Bad Piggies Tusk Til Dawn Level 5-21 Walkthrough -

Bad Piggies Tusk ‘Til Dawn Level 5-21 can be 3-starred using two runs. First, just let the piggy fall through the level without any contraption. This isn’t fast enough to beat the clock, however. So to beat the intimidating 4-second threshold, quickly fire the grappling hook before the pig and box settle. This will aim it just slightly more rightward than otherwise, allowing better speed.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By Brad

There seems to be a bug with my version. Doesn’t matter how many times I drop the pig exactly as is shown, the big rebounds away back to the pit near the start. I have tried over 20 times to no avail. Can’t get 3 stars (*.;)

By Jim

Same here… I’ve tried all the possible combinations without the suction cup, but the pig never gets over to the other side where the goal is.

Considering how long this game has been out, you’d think a bug like this would have been fixed or more people would have been having problems.

iOS 8.2 here on an iphone 5s, btw. But I’ve never been able to clear this one for quite a bit.

By Greenpickles987

Use frankistien pig

By Betrayed

It really is ridiculous
I got all the stars in all stages of the game and only the third star of the stage, I could not
It was really shattered nerves

By James

Tried to do the ‘pig with no contraption’ run ten times without success, then placed the pig in the top square. That worked first time

By Leo Jay

After being stuck on this level for days, I finally figured out how to pass the free fall part. I noticed that changing the pigs head to something else affects the trajectory. When I chose the “Frankensteins monster” head with the screws on the side, the trajectory was much lower. I then placed the head on the upper square and pressed start. When the head rolled on the TNT box underneath, it was thrown toward the goal passing over all the other TNTs.

I see from the walkthrough videos on Youtube that the trajectories might change over the years, probably due to Rovio tweaking the physics of the game. So, if you cant get the pig to the goal, try different heads and starting positions. Im sure youll find a working combination.

You can change the pigs head by pressing on the cartwheel icon on the lower right hand corner when in the game.

This comment is from 11/2021.

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