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  • Love the new notifications, but it wont go off. Everytime I click a notification it turns from a 1 to a 0, but the notification for the BP R&S update will not go off however many times I click it. Has anyone else experienced this "problem"?
  • @angermanagement go to "updates" via the gold header bar & that will remove the notification.
  • @angermanagement @karen68 That workaround works for now. We will fix the issue soon.
  • @AMslimfordy - Any idea about the problem with the leaderboard (the last message on page 15)?
  • @Lisko With the creation of a specific, stand-alone leaderboard, the old "Facebook" leaderboard has been closed. Beyond that, check out BirdLeader's comments on the Facebook leaderboard page. This was moreso his project than mine, since I have had a very busy week.
  • Do you think Road Hogs could be added to the Daily Challenge? That would be a cool way for people to receive the Underdog badge (what vehicle you built, etc.)
  • @Slim - Thanks, and sorry I didn't notice that message :D Everything's fine :D
  • No worries @Lisko

    @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster Our leaderboard isn't set up to deal with such things.
  • ABN members like me have chosen PC as their platform. However, there are Seasons levels that exist only for mobile phones and they appear in the leaderboards. So, for example, the leaderboard says: Hogs and Kisses- 15/18 scores entered, although I have entered all the Hogs and Kisses scores. Can you do something about it?
  • Nothing can be done about it at this time. The logic just isn't there.
  • @karen68 Thanks for that info!
  • Possible site glitch: Today (maybe yesterday?), I have been having trouble entering scores from the walkthrough pages. I'm not sure, but it seems to be a problem when I am entering a score for the first time for the level I am working on, which have mostly been Rio. I tap on the field for adding a score, but nothing happens. I have to go to my leaderboard to enter the score.
  • Nope, I can't add or change my score from walkthrough pages. Can it be something wrong with my iPad?
  • Okay, I just entered a score on a walkthrough page. A few minutes later I tried again, but could not get score box to open. Very odd.
  • @BPC Seems to be a mobile issue. I'll let BL know.
  • Thanks Slim! Not a big deal, but thought it should be reported.
  • Walkthrough score boxes are working today. Thank you!
  • Sorry for cluttering the page. The walkthrough score box was working for me all morning, so I figured something was tweaked, but I am once again having the same problem. Will wait patiently :)
  • @BPC - I had the same problem a while ago, but didn't mention it, 'cause when I refreshed the page it worked out fine. Usually I'm always having my leaderboard open and even if I've got the walkthrough open too, I insert the scores straight to the leaderboard so haven't been bumping to that problem in a while. Though that may be a problem while using for example a phone (I'm using PC) :/ Hopefully the problem gets fixed!

  • BL is in the loop. May be a tough one to solve but he's on the case!
  • Ah! That makes sense! I often do not let the video complete to the end, so that is why I can usually enter the score. I never would have guessed it had to do with the video. Thanks for investigating @AMslimfordy
  • @admins - Would it maybe be possible to make some comment when you're deleting comments from news etc.? I'm starting to feel a bit looney 'cause the comments I've been answering has been removed and now it mostly looks like I'm talking to myself :)
  • Can have to show comment time in local time zone?
    Sometime will confuse with Forum and main site.
  • @PJng This forum will be dissolving soon, so the confusion will be removed.
  • I'm afraid my comment about not watching walkthrough videos to the end, may lead one to think I do not value the entirety of the video. I absolutely do, but I frequently will pause the video to more carefully observe the trajectory, or where exactly a bird hits it's target.

  • @amslimfordy, I think he means that the comments on the main site should show up in our local time zones, similar to the way the comments in this forum show up in UTC0 for me, and UTC-5 for you.
  • I believe there is a specific reason why the main site using Pacific Time. Most likely since it would cause issues with admins being in different time zones when we draft, schedule, and publish posts.
  • Sounds fair, I know that I just need to add 8 hours if I want my time zone:)
  • @admins, why did you close my discussion ? And if you close it, you have to make a comment to tell a reason why did you close it
  • @fbb - I'm pretty sure that one reason was that you were telling your age, 'cause that post was deleted.
  • Why it has been closed ? Am I do anything wrong
  • @fbb - Like I said, I think that one reason was your age. You shouldn't be telling your personal information if you're underaged. But that's just my guess.
  • @FFB - @minh -- I sent you a PM. If you want an answer from an admin, try sending them a PM, or send e-mail (About / Contact) on gold bar.
  • I never saw the thread so I can't comment.
  • @BPC @Lisko

    After dozens of reports by site hosts far outside of the realm of ABN, Google has responded that they are aware of the issue.

    The exact details still seem a bit sparse, but it seems that the "unclickable" region is the exact size of the YouTube video itself. Any links within (YT-height) of the bottom of video will be unclickable UNLESS you chose to Play/Stop the video.

    Hopefully we will see a fix soon. As always, we appreciate the report and your patience as Google tries to repair the embedding.
  • Thanks for the update @AMslimfordy. A very curious situation!
  • @AMslimfordy - Thanks for the info :)
  • I think the "unclickable" problem may be fixed - everything is working for me this morning.
  • What do you think about idea that taking part in community's daily challenge be rewarded with 5 points?
  • Maybe just taking part would be a lot of hard work for the admins @cosmo2503...But, how about the person who gets the highest improved score gains 5 points, including people who would also get an Underdog for such a score?
  • @karen68 Thanks for the report. Indeed seems to be fixed for now. (Cc: @Lisko @BPC)

    @cosmo2503 Not a bad idea. To my knowledge, not much time has been put into connecting ranks with leaderboards. We have some higher priority things in place right now, but I'll keep it in mind.
  • I didn't notice earlier that Pigineering channal on You Tube is created by Angry Birds Nest crew, really cool. Who of you guys make those crazy contraptions? You make the very best out of Field of Dreams. Now it is really special, worth 100 times more then it's price. Sorry for using this thread but I just wanted to know who is such creative and give my thanks to him (them).
  • Not a member of the ABN Crew, but a welcomed addition to our "extended family".
  • Wow! @AMSlimfordy -- How could I have missed this? Are you keeping it a secret? I can't be the only person on the Nest who doesn't know about this. It's fantastic.
  • We just launched a few days ago.
  • I must have misread something -- I thought it had been started months ago?
  • I think the facebook page was started months ago, @mvnla2, but the website was started on Thursday, in honour of one of the pro PIGineers birthday?
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