Angry Birds Bugs & Glitches

Below is an actively updated list of Angry Birds bugs, glitches, and issues spanning all version and platforms. We obviously can’t know everything, so many of these are reported and/or updated by the AngryBirdsNest community, so if you notice something out of the ordinary leave a comment below and investigate. Please don’t leave a comment for a bug that already exists unless you have something new to report. Thanks!

Name Edition Platform Fixed
Total Bugs Logged: 49
Golden Egg #30 Sometimes Doesn't Pop UpOriginalAllv3.4.0
Golden Egg #8 UnobtainableOriginalAllv3.3.0
"New Year Egg" UnattainableSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Mooncake Festival Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Seasons Golden Egg 16 BrokenSeasonsAllv3.0.0
Both Christmas Level Selection Screens BorkedSeasonsiOS, PC, Macv2.5.1
Power Up Slot Machine InaccurateOriginaliPhone, iPod Touchv2.3.0
"Menu Popper" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.2.0
"Feather Picker" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.1.0
Scores Adding 5SpaceAllv1.1.0
Achievements Earned OfflineSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Where No Birds..." Not RegisteringSpaceiPhone, iPod Touchv1.1.0
"Gravitational Escape" Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Pig Bang" Score Addict Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.2.2
Double-Bonus BirdsRioAllNo
Mac Trackpad SensitivityOriginalMacv2.0.2
Nokia's "New Year Egg"SeasonsSymbianv2.3.0
Scores Ending in 9OriginaliOS, Android, PC, Macv2.0.2
Golden Egg 1 Missing from Mac/PCOriginalPC, Macv2.0.2
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)RioiPadUnfixable
Carnival Upheaval 8-5 3-star ThresholdRioiOSv1.4.0
Facebook/Twitter Levels Show No StarsSeasonsAllv2.1.0
Trick or Treat Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsiOS, Androidv2.1.0
Block Smasher Free BuggedFree, Seasons FreeiOSNo
Rio Loading IssueRioAndroidv1.3.2.2
"Stellarvore" Not RegisteringRioiOSv1.4.0
Seasons Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Rio Football FlawedOriginalPCv2.0.0
PSP Unattainable Golden Eggs (Rumored Solutions Within)OriginalPSPNo
"Bright Side of the Moon" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Star for Golden Egg 17 Only Once UnlockableOriginalPCv2.0.0
Seasons Greedings 16 FeatherSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"King of the Caves" LabelingOriginaliOSv1.6.3
Smash Maniac (Not Bugged)OriginaliOSNot Bugged
Rio Football Numbering InconsistentOriginalAllv2.0.0
Accordion Not WorkingOriginalMacv1.6.3
17 Melons in Beach VolleyRioiOS, Androidv1.3.0
"Bunny Hunter" FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Facebook Levels Won't UnlockSeasonsAllv1.6.0
Mighty Eagle Purchase and Use FlawedOriginaliOSNo
Only 14 Golden FruitsRioAllNo
Golden Eggs DisappearingOriginal, SeasonsAllNo
Seasons Golden Eggs MisnumberedSeasonsAllv2.0.0
Mooncake Festival In-Game Score Counter FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"Easter Eggs - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)SeasonsiPhone, iPod TouchUnfixable
"Summer Pignic - Score Addict" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv1.6.0
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" MissingRioiOSv1.3.0
Carnival Upheaval Achievements Not WorkingRioiOSv1.3.0
Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedOriginaliOSv1.6.3

Comments (2,339)

By Bill

Abracabacon level 6 3 stars impossible on I-phone 4

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Do you mean Level 1-6 or Level 2-6? In either case, perhaps our walkthroughs can help. By no means are they impossible.

By Bill

Done it. But by bouncing the pink bird off the glass on to the stone block!

137k +

Rank: Boss Hog with 12515 points
By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

@amslimfordy here is a bug I found on Pig Days 1-1-

I launched Matilda and she hit the stack of rockets, causing one of them to point downward towards the ground. I made Bomb light the rocket and then the rocket went THROUGH the ground! wait! There’s more! the ground ripped open so when I shot another Bomb at the ground, he hit it and without using his power, the ENTIRE level disappeared! the ground (the one that the pigs were on) the pigs, houses, the ships, and even the indestructible eggs! gone! the only thing that remained was the birds and the slingshot… was really wierd

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

@rowdypup — Can you repeat it? If so, can you make a screenshot? You should send it directly to Rovio support.

Rank: Boss Hog with 12515 points
By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

@mvnla2 I don’t think I can repeat it again, it was like a 1% chance of that happening

Rank: DaBomb with 440 points
By Erick (@ah-gooey)

Angry Birds Go: Game crashes right at end of race (most annoying bug ever)

Rank: Sling God with 37100 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

I’ve been experiencing quite a few crashes too, but typically when entering a race. Strange.

