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  • I have moved 11 times in 30 years @hunnybunny but not in these times, thank goodness. It must be difficult @briann, surprised you can even do it. Good luck.
  • Tumbleweed at the Challenge today. Even in space there is tumbleweed.
  • ...swaps fez for crown...
  • Talking of moving, we have a bush that goes everywhere we do as it was a gift from my wife's late mother 30 years ago. It's been dug up and replanted at least 11 times and it's not small. I'm usually the one who has to do the digging. I hate moving.
  • Yes Dan, Nicola Sturgeon seems to have a beeline to my personal life at the moment. Just waiting for the Scottish gov to ban house moves the day before we're due to move.
  • I guess I should've posted 2 paragraphs? I clearly mentioned @BrianN when i wished him luck on his move or maybe? Idk lol, sorry my posts are confusing!
    @DesperateDan sorry to hear Twiggy had another bad night!
    Seems I'm a page behind, and seems I've lost the Crown again, not sure about the Fez ?
    And I've moved I can't count how many times at the moment! I'll think on it tomorrow but I'm sure I've got you's all beat!!
  • Hey everybody. I'm in rehab. Have to get my muscles working again. Hopefully be back home and back flinging soon. Life is too short everybody. Love your friends and family. Tell them how much you love them. I was healthy a few weeks ago and came so close to death from a flesh eating bacteria. I love you guys.
    Sorry for ranting.
  • Hey gumby, great to hear from you. Think u r entitled to a rant after what u've been thru. Make sure you work on ur finger flinging muscles first!
  • @gumby, work out your frustration by imagining those pesky pigs to be the naughty bacteria. Good to have you back in our brave new post page 3000 world.
  • Early prediction for page 4000 is Xmas day 2030. Watch this space.
  • Hey, everyone here calls me @desperatedan but it looks as if I am really @desperate-Dan. Does it matter?
  • Well I didn't think that I would miss page 3000, but it happened. I'm having surgeries faster than you all are turning pages here. 6 surgeries in 2 weeks time.
  • Are you in the Guinness book of records? @gumby.

    Hey @kathy,sorry I was SO rude yesterday, you know it's not like me. Normally your posts are confusing but that one was very clear. Think @Hunnybunny has the confusion issues.
  • @Gumby Wwaaaassssuuppp¿?¿ Never mind I know :( and trust me you were here for page 3000 in Spirit :D
    @BrianN no worries, I know it was @Hunnybunny who was confused, I just didn't say it.., well.. I know her very well :D better coming from you ;)
    @Desperate-Dan @DesperateDan see the difference ? The dash name won't show in this old forum , so even if your subscribed to get notifications you won't get them.
    @Estar called in a few favours, being an admin , so she would still get notifications when someone @ mentioned her without the dash. Make sense? Of course not lol!
    How's Twiggy today,, slept better I hope?
  • See Rovio are soft launching new slingshot game Journey. Not here in UK sadly, USA Canada and Scandi getting first dibs.
  • Hello Dan, that's quite a few moves you've made. Are you also into OTT weddings and bare knuckle fist fighting?
  • Slingshot game. Soft launching. Makes you wonder what's being flung. Bunny rabbits? Toilet rolls?
  • Bog roll is far too precious. Given Rovio's recent track record in app purchasing will be king.
  • I think I hold the World record for moving, before I was 17 my family moved 6 times!
    Then I moved out, then moved 4 more times before I got married and bought a house. Then I got divorced and moved 14 times since then, I may have miscounted a move in there somewhere But yeah in my 62 years of life I have moved 24 times, that I can remember lol, probably more¿?
  • A new game you say @BrianN ,a slingshot game.. hmm I'm gonna check the playstore!
    And what do you mean OTT weddings?
  • @Gumby Waaassssuuuuupppp????
  • @BrianN where do you see it? I checked the playstore and can't find any New games from Rovio?
  • Thanks for the link @Ixan57 , how do you know my feet are itchy LOL..:D more like itchy flinging finger! It'll be nice to have a new game,, I think ,¿ We'll see??
  • @kathy a saying here itchy feet means you can't stay in the one place for long. Hence you moving all the time
  • Ohhh yeah @ixan57 I'm a Rover or a Gypsy at heart ;)
    I still don't see the new game in the Playstore, prolly for Ipad , Android always gets last shot!
  • Although it's on my phone¿ Not my tablet, that makes no sense!!
  • Just a tribute to what was once a great country...
    [Johnny Cash]
    I am a shotgun rider,
    For the San Jacinto line,
    The desert is my brother,
    My skin is cracked and dry.
    I was ridin' on a folk coach
    And everything was fine,
    Till we took a shorter road
    To save some time.
    The bandits only fired once,
    They shot me in the chest.
    They may have wounded me but,
    They'll never get the best
    Of better men.
    'Cause I'll ride again.

