Bad Piggies Weekend Challenge RECAP – Basketball Court!

Fitness mania is still in season on Piggy Island! With the porcine nation in awe with King Pig’s grossly inflated claims of scoring 300 points per NBA game, baconic citizens large and small alike once again put their seldom-showcased athletic prowess to the test!


This week’s recap focuses on community contributions as the Bad Piggies mistake each others’ green hide for basketballs! You only need a hoop and the stars to steer a projectile launcher by to pork-ticipate in this ballis-pig activity, so what are you waiting for!?

First up – Rizal of the Pigineering Department created this wonderfully simple basketball jersey / custom bacon-optimized powered armor / piglet pork-jectile luncher to allow the Royal Fatness to hone his skills at the three pointer, only to fail seventy nine times in a row! Probably because ‘launcher’ was spelt as LUNCH-er. It made all the players pack up and leave for lunch.

This kicked us into crisis management mode! With the need to prevent His Exalted Hamness from bursting into tears like a 29-hour old piglet, the ever-amazing Pigurporal Porker from home team Angry Birds Nest swung into action with his amazing new Pigo basketball play set (patent pending pigistration by porcine patent porkyers!)

OMG! And you thought Bad Piggies was long dead with no updates for an entire year? Think again! The indomitable Bacon Community is just warming up to the insane Weekend Challenge cham-pig-ships! True pigineers need no spoonfeeding to create the piggest creations ever known to pig-kind!

Tune in next week for more roast pork and sizzling bacon and be sure to check out the Official Bad Piggies Facepork page for MOAR EPIG THINGS!

Writer’s notes:

Right now you must be banging your snout on your screen demanding in my general direction Y U SO LAZY!? 

Well it’s because the Pigineering Department had a previous sports science study involving basketballs. Except we weren’t really too concerned with conventional distances and went all out for a full court throw! Think PiG!

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By Uncle B (@uncle-b)

basketball and PIGineering ~~~ HaHa, of course!

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