By Aubri

This didn’t start happening to iOS update version 1.4.0. I hope they fix it ASAP.

Rank: Boss Hog with 12515 points
By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

The game will slowly start to freeze up then it stops, freezes, and shuts me out of the app. I’ve found out that holding down the power button on your device for 15 seconds and pressing “Power Off” REALLY helps. It stops the crashing for about a few days I think, try it @birdlader and @ah-gooey

By Tyler Erich

Hello, there is a bug in Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Sometimes when I watch an ad to melt the carbonite, the game crashes.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5390 points
By PiGurporal Porker (@mpg973)

It seems your device is busy and slow. You’ve to close additional working apps. if you tapped to watch an ad then app crashed again, please let us know what’s you device?

Rank: Champion with 3485 points
By Mousiepossum (@mousiepossum)

There’s a bug in Angry Birds Epic atm (or at least on Amazon App store). The bug is that when you go over the crystal skull item in the forge it just says the instructions for crafting, but doesn’t show its recipe nor the ability to craft it.

Rank: Deputized with 130 points
By FixItDik (@fixitdik)

Angry Birds Go! (ABG) Weekly Tournament does not give a prize at end of tournament (week) if you only finish 4 of the 5 challenges(when playing as guest), even though you are on the top of the podium. If you have to finish 5/5 to win then you should remain in 3rd place – I scored big enough in the last 2 weeks to be on the top step without finishing the 5th challenge (I have to admit the slalom 2 weeks ago and the Rocky Road Time Boom last week just had me beat) but finishing on the top of the podium should mean a win, right?

Rank: Champion with 3080 points
By Woodbreaker (@dzung)

Angry Birds Space: When playing level 7-30, if you detonate Bomb right before it hits the pig’s machine, the game will freeze, then crash.

By nathan

I’ve faced the issue a few times

By Murphy

On AB Epic, on windows, for the Nokia 620.
It has recently began to crash every time I go into the loading screen either after a fight or after leaving the nest.
Any tips around this?

By willie

When i finished the challenge at the mouth pool i never got the red key, what can i do to get it

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)
By Ethel Dillon

Each time I click on a tournament game I receive a message saying reload the pigs are playing with connection.

Rank: Champion with 3630 points
By spoonmon (@spoonmon)

With the new update of AB original my progress on Short fuse was totally erased ( had to 3 star and feather all levels again) and the first 15 levels in Birthday Party were also lost…had to do them all again…interesting to say the least!

Rank: Sling God with 31525 points
By SnTrooper (@sntrooper)

@spoonmon Sounds like you got logged out of your Rovio account. Whenever there is an update you have to sign back in.

Rank: Champion with 3630 points
By spoonmon (@spoonmon)

Ok, but still doesn’t explain random loss like only the first 15 levels of Birthday Party. Thanks @SnTrooper

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

@spoonmon Just FYI, I saw a few reports of that happening, except their missing levels were different than yours: Specifically, all of Short Fuse and part of RMF.

I think it’s just a random update glitch. Happens all the time, and on all platforms. For example, after one update on PC, my data files were inexplicably changed to read-only, so no progress was saved. Rovio had no idea why. :)

By Kaddeddo

Bug report:

Spanish IPAD version.

Nightmare special power of the Bard item (once you have the shield and weapon) ONLY WORKS during the FIRST wave of the combats.
(Sorry Im playing the spanish versión and I dont know the english name, in spanish the object manes are:

By Kaddeddo

I forgot to say that the previous bug report was for the game:

By Timothy

The ‘volley’ skill of the blue bird in angry birds epic doesn’t seem to work.
It attacks, game says the dot attack sticks, but the damage is not dealt each turn.

By Lawrence

Last two nights I’ve tried to access the daily free spin. When I touch the pig, it goes to my friends list. However, when I try to use the spin, it goes back to my page and not the friend’s page(where the free spin should be). It also won’t allow me to access Piggy McCool’s vendor page. I can eventually get to the vendor page (usually the next day), but no luck on the free spin.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

This will be fixed by updating to v1.0.12 — which is currently available for Android and will be available soon for iOS.

By tom

I also have this problem, running on Windows Phone.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

v1.0.12 will be available for WP soon.

By mike

I am still having this issue on windows phone, and it looks like I am using version 1.0.14

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16885 points
By 3star-jeff (@3star-jeff)

In the last update for Rio on Android a couple days ago (I thought it was just some bug fixes) the background instead of having clouds and sky is now black. This seems to be on all levels. It only happens some of the times. Has anyone else experienced this.

By Kathy

My angry birds rio hd keeps freezing.
If it does play, it is only briefly then goes back to home.

