How many Angry birds plush toys do you have and where did you get them?
  • Tell me how many plush toys you have,which ones you have,and were you got them.
  • Got 'em ALL and a few of several. Some from Walmart, and online. I love my 16" Red Bird. Fills an office chair, bigger then a medicine ball!! Fun to throw at friends when they come over. When I have the $$$, want to get a 16" of Terence, the BIG green Monster birdie!
    Love playing the game but have gotten "hooked' on the merchandise. My ONLY vise in life, and I've stated this before, is STUFFED ANIMALS.
    Am into Webkinz too.
    Oh, here they come . . . have to back to the institution, oh no, they're opening the straight jacket . . . .

    ;>)) only kidding, or am I . . . . .

    Hee Hee,
    Ellen [a whacked out ANGRY bowzerbird LOL]
  • you can get all angry birds space plush now from
  • I have Red, Blue and Black Birds. They aren`t tall, just 15 cm.
    I don`t know where are they bought - it was a gift for my Birdday Party :)
  • They are bought on,the Angry Birds online shop and at Wal-Mart
  • I brought them at the shops
  • sells AB plush toys for around $6-$8 each (5 inch with sound). Cheaper than most, with sound bonus.
  • 1 (it arrived the other day, from the comp they had last year on that level where you could win a Galaxy Note)
  • I only have 1 ATM, came from GAME store! :)
  • I have one big Red one and several of the smaller 5" ones. I'm more of an action figure collector, though, not plushes. Got the big Red from a friend for my Birthday and the smaller ones from my Mom for X-mas, which was rather shocking, actually. Not her normal style..
  • Will the Angry Birds Space plushies be avaliable in Australia
  • Have no idea about that Harrystar6
  • I have all 5 in.
    red fat bird
    3 5 in pigs
    18 in mighty eagle(it's huge!)
  • i have all the Angry birds from the oringal version and i have a pig too
  • @onlinenagrybirds4 I encourage you to discontinue that website as you are violating international copyright laws
  • I have:
    5 inch Red Bird (Got him at F.Y.E.)
    Two 5 inch Blue Birds, one with sound (Got one at Kohl's, won the other in a Claw Machine)
    5 inch Yellow Bird (Got him at Chuck E. Cheese's)
    5 inch White Bird (Got him at F.Y.E.)
    8 inch Black Bird with sound (Got him at Walmart, for only 5 bucks! :D)
    8 inch Ice Bird (Got him at Walmart)
    5 inch Easter Bunny Red Bird (Got him at Kohl's)
    5 inch King Pig (Got him at Walmart)
    5 inch Helmet Pig with sound (Got him at JCPenney)
    5 inch Pig (Got him at Chuck E. Cheese's)
  • I'll update to say I now have two:

    5" red bird from GAME
    8" Space "firebomb" bird from Rovio :)
  • I've considered getting the Firebomb one, @Laurence. Black Bird is my favorite. Would you say it's worth it?
  • I have 0, and can't imagine buying any, but I don't have young kids either.
  • I don't have any kids. I got 'em for me! haha.
  • I've got a Big Red Bird from Spencers and I got a small While from getting a Pistachio in the online Golden Pistachio game. They actually sent it in the mail, and I got it 3 weeks after winning it. I was surprised.
  • @amslimfordy Definitely consider buying him. He's worth it, I saw him at Walmart when I bought my Ice Bird, I was considering getting him instead.
  • Here are my plushies:
    Red Bird (5 inch) Original (from ToysRUs)
    Blue Bird (5 inch) Original (from ToysRUs)
    Yellow Bird (5 inch) Original (from ToysRUs)
    Black Bird (5 inch) Original (from ToysRUs)
    White Bird (5 inch) Original (from ToysRUs)
    Green Bird (5 inch) Original (from Walmart)
    Female Red Bird (5 inch) Seasons (from Walmart)
    Normal Pig (5 inch) from Walmart
    Helmet Pig (5 inch) from ToysRUs
    Mustache Pig (5 inch) from ToysRUs
    King Pig (5 inch) from ToysRUs
    Ice Bird (5 inch) from ToysRUs
  • i just got the orange bird from
  • @mvnla2 and @Amslimfordy, I don't have kids either and am 65 BUT LOVE my birdeeze. In my post I said I have them all [literally], 5" & 8" & 12" and of course my 16" Big Bro Bird!!!
    PLEASE! Not 5,8,12" of each. WHEW! I aint that rich! But Walmart had the best deals on the 12" for for $19 and got some of them.
    And yes, @Amslimfordy, the Firebomb is worth it if you get it at Walmart. When you buy online, you always have to pay shipping and that adds up.
    Got all the space birds recently [a few at a time] Walmart was the cheapest [$13 for 8" birds].
    Acquired some birds from Amazon, Toys R Us [16" Bro bird]. Google the bird or call your local Walmart for $$$.

