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  • mine Diefishmaggi...
  • Hi everyone, new to iPad, so I have a lot of catching up to do, from scratch. Please feel free to add me to your GC. Someone already has my name, so I changed it a little. I added my trademark :) and the number1. See you in the GC! :) sunshine:)1
  • Poison Paul
  • Just asking an etiquette question, I am receiving a lot of friend requests on Gamecenter and, unless some are from people on this site who are asking to be added, I have no idea who they are! What are the advantages/disadvantages for adding people (I have added no one yet)? Is it just the ability to see there games/scores or are there any other reasons to add (or not to add!) people? Not trying to be unfriendly, I just want to understand before I dive in and add all those asking!! Thanks!
  • I know that I'd like to add you avs, for 2 reasons...1st, you are the score I'm shooting for in DZ and healthy competition is awesome, 2nd your name...I'm a Colorado Kid...and the Avs are the best!
  • I've noticed a huge increase in the number of 'random' friend requests I've gotten recently, usually with no mention of how the person knows me (i.e. if they are from some forum, angrybirdsnest, etc). Then it occurred to me that I was at the top of the Angry Birds Space HD leaderboards--it seems there are a lot of people who will send a friend request to names that are on the top of the boards.

    I suspect that I'll continue to get such seemingly random requests while I'm in the top 25 of any of the leaderboards. I have tumbled down a little from my high (used to be 6th, now 12th) and already noticed a slight decline.

    If you send a friend request to anyone, be sure to mention where you know that person or where you got their name to make the request. Unless you're real-world friends with a person they are liable to not recognize you and will likely ignore your request.
  • Same here, getting spammed with five to ten requests a day. If we don't have friends/games in common ... likely to be ignored. Make sure you mention from ABN.
  • Removing from this list.
  • Thanks for the responses, I'd be happy to add you mobious74 (is that your gamecenter name?) or anyone else from ABN but I'd echo the notion that people should let someone know how they know the person and why they are making a friend request.
  • I am sp1der1954, i will add you playdbird
  • Just to chip in regarding random adds - occasionally I will just accept to check games in common, and then remove if I see no reason for the person adding me. I would definately recommend letting the person know why you are adding!

    Btw, can an SD person like me, add someone on the HD iPad? I'm guessing there'd be little point as they're completely separate games!
  • You should be able to do that. I got invites from people with nothing in common.
  • @Laurence -- if you are SD and you add someone who has HD, you will see the game but gamecenter will not compare the scores between the two.
  • add me TONYALOU28
  • Hi from Australia.

    Game centre name is Ellie2226
  • Hi from the U.K...............
  • i added you sunshine
  • Hello @Dixi60
    Welcome to ABN!
  • Thanks for the welcome messages Harry*6 and sal9.
  • Currently having only two friends on GC, so mine's MikkoRRRR (four R's) Add me if you want!
  • @Harrystar6 I didn't get a request from you, there is another sunshine try it again: sunshine:)1

    @Harrystar6, you are on my friend list, thanks! :)
  • @sunshine I did that name
  • @sunshine - I sent a couple your way that presumably didn't get through! I see you tracked me down in the end though! :)
  • @laurence, I wonder why I'm not getting the request, do you have any ideas?
  • @sunshine No idea - I thought initially it might have been an iPhone to iPad thing, but it worked the other way around! It could just be the really annoying GameCentre playing up again! :)
  • Okay, I have notices you are not the only one to tell me this, sorry! :)

    And, sorry to everyone else!! :) I wasn't being rude. :)
  • Jeff Newman
  • Hello, new to the forum and looking for some game center friends. slink85
  • Indeed. I have changed your score down to 68k instead of 98k. I hope this is more accurate.
  • I'm confused. Where is the link explanations on how this works? I had a request, looked at my profile, don't see how I can request people...
  • Add me:) : Ir1sh07
  • my my game centre username is samuelanstee
  • Please add me to your gamecentre buddy list. My gamecenter nick is krishnajyoti.
    Thanks in advance
  • jevansgt
  • My game center name is supdogpsi my username
    lol i use that username all the time
  • majkelotti
  • I'm TenJoker!
  • I changed mine to Angryboy
  • Please addme: Soberanocmf
  • Please add me Kiwi62
  • RKenny05 ;)
  • Slappy-1981
  • Mich12
  • Hammer1091
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