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  • Add me: Spinezyz
  • My game center id is JohnD33r323 please add me
  • Game Center ID: 4tified

    Looking for AB Go friends, thanks!
  • Bub8a*58
  • Hey all add me Gem649 looking desperately for Game Center friends
  • facebook friendly.please friend name is smrda
  • xashcampbellx GAME CENTRE!
  • My nickname:12szabina
  • I was a TOP analyst and I have analyzed Angry Birds in every way possible. It is nothing more than a money trap. The computer program is programmed to PUT PLAYERS IN A BUY MORE BIRD COINS situation after situation! They say they care but what they do and fail to do speaks so loud nothing else can be heard!
    All industries MUST GET ETHICS AND MORALS! Money will follow TRUE HEART felt care for people! It is like he wind drawn in behind an 18 wheel truck!
  • guillermo masip
  • MIGHTYEAGLE4012 Game Center nickname. Rovio changed for September 2019 MI was MIGHTYEAGLE 2017
    I’ve been playing AB2 since 2015. Here’s some info you can post about Rovio Customer Support. Every time an update is done on any Apple device ie. 2.31, 2.32, 2.33.1 on October 2019 it starts the game over for all bird values, all spells, etc.

    2.31 iPhone 6s Scores were correct
    2.31 IPad 9/13/19 again I had to start at level one lost all spells, gems, hats, and other scores from my Game Center account. Also kicked out of Clan.

    UPDATE:after updating Apple devices to 2.33.1 both synched and both signed into Game Center

    UPDATE October 2019
    2.33.1????? Started all bird levels at 31 and in update 2.32.0 bird levels were at 85 - 89. All hats each purchased for 5000 black pearls.

    I’ve been getting email replies back from Klaudia, and Michal at Rovio support site. No one would answer my questions at AB2 game site since August 2019. THERE IS NO GAME SUPPORT WITH ROVIO. Then they asked me how I would rate their CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I WROTE BACK HOW CAN YOU RATE SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. READ Recent RATINGS at App Store if you use an Apple device before even playing AB2 game.
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