    [Waylon Jennings]
    I am a river gambler,
    I make a livin' dealin' cards.
    My clothes are smooth and honest,
    My heart is cold and hard.
    I was shufflin' for some delta boys,
    On a boat for New Orleans,
    I was the greatest shark they'd ever seen.
    But the captain bumped a sandbar,
    And an ace fell from my sleeve.
    They threw me overboard,
    As I swore I didn't cheat.
    But I could swim.
    And I'll ride again.

    [All 4:]
    We are heroes of the homeland, American remains.
    We live in many faces and answer many names.
    We will not be forgotten, we won't be left behind.
    Our memories live on in mortal minds
    And poets pens.
    We'll ride again.

    [Willie Nelson]
    I am a mid-west farmer,
    I make a livin' off the land,
    I ride a John Deere tractor,
    I'm a liberated man.
    But the rain it hasn't fallen,
    Since the middle of July,
    And if it don't come soon my crops will die.
    The bank man says he likes me,
    But there's nothin' he can do.
    He tells me that he's comin',
    But the clouds are comin' too.
    He ain't my friend.
    And I'll ride again.

    [Kris Kristofferson]
    I am an American Indian,
    My tribe is Cherokee.
    My forefathers loved this land.
    They left it here for me.
    But the white man came with boats,
    And trains and dirty factories,
    An' poisoned my existence with his deeds.
    Nature is our mother,
    We are sucklins at her breast.
    And he who tries to beat her down,
    Will lose her to the rest.
    They'll never win.
    I'll ride again.

    [All 4:]
    We are heroes of the homeland, American remains.
    We live in many faces and answer many names.
    We will not be forgotten, we won't be left behind.
    Our memories live on in mortal minds and poets pens.
    We'll ride again.
  • Thank you @Sweetp Great tune! I've never heard it before :(
  • Soo the new game is on my phone, tried a couple levels, really easy but hard to see exactly how it works on my tiny screen, wonder Why I can't find it on my tablet¿
  • Is kind of a lame game so far as I can tell!
    Has anyone else tried it
  • In total I make it 19 addresses I have had in my lifetime.
  • @kathy, it's not a big deal, hardly anyone knows that the Highwaymen even existed. Great songs by four famous country music artists.
    I'll bet you've heard of this one:
  • Okay, I’ve got 28 different address in my past, and have been at my current home for thirty years. There was a lot of moving in my 20’s and 30’s!
    @gumby So good to see you back, hope the surgeries are done!
    @sweetp Ah, the Highwaymen. Memories :-)
  • @Sweetp lol Yep I've heard that one, and many from the Highwaymen have them saved in my YouTube favourites ;)
    @Catsnbirds you got me beat on the moving end lol, although I'm sure it my memory was better I could think of a few more, but I don't want to think that hard lol!
  • Guys all this talk of moving is making me nervous.
  • Don't be Nervous @BrianN as long as you pack correctly, and label each box by room which it belongs, and an idea of what's in it, you'll be fine! Easy Peasy :D
  • Well when is the Big Move? @BrIanN ? Are you buying a new home, different city!? Bigger, smaller? You should answer my questions, as @Gumby can attest , I'm the Queen of 20 questions! And then some heehee :D
  • I'm Soo bored I might turn on my Flinging Tablet and try the Challenge ??
  • @catsnbirds, do you like country music? I sure do, more now since I moved to the Cowboy State!
    Here's one you might like, too:

    Yup, they really did stop in to play back in the days when Luckenbach was just a passing stop off the highway. I've been there a few times, still got the hay bales for seats, and a plywood floor as a stage.
  • Seems to be a competition going on as to who has most house moves. Any bids higher than 28?Are you in the Witness Protection scheme @catsnbirds?You've had nearly as many moves as Romany Dan and gypsy Kathy put together.

    Take more than a house move to make me nervous @kathy.You asking lots of q's makes me more nervous. Should I fill in a questionnaire for you? I'll send it Mrs Nosey Parker, Hull, Mass. I'm sure it'll find it's way to you. :-)

    I know you like the Blacklist, but there'll be no need for waterboarding.
  • Heehee @BrianN I'm sorry, I don't mean to be " Mrs Nosey Parker" lol.. just curious, jeezy I didn't even get 20 questions in yet! Btw Wonder where that Saying came from '20 questions' maybe it was a game show? Or It Was the number of questions required in 'The Inquisition' which I don't even know what the Inquisition'was? The more questions I ask, the more questions I have, has anyone noticed that about me..:/
  • 28 is a lot of moves @catsnbirds I'm sure if I took my time, I could figure out how many addresses I've had, 24 was just off the top of my head thinking.
    Ohh ohh I have a song!! Hold on...
  • Er...I've been holding on a while. Almost 3 hours as it happens.
    Or was the song called hold on?
  • I can raise my 19 to 22 if I count different college addresses.
  • Come on @briann, animal, vegetable or mineral? That's always the first question in 20 Questions.
  • Sorry @DesperateDan. Hmm that reminds me of another song.. hold on....
  • Just kidding lol,, I'll play the first one first, as if I played the second one first that would make it the first one, but not really cause I thought of this one first
  • (HOLD ON) the only way is up
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