Bad Piggies Will Turn 2 Soon! But First, A Tribute…

As you are well aware, 27th September is a day that will live in infamy in the minds of all beings avian and furious, for on that fateful day the Bad Piggies took the app stores by storm! Against all odds, cute little puny green piglets boldly went where no pig had oinked before, stealing eggs and crashing cakes worldwide in a super-pig-sonic display of total sizzling bacon annihilation.

Bad Piggies No 1 App

Go Green! Play Pigs! Resistance against the Awesomeness of Bacon is Futile!

Each year on September 27, the Pigineering Department will gather Tributes from the outlying districts and sent them forth to the great Capitol of Rovio-land not to participate in the Annual Hunger Games but to garner just enough fan-made awesomeness to try and persuade the game-makers that a sequel to our favourite sandbox game might be a good idea for those of us who enjoy honing our skills in mechanical engineering while everyone else gets distracted by transforming things and Pink Angry Birds of Cuteness +5 depending on whether they are boys or girls.

Last year’s Tribute was a short video depicting the evolution of bacon technology from push-cart to Star Destroyer – a completely “epig” quantum leap in porcine engineering egg-cellence spearheaded by our completely random, totally international crew of desperate house-pigs and swashbuckling Master Builders who shed their Lego bricked comfort zones and replaced them plastic bricks with fire-breathing monsters of V-8 fury – and I don’t mean the vegetable juice either!

I am sure there are many other great contraptions and pigineers out there vying for the limelight but unfortunately there is only one winner in the Hunger Games so much space in one article in which to contain all the world’s awesomeness. Why not nominate your own community / your channel / your Bad Piggies creations / yourself in the comments section? Come on, don’t be shy, there are no Birds around this comment box, right? :)

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    By Uncle B (@uncle-b)

    Since this original 2nd Anniversary Tribute to “Bad Piggies” was first posted, another 4-years has passed !!! 6th Anniversary next month…..

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