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  • there you go @desperatedan nice and warm
  • @Kathy thank you, I will just check with my broker to see how much scrap value I can get for this lump of metal
  • Well @Ixan57 at this point the Jewels are probably worth more than the Hunk of Metal lol!!
    @DesperateDan I'm confused as to Why your confused at @Catsnbirds suggestion of Simon and Garfunkel being good names for a pup? I'm sure she didn't mean call it Simon and Garfunkel , one or the other, I prefer Simon!
    I'll have to Google Twiggy and LuLu¿
    No wonder Twiggy is restless, if your losing sleep over such silly things Lol :D
    And give the Challenge a go, follow my posts and @rat9 posts in the walkthrough, watch @comex video.. c'mon you can do it!!
    And hey @BrianN hope your settling into your new home comfortably, hopefully your WiFi will get switched on sooner than later, tell them you have a family member Who's livelihood depends on it!
  • @DesperateDan I was trying to figure out why you thought that I thought @SweetP should name her puppy Simon or Garfunkel, so I went back to reread my post. Aha! That sentence was referring to the YouTube video she posted in her previous comment.
  • I knew that @catsnbirds :D
    @DesperateDan Me and @Catsnbirds go way back, after a while ya just know what Birdie friends mean, even when it seems a disconnected thought lol! ;)
  • Like @KimmieCV used to understand 'Kathyspeak' heehee
    Ahhh the memories :D
  • Ah, so she is a she. My she is still keeping me up. Well, I came close to puppy, despite saying I wasn't going to try.
  • "Ah" so who is a she @DesperateDan? I missed something? Not sure about @Sweetp puppy¿ Congrats on the improvement on the Challenge, I opened it, was gonna try, but watching Netflix lol..
  • Ohh you mean @Sweetpn is a She? Of course , what kinda He would choose a nickname of SweetP? Now you have me totally confused¿ :/
  • @kathy Waikato Now a days Kathy it wouldn't surprise me if a male had a name like that. I think Dan was referring to catsnbirds.
  • @Gumby Waaassssuuuuupppp?? Wth is Waikato? Lol¿
    I thought @DesperateDan was wondering about Sweetp puppy, but then he confused the whole thing¿
  • My mistake. Jury still out on the pup. We need facts @Sweetp and we need them now!
  • More important, is the pup a princess or a monkey?
  • Not sure if I can even get to today's Challenge in Rio, but I'm gonna try it! @DesperateDan I don't your name on the improve list?? Get Flinging pahtnah !
    Very very cold outside, which makes my apartment very very cold, I'm sitting here all bundled up and comfortable, somewhat, surgical area still sore, but we long as I don't move I'm fine: D
    What better to do than Fling, while I sit here miserably lol!
    Rio use to be my Favourite episode, until they started pushing the PU's
  • Had a good go @kathy, but didn't feel like registering the bottom score. Maybe try again later.
  • Big news here is that we had 8 inches of snow. Very rare to get that much in Derby, probably only had that much 3 or 4 times in last 30 years. Anyway, Twiggy made friends with the snow, loved it, rushing round the garden like a miniature snow plough, almost swimming. But it all stuck to her fur and I had to stick her in a warm bath to defrost her. Now she keeps wanting to go out in it again. But she gets too distracted to do her usual doggy business. Well if she has we will find it when the snow melts. Earlier on in the day we saw our first blue tit of the year. It's all happening.
  • Sounds like @kathy has a couple of blue tits in her freezing apartment. No snow here just relentless cold. Moving is a young man's game, I'm cream crackered. Being careful with my mobile data as my phone is mainly for calls & texts, which I still can't make in the house. So quick hello and goodbye. Welcome to the new normal.
  • Yes, once stayed up 60 hours with no sleep during one fraught move. Unwise.
  • You got that right @BrianN !! Lol
    When will you be online again, sorry I forget when you said they were hooking up your internet?
    8 inches of snow @DesperateDan that's a normal winter storm around here, but this year we haven't had any really, it's been unusually warm, until last night and today! Guess it's winter now!
    Happy to hear Twiggy had fun :D
  • I couldn't get to the Challenge today, haven't played Rio much since I lost progress, still finishing 3 starring Smugglers Den :(
  • Hey @desperatedan, thought staying up for 60 hours a stretch was your usual routine?

