem code in AB Rio or something else?
  • @Aman - I'm pretty sure they would have done it already if it was so easy to code. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of ME but if that would be available for those who want it, why not. I just think that there is a reason why they haven't done it.
  • @aman

    It would also great to see ME in Angry Birds Friends!
  • @CCJolly - But it already is available in ABF? o.O
  • @Lisko Yes you right, may be difficult to code ME in PC. But it would be very great & useful to skip some difficult levels :)

    Edit : And ME is available in ABF, but not yet available for ABF Mobile app.
  • @lisko

    I don't think so!? Where i can download it?
  • @aman okay i understand. So maybe it is available for mobile also in future!?
  • @CCJolly May be :)
  • So is it possible to skip some level by feathering it?
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