Rank: Deputized with 130 points
By FixItDik (@fixitdik)

Angry Birds Go! (ABG) Weekly tournament no longer allows you to play as guest – it comes up with the usual “Compete against your friends” dialog box but if you click “Later” it just returns you to the main track selection page (it used to allow you to play against 2 computer-generated competitors) – I already finished one race before I did the update so I know it was the latest update that has caused this as I can see my score in the background.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1630 points
By janmej (@janmej)

ABGo IOS version 1.4.2

1) Challenge, use all powerups in 3 races: the counter doesn’t always work. For instance I’ve been using all powerups in 5 races now (same challenge) and the counter still starts on 1 everytime I open the challenge

2) Multiplayer mode: It’s much better than before the update to version 1.4.1, but the game still crashes in multiplayer mode

3) Multiplayer mode: a strange bug is making some of the racers sort of blinking on the screen and then they move right into the finish area without racing

4) Prices on cars: Sometimes the most expensive cars are listed as costing 9000 gems, sometimes they cost 2400 gems..

By Nathan

Game: seasons Bug: pig days not working

For some reason the pig days levels have been reset (platform: android jelly bean 4.1 or 4.2

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Not sure what you mean by “reset” Nathan. Can you elaborate?

By nathan

it said a big number of days,but it’s fixed now. also it was on the first level. nevermind

By suti

The time left until a new level in Pig Days is open keeps reseting to 9 hours everyday. It’s happening on level 15 (first one after the egg day one).

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Can you post a screenshot displaying your issue please?

Rank: Deputized with 140 points
By suti (@suti)

Hi! Here is the uploaded screenshot…
It’s acting really weird. One minute ago it was displaying 7 hrs. As I came here to check for replies and got back to take the screenshot, it changed to 8 hours…

Rank: Deputized with 140 points
By suti (@suti)

Hi there! Any news on that glitch?

By marty

Unable to get the red key in Epic. Ive beat the mouthpool 10 wave level 3 times and no key. Even spent $100 in the game to buy coins and try different things to no avail. Upset!

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)
By Carolyn

I keep winning angry birds friends tournaments but, for the past several weeks, the prizes are never added to my total. How come, and how can I claim them?

Rank: Boss Hog with 12515 points
By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

@amslimfordy in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 in level B2-20 if you get Jar Jar’s angle just right behind Anakin’s Podracer you can make him swing around to the ground, hit it, and fly back up land not be hurt

Is this a glitch?

By Myranda Gillette

On Angry Birds Epic, I hit level 11 and 3 starred almost all my checkpoints and all of a sudden all but 2 birds went missing. I can still make stuff for them but they are nowhere to be found….

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Per the Epic Bugs Forum front page:

Missing Birds is part of normal gameplay. Three birds are taken captive in Bamboo Forest, but keep playing and you’ll find them again!

By Julio

In Angry Birds Star Wars 2 every time I click the “Master your Destiny” chapter the game freezes and boots me out the game.

Rank: Sling God with 45000 points
By karen68 (@karen68)

Not a major bug, but in Seasons, the page numbers at the bottom of the screens in each episode have disappeared. This is after updating with “Ham Dunk”.

By christina

Angry birds epic kindle fire HD issue. It said I needed to update and it redirected me to the store. So I updated and it shows the additional chimero logo so I know it’s loading a new version. Then at a certain point during loading it tells me there is an update and redirects me to the Amazon app store. So I check and there is no update as I’ve already updated. So I delete the app and then download again from Amazon to be sure I have the latest version and it redirects me back to Amazon on loading to update where there are no updates. It’s stuck in a loop. I’m prob going to stop playing as well many others if I cannot access the game by the end of today as I was only 1 daily pig away from completing a sheet for epic items. All that work for nothing as it resets after 24 hours.

Also the spin on other people’s golden pig machines want working on the last version.

By Tigerstripes

Consistently won’t connect since this weeks tournament started. Code OHA3.

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

You should contact support directly:

By maxfletch

like tigerstripes; OHA3 error since new tournament, can’t connect.

Rank: Flinger with 30 points
By cmphaneuf (@cmphaneuf)

Rio – v 2.2.1 running on ipad v7.2.1. Re: the ‘presents’ that give you TNT, Samba birds, etc. this just started yesterday. The first present appeared, then when I hit it, I got the TNT (or whatever). Then a couple of levels later, the present displays as normal, in the center of the screen, with that ‘whoosh’ sound, but there is no present anywhere. When I go to each level after that, the same thing happens. I also cannot access the TNT, etc. I tried deleting and reinstalling, but it did the same thing. The irritating thing is that it ‘thinks’ the present wasn’t hit, so it keeps trying to add the present to each successive level, and it takes time to do the whole display, whoosh, etc. Thanks

By Annmarie.Buchner

On Angry Birds Epic my game is freezing after beating a battle. Everything looks fine but I am unable to move the blue rings. I have to close out and open a different game and then come back to the game. It allows me to play one battle again. Very frustrating and wasting time. Anyone else having this issue? It started during our last challenge.

By Annmarie.Buchner

I forgot to mention that this is happening on my kindle fire hd.

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