    @kathy,provisional date for broadband and phone engineer is Feb 5.
  • Yikes @BrianN that's like 2 weeks away! Id go crazy!
  • It's the kids who are bereft without t'internet. Me I'm going crazy cos we'll be without TV for even longer. My provider Sky are not sending engineers into houses for the foreseeable. Guess it's not considered an essential service whereas broadband is. Gaaaaaaahhh!
  • @brianN can you not say that the kids need tv because of home learning programs being touted by the goverment
  • Does going crazy involve running amok with a ladder and a bucket? In which case you should have a medical exemption. Anyway, don't worry, there's nothing on TV at the moment (nose elongates, pants smoulder).
  • Happy Robert Burns Day!
    Wonder if OB has some haggis hidden behind the bar. (Not that I'm interested in having any.)
  • @karen68 unfortunately the haggis shooting season has been cancelled this year.
  • Oooh, I love haggis. Haven't had it for years
  • Thanks @ixan57,worth a try will be speaking to Sky tomorrow. Is it true that the left legs on a haggis are longer than the right ones to help them climb the moors? They do struggle coming down apparently.
  • I'm so sorry @Karen68 I forgot about Robert Burns Day! @JLZ-666 would literally kill me, if she could reach across the pond! Sorry about the haggis, even though I've no idea what that is?
    I gather by @BrianN post it's a mountain goat of some sort? Yuck who would eat that?
    @BrianN Kids with no Internet !!! Ouch!! Stock up on the Tylenol lol!
  • Once they fall over there is no stopping them. They come rolling down the hillside at ferocious pace. If you get hit by one you have no chance.
  • @kathy, haggis sounds far worse than you suggest. I will leave you the pleasure of googling that one.
  • What could be worse than eating a Mountain Goat?? @DesperateDan lol
    Tomorrow I will Google, tonight I am going to Dreamland , and hopefully not dream of the Billy Goat under the Bridge!!
  • Ggrrrooossss!!!! Should've waited until tomorrow!!! Yuck yuck double Gross!!
  • Sorry I didn’t pop in to warn you @kathy not to google it. Hope it doesn’t give you nightmares. :)
  • It's all in the mind. If someone gave you haggis to eat and said it was lamb a la Brechin (say), I'm pretty sure you would like it.
    Now that's an idea... @briann, @ixan57, get to it. Then every night can be Burns Night.
    My usual consulting fees of $777.77 apply. Thankyou.
  • My Dad has eaten haggis & enjoyed it, even knowing what it was.
    But yes, knowing what it is... I don't even want a taste. It is all in the mind.
  • No owly, it's not all in the mind, it's absolutely offal. Dan u have the haggis, I'll have the neeps & tatties.
    Have a pal called Harris who moved to England, never guess his nickname.
  • Our supermarket was selling vegetarian haggis. I'm afraid that's lost on me.
    Shall we move on?
    Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.
  • Well on that cheery note...
  • BTW veg haggis is OK. More importantly, how r u @tompuss?Not heard from u lately. Are we lurking purchance?
  • @gumby How's the flinging finger coming on? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to get that awful flesh eating bacteria? Was it while you were in hospital for something else? I know there is a line between being nosy and showing interest, if I've crossed it just blow me a virtual raspberry.
  • Hey @kathy how are you and the blue tits? Tell Dave to crank up the heating.
  • I know what ur up to @tompuss. You're digging a tunnel to your beloved Switzerland during this longgggg covid travel ban.
  • Mores the point @briann, how are things in the new house? Our next door neighbours moved out today (the other half of the semi) so we await the newcomers. A family just like yours maybe? We are braced.
  • And yes the gobby git is back, we have a mini hub. Yay. It keeps crashing. Boo. Bout as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
  • Like you @desperatedan, we too are braced. Neighbours not in yet, but we saw (heard) them the other day. 3 kids, all younger than ma wee boy. Yikes!
  • Tomorrow (Thursday) is Data Privacy Day. Woot.
    Shows how bad things are in lockdown when that sounds like highlight of the week.
  • They do have parents as well.
  • Twiggy was sad when all the snow melted. But she perked up on her walk when she found a melted snowman and ate its carrot nose.
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