Bad Piggies Rise and Swine Level 2-35 Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Rise and Swine Level 2-35 can be 3-starred using two similar contraptions. Place a wheel in each corner of a 3-box vehicle with a boxing glove facing upward. To beat the clock, orient the soda bottles with nozzles facing leftward. Use the soda bottles when going down the vertical wall on the right side, and use the boxing glove at the bottom to make the final jump. To grab the star box, orient the nozzles facing upward. Use these with the boxing glove just after the vertical wall to jump onto the higher road.

Hidden Skull Alert!

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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Comments (2)

By quilly

build the car as described. however, put the glove facing forward. When close punt the piggie across the finish line. much easier.

By Some Guy

For hidden skull, put wheels as described, make boxing glove face down, and pig between wheels on bottom. When you reach the end, hit the pig up. It should rebound to the skull.

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