  • I was thinking of buying a Angry Birds space Plush toy online at is it worth it?
  • yep,cheap prices (sometimes)
  • I brought them online
  • I've got:
    Red Bird (5 inch) from Rovio (local store)
    Yellow Bird (5 inch) from Rovio (local store)
    Bomb Bird (5 inch) from Rovio (from OfficeMax)
    I want an Ice Bird so badly though! XD
  • you can get ice bird at Wal-mart or
  • i the space birds have sound?
  • ummm....i think so wait i'll tell you in a sec
  • yeah,they have sound
  • I don't have any plushies for myself, but Walgreens is now carrying AB plush toys for dog (with sound). My dog loves them, but the grunting pig freaks her out.
  • I've been a big frisbee player for years, so I got one as a present a few months ago....

    It's a dog toy. I was deeply offended.
  • @amslimfordy Sorry about late reply - thought I'd replied earlier! I'd definitely recommend the firebomb bird, incredibly cute!

    One interesting thing is, with mine, as is probably the case with BLs? the location of a golden egg is on the tag of the bird and t-shirt :)
  • and on the fruit snacks and pillows
  • I got mine all from the rovio store online.
    First i started with the 12.5cm red bird and pig, they were sooooo cute!!
    So I also ordered Blue, Yellow, Terence, Boomerang, Bomb, White. And Red in supersize - 40cm.
    Orange is pre-ordered in the 12.5cm version.
    The one piggie sometimes feels slightly worried. ;-)
  • @trishohara My gang kinda looks like that. When Terence is available in the 16" [and only from the AB store] I'm gonna git him!! In live in WA and they have a CA warehouse, so I don't have to wait for overseas shipments. He'll go with 16" Big Bro Birdie and the rest of the gang!!
    Like I said in another post, my only vise in life is "stuffies" [plushies], and Angry Birds fills the bill [PUN intended LOL]

    When friends come over, I sometimes greet them with Big Bro, give 'em a toss as they come through the door. He's soooo soft, doesn't hurt when he wangs into ya!
    I'm so weird and proud of it ;>))
  • @Dorito Not all the space plushies have sound, my Ice Bird doesn't.
  • @bowzerbird I'm not sure I would have space for more than one 16". Though a 16" Terence would be awesome.
    Where do you place your birds?
  • @trishohara It's getting to that point where the "walls" are closing in on us with all them thar BIRDEEZE! The majority of them are in the den, in front of the TV [on the floor] and some on a chair next to it. Big Bro, is in the living room on the couch by himself ;>((. Some, on my desk in the office. Sounds like a big house, but it aint.
    I should take a pic of all of them on the bed comforter, which is way cool.
    And don't forget all the Webkinz, into that as well and THEY have stuffies. Most of them are in another bedroom occupying the bed.
    And I need a new laptop, what ya gunna do. At least I have a computer. Maybe after Terence, I'll start saving for the laptop. And I want 20 gigs of memory to do animations w/Flash & Premiere. Will upgrade to 64 bit and then the ol' computer will scream.
    But I have to quit buying all those birdeeze!!!! What's a cwayzee animator to do?!!?
  • i have my birds star in my videos on youtube
  • @angrybirdlover2214 Saw your videos. WOW, didn't realize how BIG the Eagle is. Bigger than the 16" birdeeze. You have a nice collection. Saw your comforter, I have one too. Maybe I should MOOOOVE my bird collection on to it and take a photo and upload it here. Maybe . . . . when I'm not so lazy ;>))

    I don't have any piggies. Just love the birdeeze. I wouldn't want my birds to get into fights with the pigs if I was away. Ya know, they may and what a mess THAT would be. ;>)). Hummm, now if I had an Eagle . . .
  • I have them all. I've bought them from different places because I live in Finland and here they sell them in pretty much everywhere.
  • WOW!! @fligget you live in Angry Birds HOME territory, way cool. "Home Tree"
    Bet you can get the stuffies pretty cheap and from lottsa stores in your area. I heard there's actually a "live" Angry Birds "playground" [so to speak] for humans to play with in Finland. Saw it on youtube.
    You LUCKY BIRD, YOU!!!
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  • Mighty Eagle just dropped to $89 on amazon
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